Stuck in an Emotion? Here’s One Way to Help

EmotionI’ve had issues with anxiety for as long as I can remember. Depression too, but that’s another story for another day.

At this point in my life I don’t consider my anxiety problematic. I still feel it at times, but when I am feeling anxious I notice it, send myself love and use some of the tools I’ve created over the years to help calm myself.

Many of the tools I’ve learned can be used when you are just stuck in negative thinking as well. Or when you’re stuck in anger, sadness or any difficult emotion that feels overwhelming. I’d like to share one of those tools with you today.

The first step is to notice when you are feeling stuck in anger, sadness, negativity, or any other yucky feeling thought or emotion. You know, the one that keeps going round and round in your head, the one you can’t let go of. Once you’ve noticed it thank it for being there. Send the feeling and the thought(s) love.

Because the emotion is uncomfortable and we don’t want it, our first reaction is usually to want to fight it.  We want it to go away. But whatever you resist persists. Not to mention, even though the anxiety and/or emotion might not be helpful in this situation, it is your body trying it’s best to help you. So love it. Thank it. Allow it to be.

Now, instead of letting the emotions and thoughts continue to swirl uncontrolled in your mind take a break from the thoughts. You can do this by just stopping whatever you are doing and find one thing, right now that you like. Something in the room, something you can see in front of you.

It doesn’t matter how small it is. What is one thing you enjoy about where you are right now? Is it the cool breeze you feel? The color of the mug in the corner? The sound of the birds chirping?

Find one thing and focus on the gratitude and/or joy it brings you. Then when you lose interest in it try to find another. It helps to use something in the room or wherever you are because it keeps you in the present, in your body and out of your head.

As “negative” thoughts come up, keep noticing, thanking and loving them and then find something you enjoy in the present moment.

The more you can do this, the more you can train your brain towards higher vibrations. Not in an effort to be rid of uncomfortable emotions, but in an effort to not have them rule your life. We aren’t trying to escape those emotions but it is easy to get trapped into living our lives looking at mostly the negative.

We thrive when we can access gratitude and awareness on demand. And by just stopping and finding one thing in your life at this moment that you like, appreciate, enjoy, are grateful for, etc., you are entering that space of your pure essence. The more you can access that the more you will thrive.

What is going on right now in your life that you like, appreciate, are grateful for, etc.?

Hedy MacDonald About Hedy MacDonald

Hedy MacDonald is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and energy healer helping women on a spiritual path create more ease, flow and trust in their soul’s journey. She is described by her clients as utterly connected to the divine, a natural and powerful healer, and gentle sage.

Helping people more fully align with their higher selves and awaken to their divinity is Hedy’s passion. She helps women understand their limiting beliefs with such love and compassion for where they are, that they feel truly heard, understood and ready to shine their light with confidence.

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  • Love it! Thanks so much for sharing Hedy!
    I sooo agree with what you’ve said. Too much of the time we make ourselves more upset by not only focusing on the things we’re upset about, but also getting down on ourselves for feeling negative emotions.
    There is nothing wrong with feeling unpleasent emotions, but we also don’t want them to dominate our lives. I appreciate how you remind us to send ourselves LOVE instead of trying to stop the feelings.
    It’s hard to stay upset when you are giving yourself love!!
    xoxo -Samantha