Spreading Light with Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili uses her voice to spread light throughout the world in her international radio talk show, aspiring lectures and uplifting stories.  In this stressful world, filled with demanding schedules, listeners can find inspiration and meaning in her shows and resources.  The vision of her show, The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!®, is to create positive change in the world, one listener at a time. Her voice has become an inspiration for women to trust in their voice and believe in their dreams.  Furthermore, her encouragement and shared resources help women find the courage to love their life and find their true voice.

Finding her true voice

Dr. Pat Baccili is no stranger to failure and loss, for it was during such difficult experiences she found her true voice. As Pat shared on her website and further explained in a recent phone interview, being just five years short of her pension working in human resources with the phone company, her position was downsized and she was unemployed. “I was devastated and began to fall apart,” she shared.  She found herself standing in front of her mirror with tears running down her face when she experienced the first change, “Somehow I understood I was at a crossroads in my life and I asked myself, will I sit here and blame the company, my boss and God for the situation, or do I try something else? I knew I had to move from blame to something else, because blame and victim hood was not the truth of me.” She actually shouted at her negative voices to “Stop! This is not the truth of me. You are not welcome here anymore so get out of my way,” she shared.

Then she heard another internal voice tell her to call Columbia University and see if they would still let her enroll in the graduate program she had been accepted in several years earlier, but never attended. “Without quite realizing it, I hadn’t attended because I was afraid of failure,” she explained.  She decided to listen to the voice.  She called and was told by admissions that she had two hours to sign up.  Miraculously, there wasn’t any traffic from New Jersey, thus marking the beginning of the next part of her true journey.

Through these lessons and life experiences, she is compelled to help others understand how to find their true voice. “Your true voice is the voice that takes you to your greater good. Any negative voice that holds you back is an imposter.  In the moments of despair, we each have the voice of what we need to hear.  The question is can we be present or awake enough to hear it, and how fully do we believe?  Listen to the voice and take action.”

Seeing the gift in disappointment

What can you do when things go wrong, or your life is not the way you planned? Dr. Pat Baccili discovered that each disappointment has led her to where she truly wanted to be and this helped her realize such moments are a gift.  She explained how even with the loss of her mother at the age of eight, she had no concept how there could be a gift in this loss.  However, with time she learned how in this loss, she gained a stepmother and two more sibling family members to add to her life.  “The gift my stepmother taught me was the power of perseverance. I watched my stepmother with only a fifth grade education study and achieve her GED, and then how she had to try three times to obtain her real estate license. When she failed the test, my stepmother expressed how she was so happy to be only one point away.”  This optimism taught Dr. Pat Baccili a great deal, for she learned from such observations and experiences this valuable insight, “The choice is whether we look at disappointments through the eyes of failure or through the eyes of faith. We get to decide whether we want to see the gift.  We don’t always get the message of disappointment because most of the time we’re really not ready for it.  The choice of how to look at the event is mine.  We can realize there really is no stress or disappointments-just midcourse adjustments.”

Since then, Dr. Pat Baccili has accomplished her dreams earning her PhD in Psychology and is an award winning researcher, author and business owner. “I’m not saying it wasn’t hard and that I didn’t cry a lot,” she confessed. “I’m your average person and I’m no different than anyone else.  It is just with street smart spirituality and street smart living; I learned to listen to my voice, say yes and to step into the power of what I can truly do.”

Love Your Life

Do you love your life?  Dr. Pat Baccili believes it is so important to love your life.  She explained, “With all the negativity we take on an imprisoned look at life.  We get The Crusty™ messages and it piles on.  Everyone is magnificent; you just need to chip away at the crust.  Believe me, I was so crusted over I didn’t think I would get off the couch,” she stated.  “My life was about the law of distraction, for I was doing things that weren’t honoring my true voice or path.  I was settling.”  She further explained how the disappointment of unemployment was the gift that got her on the path toward obtaining her dreams.

According to Dr. Pat Baccili, the first step to loving your life is to celebrate where you are in life and to be fully aware of your life.  “For those who are just surviving and aren’t thriving, what I can say is for you to stop for a minute to celebrate what you have done to get to this very moment.  Hold wherever you are at the highest level.  Let go of shame or guilt,” she shared. “It is extremely important to get to the place of gratitude and to want to love your life.  If you want to start this process, before you get out of bed choose it and say I choose happiness today.  Say, I love my life.  And for those who believe they can’t, my challenge is to find one aspect of your life you can embrace.”

According to Dr. Pat Baccili, to “truly live life full out” we must consider how we look at life.  “One is letting the power of your soul rock you when we are on our true path.   Abundance is your birthright. You can have it all.  The only thing that will hold you back is what you believe.  Choose to thrive.  Say, I deserve to thrive in my life.  I deserve to experience joy.”

Know you are divine light

Dr. Pat Baccili shared how she believes underneath the layers we are all divine light.  “We are all divine light.  The only thing that keeps us away is our separation from God.  We all have this unique light inside all of us.  The challenge in our life is how we can keep that light shining, by letting Spirit guide us and saying yes.  And when you need to, turn to those who can see it in you.”

Spreading Light

Dr. Pat Baccili believes we can help spread this light, for we each have a gift inside and that is we can touch another person. “We are not observers.  We have been given extreme creativity and every single person has a special gift to share.  It is important to believe we have been put here with an incredible power to share our light.  You are a light.  You are a gift,” she told me at the end of our phone conversation, and for this interview I am eternally grateful.

Dr. Pat Baccili’s voice can be heard in Seattle on KKNW 1150 AM and on VoiceAmerica.com or her website www.thedrpatshow.com

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