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It’s Your Life: Do You Rent or Own?

Marianne MacKenzie  It’s Your Life: Do You Rent or Own?

Through the past many years of working with people it has become very easy for me to identify those that will be challenged in nearly every area of their life simply because they haven’t realized they have made a choice about living life as a renter rather than an owner. I’ve rented and I’ve owned in life and there is a BIG difference.  One is without full and absolute responsibility and one is realizing once you sign on the dotted line it is your responsibility to maintain it, develop it, fix it, paint it, clean it, renovate it, replace broken bits, pay for it and when are finished it is you who gets to sell it. Life works the same way.  YOUR life is what I’m specifically talking about. Yes, each one of us have made this choice … [Read Full Article...]

Release Limiting Thoughts

Positive Or Negative concept road sign with cloudy and sunny sky background.

We have been privileged to experience a wonderful time of change, regeneration and rebirth. The earth has been shifting into a new vibrational alignment within our solar system. The human species has been shifting into a new expanded awareness of who we are and what our purpose is within this … [Continue Reading...]

Play: The Secret to Life and Business Success

Susun Weed Play: The Secret to Life and Business Success

How do you play?  Do you play alone? Do you play with others? Do you play with animals? Do you play with babies? Do you play outside? Do you play inside? Do you play with balls? Do you fly kites? Skip rope? Hop scotch?  Play Jacks? Do you play at puzzles? Picture puzzles? Crosswords? … [Continue Reading...]

Is Your Life As Magical As It Should Be?

Fairies are real, beautiful Woman wearing a flower crown symbolizing spring - all images in this series shot with an open aperture - very shallow depth of field

When you wake up in the morning, do you think to yourself “I love my life?” I can honestly say YES I do, but it wasn’t until I consciously tapped into my feminine energy that I started really living AND loving it. As women, mothers, business owners, daughters, and friends we are constantly … [Continue Reading...]

Success Secrets of the Stars

Photographers are taking a picture of a film star

Fame, fortune, success and fabulous lives—the stars really do seem to have it all.  But how did they get there? Luck? Hard work? Famous parents? All the glitz and glitter that surrounds the “stars” must mean they have something we could never dream of having, right? Wrong. The stars got to … [Continue Reading...]

The Goddess Guide to Playfulness

The Goddess Guide to Playfulness

“When was the last time you took a day off,” my friend Renee asked me. “A what?” I replied. She rolled her eyes at me. “A day off. No email, no Facebook, no rushing, no getting caught up on your to-do list. Just a day where you did what you wanted to do; you know, had a little a fun?” I … [Continue Reading...]

Forgiveness: The Key to Healing and Happiness

Di Riseborough Forgiveness: The Key to Healing and Happiness

"There is a hard law… When an injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive." ~ Alan Paton Forgiveness is a very tender subject. It evokes lots of memories, emotions and desires in most of us. Everyone has dealt with hurt in life, and most of us have something for which we should ask … [Continue Reading...]

Ready to Shine? Stop Waiting, Shed the Shadows and Show Up

Young woman walking on a dreamy beach enjoying ocean colorful violet sky view. Landscape nature screen saver

You’ve kept yourself quiet, hiding out in the shadows. You’ve been settling for only showing a shrouded representation of yourself. You have things you want to do, ideas to enact, visions to manifest. Yet you hesitate, unsure if you really have something to add to what has already been said, … [Continue Reading...]

To Thine Own Self Be True

Carolyn McGee To Thine Own Self Be True

Being true to yourself sounds like a fabulous and easy thing to do.  We all have feelings about what is good for us and not good for us.  This is our intuition.  Following and understanding our intuition and recognizing the messages can be confusing if we aren’t taught how to undo the training to … [Continue Reading...]

3 Steps to Win the Game of Life

Stacey Curnow3 Steps to Win the Game of Life

Sometimes the “incompletes” in our lives can add up and we start to feel overwhelmed, lost and confused. There are big incompletes—our long-held dreams, our unpursued passions—and then there are the little incompletes—the stuff that niggles at us every day, the seemingly never-ending list of … [Continue Reading...]

Cultivating Lightheartedness

Sunflower --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” –Maya Angelou In cultivating lightheartedness, we create and sustain joy, find peace in times of turmoil, and respond rather than react to life's challenges by not allowing temporary … [Continue Reading...]