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10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Badasses TM

Highly Sensitive Person

If you had met me 7 years ago, you would have met an entirely different person. I’d like to share a bit of my story with you because I know what it’s like to feel trapped in a place of struggle, not knowing if things will get better, and not knowing how to help myself. For years, I felt lost and alone. I thought that I was different in some way from those around me and I suffered from very low self-esteem. In short, I felt broken and that something must be wrong with me. I’d like to share my Highly Sensitive journey with you. In 2009, the ground felt like it was falling out beneath me. I was 35, a stay at home mom with two beautiful children, I had been married for 9 years, and we had just moved into our dream home. On the outside, I was … [Read Full Article...]

Activate Your Braveheart to Live Courageously & Authentically

Courageously, Authentically

If there’s one thing I’m convinced of, it’s my belief that daily joy and happiness is exponentially increased when one key factor is met — authenticity. Showing up in the world as I am requires courage. Walking my path, my way, requires courage. Living from the inside out requires courage. How did … [Continue Reading...]

The Shadow Side of Wishing

Wish, Change

It’s truth time, ladies: How much time have you spent wishing something in your life was different? Personally, I have spent a lot of time and energy on fruitless wishes in my life. I called these wishes by many names: prayers, visualizations, intentions, and magick spells, to name a few. I made … [Continue Reading...]

Living a Soul-Hearted Life: 10 Sacred Keys to Soul-Hearted Living

Soul-hearted living, Dr. Debra Reble

Aspire Magazine welcomes Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble to our family of expert columnists. Her new column, Living a Soul-Hearted Life, will share the heart-centered practices to support you in waking in the morning intending, affirming and walking in grace every day.  Applying these … [Continue Reading...]

Frequency: The Secret to Connecting With Your Spiritual Guidance

spiritual guidance, intuition

Your ability to connect with your spiritual Guidance is related to your vibrational frequency. Discover what raises or lowers your frequency and your ability to connect. Your frequency is the rate at which you vibrate. For example, a hummingbird's wings vibrate, or move, at such a rapid rate that … [Continue Reading...]

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: The Power of Choice: 5 Keys to Accelerating Wealth, Health, & Happiness

Choice, Happiness, Wealth, Health

Aspire Magazine welcomes speaker, coach and #1 international best-selling author Ann Sanfellippo to our family of expert columnists. Her new column, Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams, will dive deeper into her 5 proven keys to accelerating wealth, health & happiness. Learning to use these … [Continue Reading...]

3 Ways to Use Creative Play to Relieve Holiday Stress

Play, Holidays, Creative

Running a business, being a mom of two teens and a wife require lots of activity, quick decision-making and driving! Add to that holiday parties, shopping and meaningful gift giving (which usually means homemade gifts from me) and it can feel like the stress is a physical weight on my shoulders. … [Continue Reading...]

5 Light-hearted Steps to Overcome Holiday Dread

Holiday, Dread, Steps

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, do you feel your stomach tightening, aside reflux building and restless nights setting in? They are real symptoms for many of us who experience holiday dread. I’m not saying you are a “bah-humbug” but rather a “oh do I really have to go there”. The last … [Continue Reading...]

You Can Heal Your Past, Release Shame, and Liberate Your Heart

shame, heal your past

For many years, I’ve been carving out sacred family time to visit my mom and stepfather up in the rolling farmland and sleepy village of Bliss, Michigan. Sweet traditions circle back around each visit including making my great grandmother’s homemade borscht recipe, canning sweet pickles, and … [Continue Reading...]

Four Secret Gifts from the Three Wise Women for Birthing Miracles

Birthing, Miracles

You probably know the story of the Three Wise Men traveling to the manger with gifts for the Christ-child. Each man traveled to bring a rare, physical gift including gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each man rode on a different animal from a different continent known at the time: the horse from … [Continue Reading...]

Powerful Manifesting Tools: Your Intuition and Intention

manifesting, intuition, intention

Listening to yourself and getting to hear and then understand your own truth isn’t always easy. Your own mindset, emotions and influences of others in your lives can get in the way. Too often, we get wrapped up into listening to all of this and get lost amidst all the noise. Hearing Your Truth: … [Continue Reading...]