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What Is Your True Path?

What Is Your True Path? Maggie Chula #AspireMag

Many of us are searching for our true path, our purpose for living within this Earth. It can be a hard and lonely struggle to live each day and not only survive but thrive. It helps us when we connect with others and when we remember that we are creating our life experience and helping our soul grow and evolve. Each and every day is a gift to live, grow and develop within this wonderful world. Sometimes our thoughts move into the past when we felt we had no control over the events that happened in our life. This can be very painful but we must remember that we only have today. The past has no hold or power over us except what we give to that past memory. Too many times we find that the experience of life or our memories of the past … [Read Full Article...]

3 Steps to Find Self-Fulfillment

3 Steps to Find Self-Fulfillment Patricia Young

Have you ever asked yourself what does it mean to feel self-fulfilled? What is the source of fulfillment in your life? What feelings do you associate with feeling fulfilled? To a certain degree we all want more in life. We want to achieve our deepest desires, express who we really are, live with … [Continue Reading...]

What’s Your Life Purpose? Your Intuition Knows!

Woman Reading a Book at Home February 12, 2004

Wouldn’t it be great if you were born accompanied by an instruction book that would lay out the lessons and mission of your life? Of course, all the right answers to your biggest issues and concerns would be in that book, too! I’ve spent the past twenty-five years giving intuitive readings to people … [Continue Reading...]

Are You Grasping or Gravitating?

dirt road at sunset on a summer day. Shot in Sardinia, Italy

How do you know if you are you grasping or gravitating in your life? When you are grasping you are trying to make something happen or striving forward….perhaps operating on auto-pilot and working on that big “should list”? When you are gravitating you are coming from an intuitive place and you are … [Continue Reading...]

The Soul Purpose Remedy for Your Business

Businesswoman at Work

Imagine if you knew that the entire cosmos was working to support you in your business. Would you throw yourself more courageously into each and every task? If you knew you could not fail, would you be more dedicated to your unique skill-set and natural talents? Creating a success story takes more … [Continue Reading...]

An Unconventional Love Story

An Un-conventional Love Story Alexa Linton

Once upon a time there was a girl, who felt kind of like a nerd and a jock, with a bit of band geek thrown in. In truth, she was none of these, but knowing not a thing about the detriment of labeling, she found herself compelled to lock herself in a very tiny box, boldly labeled “Who Alexa is”. … [Continue Reading...]

Stand Up and Breathe: Five Ways to Let Your Light Shine

Kujuku Island at Sunset Nagasaki-ken, Japan

I once overheard my mother telling my father that I would never make anything of myself. She had a point. I’ve always been an accomplished writer but I didn’t write my first book until I was forty-four. I wish I had the excuse that life, career or family got in the way but they didn’t. I did. … [Continue Reading...]

7 Easy Tips for Creating Your Life Vision Statement

7 Easy Tips for Creating Your Life Vision Statement

Creating a captivating vision of the life you want is one of the most effective strategies for achieving the life of your dreams. The best way to look at it, is using your vision as a compass to guide you to make the best decisions, and take the best actions that will help propel you toward your … [Continue Reading...]

When the Going Gets Tough… 7 Important Tips to Surviving Life’s Most Difficult Moments

Kailean Welsh When the Going Gets Tough… 7 Important Tips to Surviving Life’s Most Difficult Moments

You’ve had those days, or even weeks, when everything goes wrong. As the saying so pessimistically goes, “when it rains, it pours.” Once in a while, it’s a deluge: the kids are sick, the company downsizes and you’re out of a job, you argue with your partner, the hot water heater leaks all over … [Continue Reading...]

Are You Crazy Busy? How to Slow Down the Pace of Life

Woman Waking Up with Coffee

How do you typically respond when someone asks, “How are you?” We used to respond politely with an “I’m fine.” Now the most common answer is “I’m so stressed. There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Or, “I’m crazy busy!” Have you recently looked at your calendar to schedule a coffee date with a … [Continue Reading...]

Participate Boldly in Evolution of Your Life

Sheila Callaham  Participate Boldly in Evolution of Your Life

When I was in high school and college, I never considered the evolution of my life. I never thought about who I was becoming because, at the time, I was more focused on doing. Going to school. Working part-time to pay my bills. Hanging out with my friends. Studying for the next exam. Writing the … [Continue Reading...]