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Releasing Judgment to Invoke True and Lasting Change

Releasing, Judgement, Change

Some days just feel like a ping pong match inside of my head.  Can you relate?  That voice of judgement and criticism that plagues me at times.  Back and forth, back and forth, judgement and criticism of my decisions, thoughts, and words, etc.  What I have found is that judgement usually pops up around the time when I start to make a conscious decision to become the highest version of myself and start to shift something in my life.   I start off strong and then my old patterns rise up.  This may look like anger, or impatience towards my kids, spouse, other situations, etc.  Sometimes it’s indecisiveness when faced with simple decisions in my day.  What occurs then are the feelings of guilt and shame around those emotions that I no longer … [Read Full Article...]

Redefining My Life by Rewriting My Script

Rewriting, Life

Do you have a favorite quote that you have lived by most or part of your life? That one quote that just defines you.  That quote that just gets you and it resonates in your soul on such a deep level that it almost melts into your very being.  I understand this very well.  Since I was about 12 I … [Continue Reading...]

5 Powerful Ways to Shed Old Patterns


Change is not easy, and it isn’t always necessary either. We may be happy and content with our lives as they are. We may not wish to change a thing about the way we do life — and that is awesome! For those of us who have come to notice we have a habit or area in our life we would like to … [Continue Reading...]

How To Release Toxic Emotions Through Yoga

Emotions, Yoga

When I first began my yoga journey back in the late 1990s I was seeing a therapist for posttraumatic stress and taking medications for anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I wanted to get off the prescription rollercoaster, and I began seeking alternative practices that would help. That path began … [Continue Reading...]

Sacredness Of The Senses


It's Spring and I am feeling it from the inside out. The winds and cool nights, the warm sun and rain can be so fickle. Sometimes it is amazing and other times not so much. This is however the polarity of living and keeping balance in our everyday journey. Nature changes from day to day, sometimes … [Continue Reading...]

Are You More Powerful Than You Realize?


You’ve been told you’re “too sensitive” and to “get your head out of the clouds.” You see the world differently, feel the world differently, and respond to the world differently than a lot of people you know. As a child, you had imaginary friends, created elaborate make-believe games, loved … [Continue Reading...]

3 Steps to Listening to Your Intuition


We all have had that pit that you feel deep inside alerting you to something being amiss. That knowing is often referred to as intuition. There are many forces at play in your understanding and acknowledgement of the change in vibration of the universe and your energy field that makes up your … [Continue Reading...]

The Spiritual Sacred Feminine

Sacred, Feminine, Spiritual

Sacred Feminine energy, women in general, have learned to give of their own sustenance, of their very body, often times until they are left physically and emotionally spent. Feeling depleted and empty, we look for validation, approval, and worthiness from others outside of our self. Not finding it … [Continue Reading...]

How To Be Grounded, 11 Easy Tips


Do you ever have so much to do, but at the end of the day, you realize you hardly got anything done? Have you ever been driving and realize you were on auto-pilot, not remembering taking that exit, or why you went this way? Do you go through your day, getting everything done, then wonder "did I … [Continue Reading...]

4 Ways to Speak Your Truth and Own Your Power


Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to share what’s on your mind, but you held back instead? So many people keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. For many people it’s difficult to ask for what they want. Maybe this describes you. You hold back because somewhere along the way you … [Continue Reading...]

5 Reasons Why We Don’t Always Get What We Want


You’ve done some work on getting clear on what you want, and you feel proud of it and excited about it, but you feel stagnant and frustrated because nothing seems to be working, and no matter what you do, it seems that the universe just doesn’t give it to you. I know the feeling, I’ve been … [Continue Reading...]