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Understanding the Enneagram Centers: Body, Heart and Head


Are you looking for a place to start with this very powerful transformational tool? In my previous article, Understanding Yourself Using the Power of the Enneagram, I shared an overview of the 9 Enneagram types and how they can provide you with deep insights into your behavior and reactivity and a path for transformation. One way to start your exploration of the Enneagram is to look at the three centers: The Body or Instinctive center, the Heart center and the Head center.  Each of these centers has three Enneagram types and a predominant theme. The Body or Instinctive Center In the instinctive center the three types are predominantly focused on creating a sense of autonomy and respect. This shows up differently in each of the three … [Read Full Article...]

Listening When Your Soul Speaks


Do you ever get the overwhelming feeling you should take a step in a particular direction in your life? Do you ever have the unwavering sense you shouldn’t say what you are about to say? I believe we all have inner wisdom and a guidance system that will help steer us on the best path that sits well … [Continue Reading...]

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Grow Up, Joy

Did you know that from the age of 5 you were destined to be a surgeon?  Or did you like many of us have so many activities you loved that what was clear was that you were not clear?   And when people asked you that dreaded question, did you find yourself speechless or having a different response, … [Continue Reading...]

Stuck in an Emotion? Here’s One Way to Help


I’ve had issues with anxiety for as long as I can remember. Depression too, but that’s another story for another day. At this point in my life I don’t consider my anxiety problematic. I still feel it at times, but when I am feeling anxious I notice it, send myself love and use some of the tools … [Continue Reading...]

5 Ways Intentions Can Help You Become a Health Goddess

Intentions, Health

What do you see when you think about a radiant and healthy woman? Is it someone who starts her day with an hour of yoga? Is it a woman who is slim and muscular? Does she eat a big salad and drink a green smoothie every day? Is she a runner? Does this woman make all her meals from scratch and from … [Continue Reading...]

Why Gratitude?


Why should we cultivate gratitude?  I often think it’s a term that’s bantered around a lot without giving it real significance.  So much of the time, we are stressing about things that may not even be happening, when we worry, our mind focuses on the negative, on lack and on the future.  We aren’t … [Continue Reading...]

Dealing with Rage


I do a lot of work with repressed emotions. It’s quite uncomfortable work and it’s no wonder we try to stuff these things. Sadness, fear and anger can feel like they will swallow us up. But they don’t. We are still here. And the more we feel, the easier it becomes. Though I don’t believe it ever … [Continue Reading...]

The Importance of Joy for Empaths

Joy, Empath

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been acutely aware of people’s fears, insecurities, and pain stronger than other energies. This super power has its benefits. It brings about greater compassion, for I can not only see but can also feel the underlying pain underneath someone’s actions. Even if they … [Continue Reading...]

Deciphering Messages to Follow Your Guidance


Do you often ask to receive a message or a sign to help you make a decision? Have you ever been disappointed that you didn't receive anything? Or you get a message, but discount it as being crazy, unable to trust it?  I have experienced this in my own life many times, and also hear it over and over … [Continue Reading...]

Leaning Into Trust


When I was 23 I felt like my soul was dying and I knew my life had to change. I felt so trapped and wanted to be free. I had to figure out who I was. That year I made one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make and left an unhealthy marriage. A few months later I decided to listen to my … [Continue Reading...]

Allowing Versus Judgement

Allowing, Judgement

How often do you do this? Last night I went to an event in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful event! It was a Kundalini Yoga and Full Moon Gong Bath. The event as a whole was very powerful and at one point when the sound of the gong intensified my body felt like an electric current was running through … [Continue Reading...]