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Living Your Dream

Living Your Dream by Janette Gleason

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Such truth and wisdom behind these simple yet powerful words. We’re given one chance at life, and I believe it’s up to each of us to make the most out of it, to live a life of fulfillment, to live with purpose. How can we do that? Well, you need to reflect and ask yourself some soul-searching questions: What is it that makes you happy? What can you do to know that you’re making a contribution to your community? What will make your dreams come true? What is your true heart’s desire? When it comes down to finding your purpose in life and living your dream, you need to be loyal and truthful to yourself. You need to think about YOUR happiness … [Read Full Article...]

How to Clear One Day a Week to Have More Fun

How to Clear One Day a Week to Have More Fun by Bailey Frumen

Who doesn’t want to have more fun? We’re always talking about, “Someday, I’d love to…” But ‘someday’ never seems to come because we are too busy. Our lives are filled with ‘must-do’s, have-to-do’s, and do-right-now’s.’ With lists of tasks and chores to complete, it’s hard to find time for fun and … [Continue Reading...]

How to Get and Ask for help and Get it!

A woman try to whisper or screaming

It’s staggering how often women put the needs of others before themselves. Instead they ignore their own needs in favor of “pushing through”. It has become an epidemic that I hope will hopefully change. In the short term, ok that’s cool. But in the long term, other areas of your life WILL suffer … [Continue Reading...]

Attract the Energy of Love with Feng Shui: Setting Up Your Bedroom

Attract the Energy of Love with Feng Shui: Setting Up Your Bedroom by Felicia D’Haiti

Why is the setup of your bedroom important in feng shui? First of all, most people spend about 1/3 of their time in the bedroom. It is the spot where our bodies and minds balance, recover, rejuvenate and more every day. It is essential that our bedrooms to be a place where we feel physically, … [Continue Reading...]

Invisible Clutter: When De-Cluttering is about more than a Clean House

Invisible Clutter: When De-Cluttering is about more than a Clean House by Felicia D’Haiti

Are you feeling overwhelmed, rushed and burned out? Do you have time to work on the things most important to you? Do you even remember what’s most important to you? Although many choose to reflect upon their life during special times of the year, such as New Year’s or the change of seasons, … [Continue Reading...]

Owning your Feminine Power

Owning your Feminine Power by Eleftheria Kakambouras

The path of the feminine is one that calls out to our hearts with a sonic roar, resonant of the collective courage of our entire mother lineage, tracing back to a time before patriarchal rule. As we are emerging from a lineage of suppressed expression, repressed visioning, and destructive … [Continue Reading...]

The Practice of Joy

Old rustic signpost with the phrase Happy day, outdoors in sunny woodland with a vintage instagram style filter effect.

When was the last time you noticed feeling joy – real joy? When you connect to joy, you connect to the truth of who you are. Joy brings meaning. It brings health. And it brings life. Let me start by defining what I mean. First, as a comparison, happiness is an emotional state – and a rather … [Continue Reading...]

3 Ways To Cultivate Joy In Every Day Life

3 Ways To Cultivate Joy In Every Day Life by Michelle Alva

We feel empowered and innately joyful when we develop a relationship with ourselves that is loving, kind and nurturing. By relationship I mean how we “think and perceive” about ourselves throughout our day. No one can see this self-talk, however we can feel this energetically and physically as our … [Continue Reading...]

Want to Know More about Your Own Life? Take a Look at Your Home

ca. 2001, Corbett, Oregon, USA --- Living Room and Windows --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Did you know that your Home is a Metaphor for your Life? The homes we choose as well as the way in which we arrange them tell stories about our thinking and the way we currently live our lives. Imagine you are a stranger entering your home for the first time, what stories do you think your home will … [Continue Reading...]

Go, Go, Go…on a Break. It’s Important!

Woman Doing Yoga --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In today’s “go, go, go” society, we idealize the pink Energizer Bunny® that beats his drum non-stop. As the battery commercial says, "He keeps going and going and..." And so do we. We work long hours, days and weeks without a break. Some women don’t even take advantage of their entire vacation … [Continue Reading...]

Why Clutter Clearing is a Spiritual Quest

Why Clutter Clearing is a Spiritual Quest by Felicia D’Haiti

Does clutter magically appear in your home? Do you wake up wondering where all the stuff came from when you just gave 20 bags to charity? Let’s look first at what clutter is. Clutter is ANYTHING that we do not use, love, or want. It can include broken items, unfinished projects, duplicates, or … [Continue Reading...]