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7 Ways You Are Blocking Joy In Your Life And 7 Ways To Invite It In


Happiness! It comes easily on days of celebration.  A wedding, birthdays, graduations. What happens the rest of the year though?  Where does happiness lie on a dreary Tuesday afternoon?  We all want to feel happy.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  Happiness certainly feels much better than loneliness, boredom or disappointment for example.  What often gets us in trouble is the wanting to sustain that euphoric feeling of happiness through means outside of ourselves. We want our partners and children to make us happy.  Maybe a new haircut or new shoes will do the trick. If a small house makes us feel satisfied, a bigger house will bring us more happiness.  When we chase happiness through means outside of ourselves we inevitably set … [Read Full Article...]

Making Friends With Our Shadow Selves


Do you ever wish there were parts of you that you could change or hide from the world? Do you sometimes hold back sharing who you are in all of your light and darkness? Do you fear being misunderstood or not being accepted by others? Who we are is so much more than the way we show up in the world. … [Continue Reading...]

Finding Yourself In Transition


Are you finding yourself in the midst of Transition?  That uncomfortable void where one thing has ended and the new has not yet begun? Transitions are often preceded by loss. It could be the loss of a loved one through a passing, the end of a love relationship, or the loss of employment.  … [Continue Reading...]

Your Inner Voice: Friend or Foe?

Inner Voice

We all have that voice inside of us that speaks up from time to time.  Sometimes that voice is a reinforcement on a decision we may have made and sometimes that voice is telling us some cold hard truth we might not want to hear.   How we ‘hear’ what that internal voice is saying, and how it’s … [Continue Reading...]

Forgiveness? Yes, please!


I was always taught that forgiveness came from others.  If you created an offense, you said “I’m sorry.”  If someone else created the offense, they said, “I’m sorry.”  Pretty simple, right? So what happens when there is an offense and the other doesn’t say, “I’m sorry?”  Strong emotions of … [Continue Reading...]

Staying Centered and Connected to What’s True for You

Centered, Connected

There are times when life is chaotic and you’ve got endless demands tugging at you from all directions. When that happens, it’s so difficult to stay focused and centered! It doesn’t help that many people are feeling fear and anxiety these days and find themselves getting caught up in senseless drama … [Continue Reading...]

Let Go To Experience Real Growth

Do you give yourself the gift of slowing down and really listening within? When you listen closely, do you hear the knocking and feel the nudges of your dreams, your heart’s longings, your vision?  If you do, woo hoo!  Acknowledge it, value it and listen to it, your dreams are waiting.  Sometimes, … [Continue Reading...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


I’ve done it so many times…we all do it at some point in our lives. We tend to compare ourselves to others and then beat ourselves up for not measuring up. Comparison is a joy stealer! The truth is that when it comes to comparing ourselves  to others, we can never win because we end up judging … [Continue Reading...]

Two Meditation Secrets to Befriend the Ego


We hear a lot about the ego nowadays. We hear how it's bad and we should transcend it. And that we should seek enlightenment because then we’d somehow be more worthy. We receive all these messages about how if we only obliterated that pesky ego we would suddenly feel so much better. The thing is, … [Continue Reading...]

Who Do I Need To Be To Have What I Want?

Self-love, self-worth, happy

“Why doesn’t anything EVER work out for me??!”  I pondered this lamentation from a recent client who was struggling with the break-up of a relationship.  She’d been through many relationships and had thought this one was “the one”.  She had also gone through a couple of jobs in the time I’d worked … [Continue Reading...]

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

self care

I was always putting myself on the back burner… Sure, I can cancel my nail appointment to go get that file from a client for you… Yes, I can take you to the airport so you don’t have to pay to park for three days…. I suppose I can reschedule that massage so you can go the football game. Time for … [Continue Reading...]