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Living a Radically Engaged Life! Set Down Your Phone & Turn ON Your Senses

Senses, Engaged

There is a huge difference between information and knowledge.  Here is a recent scene from my own life. My sweetheart and I are in Atlanta and we are working and decide to have a nice romantic dinner and head to one of our favorite little spots. The conversation turns to business . . . in this case the music business and a conversation turns to wondering about  someone we know collaborate musically with someone else and neither of us know the answer for sure so we -- you guessed it -- we Google it. Wikipedia then takes us to other unknown bits of information and a link that leads us to another site . . . which opens the awareness that there is really much to learn about this person’s career and collaborations. Wow! It’s fabulous to have … [Read Full Article...]

7 Journaling Prompts to Connect with Your Courage

Could you use more courage in your life? “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin to Pooh, ~ A.A. Milne It’s the beginning of the year and I am finding I need courage to get started. My husband … [Continue Reading...]

Discovering Your Soul’s Truth through Sacred Soul Journaling

Journaling, Soul

Your Soul’s Truth is your guide to a passionate life filled with joy and love. This truth can be uncovered through the power of your soul’s pen. This truth is revealed in a special form of journaling I call Sacred Soul JournalingTM.  Your pen can bring you past the living ‘in your head’ space and … [Continue Reading...]

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Book, Article, or Blog


Many people, once they decide that it's time to write their book, article, blog post, or piece of web copy, simply sit down and start writing whatever comes to mind.  There's actually a name for this process. It's called "Discovery Writing"—and discovery is exactly what a non-directed process is … [Continue Reading...]

6 Powerful Tips to Let Go and Shape Your Best Life


Change brings on many emotions, including fear and excitement. Regardless of how you feel about it or why things are changing, one thing is certain: it’s time to let go of something that no longer serves you. I know all about letting go, because that has been my life. Obviously that’s everyone’s … [Continue Reading...]

Let Go of Validation and Own Your Happiness


Do you rely on others for validation? I’ll admit to feeling ecstatic way back when the popular girls in high school acknowledged me, or when my boyfriend called me while he was at work, or when I received a job offer, even if I didn’t know I would actually like the job. It was validation from … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of the Question


What questions are you asking today? If you've ever worked with a great coach or mentor, you've probably noticed that he or she asks you a lot of questions. These questions are targeted, sharp, often uncomfortable―but, inevitably, they lead you to a realization that blows your world wide open. … [Continue Reading...]

Let Go Of Your Measuring Stick: Embrace Who You Are

“Comparison is the death of joy.” - Mark Twain How often do you compare yourself to others? More importantly, how does it feel when you do? Comparing ourselves to others is a common practice. This type of behavior begins in early childhood as a way of learning how to gain the acceptance and … [Continue Reading...]

4 Tips to Enjoy The Holidays and Celebrate Your Own Way

Holidays, Christmas, Enjoy

How do you feel about the holidays? Do they bring up pleasant memories of decorating and baking cookies? Or do they bring up bad feelings of conflict and expectation, yours or other people’s? Do you find that your holiday experience just doesn’t measure up to the picture perfect images you’ve seen … [Continue Reading...]

Four Lessons on Finding Your Divine Path and Re-Authoring Your Story

Divine, Path

Why do we allow ourselves to go in circles, knowing full well we are on the wrong path?  When we realize we have taken a wrong turn, why is it so hard to stop and then restart in the right direction?  Sure, if it’s a matter or changing driving directions to reach a geographic destination, perhaps it … [Continue Reading...]

Do What You Like: 4 Easy Ways To Claim Your Personal Power


I’m a recovering people-pleaser. Whenever I said or did anything that contradicted other people, and they reacted angrily or tried to convince me how wrong I was, my heart dropped to the floor. I’ve had difficulty standing up for myself sometimes, or doing the things that tug at my heart. I really … [Continue Reading...]