10 Ways to Know You Have Too Much Stuff

10 Ways to Know You Have Too Much Stuff by Tisha Morris | #AspireMag

Everyone has a different relationship with how much stuff is too much. Some people feel good with more stuff, while others feel better in a sparser environment. There is no rule on how much is too much. It’s important to know for yourself what that comfort level is.   There’s a misconception that … [Continue Reading...]

5 Traits to Look for in an Animal Communicator

5 Traits to Look for in an Animal Communicator by Maribeth Decker | #AspireMag

Have you heard of animal communication?   For most of my life, I didn’t know that people were able to communicate psychically with animals. Sure, my grandmother had introduced me to mediums, who communicated with people who had passed. And she told a few psychic stories from her own … [Continue Reading...]

5 Ways to Cultivate More Play into Your Life


Something very telling once happened at a yoga retreat for trauma. I related the three parts of the human brain to yoga therapy principles that help overcome past pain. Nourishing the mammalian aspect of our brains with self-care activities and community support is healthy and sustains your overall … [Continue Reading...]

Embracing the Universal Law of Purpose to Find and Live Your Life Purpose

Universal law, Purpose

It’s a common belief that what you do in life is your purpose. The way you’re perceived by others, the toys you’re able to gather, and the success you achieve in your job. While all of these are results achieved by fulfilling secondary purposes, they’re not what ultimately defines your principal … [Continue Reading...]

An Introduction to the Natural Laws of the Universe

Law, Universe

The vastness of the universe is filled with many wonders that are all interconnected and governed by natural laws, which keep the universe functioning in smooth, organized, forward motion. These natural laws include both physical laws dealing with scientific studies and spiritual laws, which deal … [Continue Reading...]

Exploring the Natural Laws of the Universe

Universe, law

When you consider the natural laws of the Universe the first one that comes to mind for most people is the Law of Attraction because it is the most popular and well known of the laws. But it isn’t the only one. Natural laws are available to us at any time of the day or night whenever we need them. … [Continue Reading...]


Living, life

You don’t have to find out you are dying to start living. — Zach Sobiech Living: Not dead; having life. Currently active. We are not guaranteed a long, healthy, or easy life. I mean, certainly we can do things to protect ourselves. We can choose to eat foods that are GMO-free, organic, and as … [Continue Reading...]

The Saving Grace of Gratitude


“Gratitude is my life raft.” ~Alan Kaufman Throughout my life gratitude has been my saving grace, has prevented me from drowning in grief, and has quite literally saved my life. I know this statement may sound dramatic, but after caring for a child with chronic health challenges for most of my … [Continue Reading...]



I don’t mean to brag but . . . I finished my 14-day diet in 3 hours and 12 minutes. Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something. “My name is Kelly and I am a resolution-making failure.” “HELLO KELLY!” Aha, good, I see I am not alone! A few years back on January 1, I gave up … [Continue Reading...]

How Playfulness Can Save Your Holidays


The holidays have been known to increase pressure, stress and overall busyness. Over a three week period, we attempt to fit it all in. Of course, this time period varies and can become considerably longer, depending on how easily we are swayed by retail pressure that ramps up in early fall. Every … [Continue Reading...]

Nurturing Peace in Your Family Through Mindfulness

Mindfullness, Family

“I have come to see the cultivation of mindfulness as a radical act - a radical act of sanity, of self-compassion, and ultimately of love.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn What a powerful statement that cultivating mindfulness is a radical act of sanity, self-compassion and love. I believe that mindfulness or the … [Continue Reading...]

When You Feel Trapped in Your Life and You Want to Escape


A few years ago, when I used to work in Corporate America, I often dreamed about going to some far-off place. Maybe I'd visit an ashram in India. Maybe I could backpack across Europe. I wanted to get away from the drama, the dread, the feeling that my life and my time was not my own. I thought I'd … [Continue Reading...]

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