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How to Get the Most Happiness from Your Travels


No matter what time of the year you travel, there is no perfect vacation. As much as you try to plan, things go awry. You arrive early to the airport to see your flight has been delayed or worse it is cancelled. Your hotel is noisy and the food you ate did not agree with you. Despite these travel hiccups, you can enjoy a great get away. It is the journey, not the destination that brings travelers the most happiness. This process starts long before your first day of vacation. Travel can be broken down into 3 activities; planning, doing and remembering. Each action of the trip is of equal importance and brings its own emotional rewards. Planning This is a time to connect with the emotions of anticipation and excitement. You begin to plot … [Read Full Article...]

Why It’s Never Too Late to Go After Your Creative Dreams


I had this great conversation with a colleague yesterday. We were connecting about our businesses and about creativity and she made a comment about me making “real art.” I laughed out loud. You see, I don’t consider myself a “real artist.” I have no training. I paint, draw and craft for the pure joy … [Continue Reading...]

How to Become a Better Creative Thinker

Creative, Thinker

While it’s true that some people are born with a creative mind, it doesn’t mean that creative thinking can’t be learned and developed. If you want to become a creative thinker, the secret is simple, practice. Yep, practice. You may believe that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, but this … [Continue Reading...]

Feng Shui: Harmonizing Your Outer and Inner Worlds

Feng Shui

If you tune in to your emotions when you enter a space, you’ll become aware of a shift in your energy. If the space has stagnant feng shui (a.k.a. “a stagnant flow of energy”), you’ll experience a negative shift in energy. If the space has flowing feng shui, you’ll experience a positive shift in … [Continue Reading...]

Why Gratitude?


Why should we cultivate gratitude?  I often think it’s a term that’s bantered around a lot without giving it real significance. So much of the time, we are stressing about things that may not even be happening, when we worry, our mind focuses on the negative, on lack and on the future.  We aren’t … [Continue Reading...]

What My Fear Told Me In the Middle of the Night


Fears aren’t always as they seem. What appears as a fear of failure is really much deeper. I woke up at 2:28am this morning with the thought that I’m afraid to fail in my business.  Really?  I haven’t been really afraid to fail at anything.  I’m a “give anything a try” kinda girl.  As long as you … [Continue Reading...]

Back Yard Bliss


Getting outdoors and being in nature has shown to have many positive health benefits.  So why not embrace and enjoy the warmth of the season while it is here?  Extend your home from the inside and utilize your outdoor space.  Why can’t it be beautiful too?! When creating that oasis these are some … [Continue Reading...]

How My Family’s Lice Adventure Turned into a Lesson in Compassion


Well, let’s just say last weekend was even more adventure than I expected!  My family was excited to join 8 other families from school on a weekend camping and canoeing trip. We expected to have some new experiences in nature as we navigated the Wisconsin River and found an island to set up camp, … [Continue Reading...]

Does Your Morning Routine Matter During Summer?

Morning, Routine, Summer

Ah, the lazy days of summer!   Have you been looking forward to the relaxing mornings of summer?  No morning routine of homework and rushing to get out the door for school, or maybe just knowing you get to leave the house in sandals and a tank top! I’m in the same place and it feels good to think … [Continue Reading...]

Stop. Sit. Breathe. Proceed: Overcoming the Discomfort of Transformation


The day I realized something had changed - I found myself in the car with my husband and our almost 1 year old.  We were sitting in traffic coming during rush hour.  My husband was trying to have a conversation with me - about what, I'm not sure - because all I was hearing was white noise.  In the … [Continue Reading...]

Helping a Loved One Navigate Depression

Depression, Support

Because of my work - I tend to bear witness to people expressing a range of emotions and truths.  My goal is always to approach these moments with the respect and tenderness they deserve.  Every now and again, one of these moment resonates with me in such a way that it latches on and won't let go.   … [Continue Reading...]