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How Travel Enriches Women and Their Lives

Linda Joy How Travel Enriches Women and Their Lives

To get away from it all can be just what the doctor ordered. Travel has many benefits physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally for women. Women as natural givers need to go deep within and replenish in order to continue giving from the heart. A trip or break from your usual routine can connect you to your inner wisdom which naturally helps you grow personally and professionally. “To get away from one's working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one's self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.” -Charles Horton Cooley When wanderlust strikes, you must heed the call. Traveling is a method to grow your soul through different experiences, cuisine, people and landscapes by getting away from your … [Read Full Article...]

Summoning the Courage to Be Who We Are

Linda Joy Summoning the Courage to Be Who We Are

Trusting ourselves allow us to summon the courage to be who we are. This takes letting go and embracing our vulnerabilities. Courage comes from the Latin word cor, which means “heart.” Courage sources deep within our hearts as self-acceptance, and self-compassion and acknowledges our vulnerabilities … [Continue Reading...]

5 Self-Love Antidotes to the Toxic Habit of Comparison

Inner Mean Girl

You probably have best friends and smart little people in your life. You think the world of them. See their brilliance. Love them unconditionally. Think they are the cat’s meow. Which is why our heart breaks when we witness our daughters, goddess daughters, best friends, clients, do one of the … [Continue Reading...]

Living the Goddess Lifestyle: Make Way for the Queen!

Sacred woman

In the past I was a compulsive people pleaser… my personal vibration and self-esteem used to vary from moment to moment depending on the incoming compliments and moods of those around me. I remember feeling downright awful if someone I cared about was sad, mad, hurt, or in crisis. It seemed like I … [Continue Reading...]

Healthy Living: Blue Zones


Living in a blue zone is healthy living. Have you ever been to a blue zone? What is a blue zone? Blue zones are places where people lead exceptionally long, happy, and healthy lives. Five blue zones have been identified worldwide: Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); … [Continue Reading...]

What My 8 Year-Old Son Taught Me about Tuning into My Inner Wisdom

Griffin Gibson at age 8

It wasn’t my or Doug’s hope or plan for our son Griffin to skip 4th grade (we were not ready to be parents to a 5th grader!), but we quickly realized that he was committed to his goal, and we supported his decision. As it happened, the teachers and administrators at his school were not as quick … [Continue Reading...]

7 Tips to Tap into and Trust Your Inner Wisdom

hands light

My best friend was a professional psychic. She made her living at it—and she was good. But by the time I became friends with her she had given up the profession that she was so skilled at. This was bad timing for me. I loved psychics. From my very first encounter, when a 90-year-old soothsayer … [Continue Reading...]

Clear Your Clutter to Clearly Hear Your Inner Wisdom

Clear Your Clutter to Clearly Hear Your Inner Wisdom by Laura Clark

To live a life based on our inner desires takes time to understand them. When we allow life to become so full and busy that it becomes cluttered it is difficult to hear and understand what our inner wisdom is telling us. Our inner wisdom is our truth.  It is that which speaks softly to us of our … [Continue Reading...]

The Key Benefits of Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone – Thrive While Creating Change


As a Success and Purpose Coach, I’ve seen that the worst thing you can do in your career is to stay where you are “comfortable” for years, without taking any steps to live a more fulfilled life. I was there myself, and what usually happens is that you begin to doubt your alignment with your job and … [Continue Reading...]

Increase Your Awareness – Be Like a Tree

Lone Tree in Spring

Have you ever had the experience of buying a car, and then all of sudden it seems like you see that car everywhere? And you would even swear that prior to purchasing the car there were not very many of that model on the road. After all, that may have been one of the reasons you picked it. Or … [Continue Reading...]

How to Make the Most of Your Defining Moments


I think the first time I heard about the concept of a defining moment many years ago was from Dr. Phil. I am not even sure if it was a term he coined or if he got it from someone else. I like the idea of being able to identify a moment in time, when you had to make a decision that truly reflects … [Continue Reading...]