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Two Meditation Secrets to Befriend the Ego


We hear a lot about the ego nowadays. We hear how it's bad and we should transcend it. And that we should seek enlightenment because then we’d somehow be more worthy. We receive all these messages about how if we only obliterated that pesky ego we would suddenly feel so much better. The thing is, the ego is our friend. It's just our mind. It's the voice in our head. Yes, it’s known for its neurotic ramblings like, “Did I remember to turn the stove off? I can't remember. Maybe I should go back and check… No I think I did. What if I didn't? What would happen? Would the house burn down? Should I call my neighbor and have them check?”  But the mind or ego is also responsible for all of the planning and executive function that our brain sets … [Read Full Article...]

Who Do I Need To Be To Have What I Want?

Self-love, self-worth, happy

“Why doesn’t anything EVER work out for me??!”  I pondered this lamentation from a recent client who was struggling with the break-up of a relationship.  She’d been through many relationships and had thought this one was “the one”.  She had also gone through a couple of jobs in the time I’d worked … [Continue Reading...]

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

self care

I was always putting myself on the back burner… Sure, I can cancel my nail appointment to go get that file from a client for you… Yes, I can take you to the airport so you don’t have to pay to park for three days…. I suppose I can reschedule that massage so you can go the football game. Time for … [Continue Reading...]

It’s Not Rejection; It’s Lack of Alignment!

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What do you think is the biggest reason people don’t ask for what they want and need?  Why do people not go for a raise, try out for a team, ask someone for a date, or anything else they could possibly desire?  Fear of rejection!  And do you know what’s so interesting about this?  There really is NO … [Continue Reading...]

Who You Are – Finding Your Self-Worth


“Only you can be the author of your own story” - Deepak Chopra This quote struck me as so important to our well-being, yet largely unheeded by most of us. We defer the writing of our story in so many ways, thus giving away one of our primary sources of power, creativity, and discovery. Nobody else … [Continue Reading...]

4 Small Steps to Make Time for Your Heart’s Desires

Desire, Time

What is your relationship with time? Do you wish you could freeze it so you can buy a few more minutes, hours, or days? Do you wish someone would hurry up and invent a cloning device? Do you wish you could transport yourself - “Beam me up, Scotty!” - instead of commuting to work or driving around … [Continue Reading...]

Embrace Your Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis

As we age, most women eventually come to a wild crossroads, a confusing place where we must devise a new purpose, or formulate a new self-valuation. For those of us in our 40s and 50s, a time that’s -- often disparagingly -- referred to as the “midlife crisis.” Sometimes this crisis is shy and … [Continue Reading...]

Living a Radically Engaged Life: How Choosing to Live Radically Engaged Changed EVERYTHING


Aspire Magazine welcomes Marianne MacKenzie to our family of Expert Columnists. Marianne is a sought-after life and business coach who supports business women in living a Radically Engaged LifeTM. She is passionate, with a capital “P”, about supporting you as you step into your power as a Radically … [Continue Reading...]

Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams: The Power of Desire

Ann Sanfelippo Feb_Mar17 #AspireMag

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Are you living the life of your dreams? Or do you secretly wish things were … [Continue Reading...]

Release Your Scarcity Programming and Visualize Prosperity

Conscious Creation

A very important part of the whole creative visualization process is developing a sense of prosperity. This means having the understanding, or consciously taking the point of view, that the universe is abundant, that life is actually trying to bring us what our hearts and souls truly desire — … [Continue Reading...]

Ten Ways to Cultivate Your Intuition


We don’t get much education in developing or trusting our intuition, and like a muscle, it gets stronger with practice, so here are ten fun, easy ways to cultivate your intuition. Break your routine. Do something different. Anything. Drive a different way to work, walk on the other side of the … [Continue Reading...]