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Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons

Connecting with the Energy of the Seasons by Felicia D’Haiti

Growing up, I often wondered, sometimes with annoyance, why my mother would change the family room curtains and kitchen linens at the start of every season and for holidays. Though our home looked and felt wonderful, I never understood why it was necessary to make these changes four times per year plus holidays. It wasn’t until years later that I made the connection when I learned about creating sacred space through my Interior Alignment® Feng Shui studies. Here, I learned what I had observed my whole life – that synching with the seasons can bring more energy to your home and your life.One of the ways we can bring more balance to our lives is to bring the energy of the elements into our home. In general these days, we are not as connected … [Read Full Article...]

Decompress Your Stress

Decompress Your Stress By Dr. Jo Anne White

You may never make the stressors in your life entirely disappear, but you can certainly get a handle on how to manage them successfully and here’s how.What Are Your Stress Signals?Stress signals are signs of distress. They tell you that something is wrong even when you try to ignore them. Ever have … [Continue Reading...]

Conversations with the Goddess – 3 Steps to connecting with Gaia

Conversations with the Goddess - 3 Steps to connecting with Gaia By Jami Hearn

Every morning I am blessed to immerse myself in the peaceful and meditative sounds of nature. As I sit in the early morning sun, I am washed over by stillness and serenity. Gaia (Mother Earth) speaks to me in the wind caressing my face and reminds me that my connection with her is paramount to all … [Continue Reading...]

6 Sacred Principles of Feminine Creation

6 Sacred Principles of Feminine Creation by Diana Beaulieu

Life is a constant process of transformation and re-creation. All of those on a path of change and healing can rightly call ourselves alchemists, capable of changing the “base matter” of our difficulties and wounds into the “gold” of healing and divine manifestation. Below are some basic principles … [Continue Reading...]

Reconnecting to Your Sacred Womb

Reconnecting to Your Sacred Womb by Diana Beaulieu

Having a womb is is one of the fundamental things that makes us women, or “womb-men” as you might  put it. Of course we know that the womb is a hugely powerful place within us, where new life is conceived, grown and birthed. However, the womb is a lot more than a baby-growing space. In ancient … [Continue Reading...]

3 Steps to Inner Abundance

3 Steps to Inner Abundance by Diana Beaulieu

The word “abundance” comes from to us from the mid-14th century French, via the Latin abundantia, meaning "fullness, plenty”.We often use “abundance” interchangeably with wealth. However, abundance is far more profound, and important than wealth. While abundance can manifest externally (through … [Continue Reading...]

Beauty Blooms in the Darkness

Beauty Blooms in the Darkness By Cindy Hively

I call the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia home. Mid March you could really see the beginnings of Winter transitioning into Spring. We had snow a few weeks ago sprinkled all over my daffodils like powdered sugar. It’s a lazy ease into warm days and cold nights. My body feels the same way. I want to … [Continue Reading...]

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Awaken Your Inner Warrior By Zinnia Gupte

One of the most amazing leaps an awakening woman can make in her journey is to recognize how her personal power comes from making adult decisions and better choices.Sometimes we can get lost in reactive behaviors, old hurts, and their wounded self and we don’t realize we are trapped in a stage of … [Continue Reading...]

Awaken Your Enchantress

Awaken Your Enchantress by Zinnia Gupte

The Enchantress within us evokes emotion, feeling and sensuality. She opens us to our senses–touch, taste, smell, hear, and sight–or in other words. She experiences life’s possibilities in her fullness.When you tap into your Enchantress energy, you have access to your creative power. You feel alive … [Continue Reading...]

The Guest That Lives Within You…You

The Guest That Lives Within You…You By Cindy Hively

The Guest HouseThis being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival.A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, … [Continue Reading...]

Clutter Clearing Sanity Savers

Clutter Clearing Sanity Savers  by Kellyann Schaefer

As Spring begins and Summer approaches, people want a more open airy feel to their home. They want to be able to spend more time at the beach or laying by the pool, and one of the ways to make that happen is by being on top of things at “home”.For me personally, too much Clutter can easily “set me … [Continue Reading...]