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Using Detachment to Manifest Abundance

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 The Law of Detachment & How to Bring it into Your Life:Live Your Life On Purpose and Joy will flow. We’ve heard that and there is no doubt that it is true. Once you have discovered your purpose, all things are possible! You actually become your purpose. You think your purpose. You speak your purpose. You act your purpose. This kind of living leads to Joy and abundance of all kinds. But, what happens when life throws you sticky challenges. You want the best possible outcome, of course. And, challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Health, Career, Family, Relationships all have their own unique journeys and come with complications. Whatever hat you wear obstacles will be placed in your way. It’s called life and these situations can get … [Read Full Article...]

Count Your Blessings for Inspired Living

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Gratitude. It is the art of appreciation all that we have in our life. When we practice gratitude in our lives, great joy flows to us from the Universe. And more gratitude comes back to us! When you really live by being grateful, you can quickly move from feelings of worry, fear, anger and … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of Choice

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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. The choice is always yours. ~ Dennis Brown Have you ever noticed how life presents us with infinite options? Not a day goes by where you and I are not presented with opportunities to make choices. So how do you deal with all … [Continue Reading...]

The Joy of Finding Your Personal Worth


“A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” ~ J. R. R. TolkienAre you experiencing the joy of personal wealth?If not, perhaps you've yet to discover that you are a treasure trove of abundance!I’m not referring to your stock portfolio, liquid assets or real estate. … [Continue Reading...]

It’s time to Transform!

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As winter continues its laced frosted glass and snowfall dance, dreams of spring begin to emerge. Dreams leading to frolicking towards rebirth and renewal. Isn’t that what spring represents? Rebirth, Renewal and Transformation? Just as a flower can push through the frozen tundra at the first sign of … [Continue Reading...]

Create a Powerful You with a Vision Board

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Our brains. They are fascinating processors of our human experience. They take stimuli we see and feel and process them. This stimuli we give our brains gets translated into complex statements given to our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind then influences us to achieve these … [Continue Reading...]

5 Ways to Connect to Life

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Since we left our mother’s womb and took our first breathe, it is considered that we are alive, but are we really? We are living beings with free will and consciousness, but are we really aware of ourselves? Aware of the miracle that means being alive? Are we really awake, or just going through the … [Continue Reading...]

Handing Over Your Desires to Divine Order

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I'm in the midst of reading Tosha Silver's "Outrageous Openness". As you can surmise from the title, it's all about being radically open - to divine order. What's divine order you might ask? Well - it's letting God/Universe/Spirit lead the way in your life. It's about letting go of your worry, … [Continue Reading...]

Why Play Matters


Chances are there is something in your life that you’d like to manifest —and it’s likely something you see as being part of your meaningful life.   You might want to manifest:      A creative dream      Improvements in physical health      A soul mate      A different job or … [Continue Reading...]

Are You Ready for the Abundance Avalanche of 2015?

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According to the angelic realm, 2015 promises to be The Year of Abundance! Woohoo you say! Me too. However, it is up to us what kind of abundance that is attracted. Think about it, you can have an abundant pile of cash, joy, health, love ~ you know all that yummy things that daydreams are made … [Continue Reading...]

The Journaling Circle

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Ever since I can remember I have loved to write. If I could sum up my memoir in six words it would be “I live to write and heal.” As an adolescent, I called it my diary. This was my own special place where I could record my thoughts, my feelings without anyone criticizing me and without judgment. … [Continue Reading...]