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30 Visionary Women Share Their Thoughts on Happiness


Tweet We can all use a boost of happiness each day! Enjoy these 30 inspiring happiness quotes from some of today's leading female visionaries, coaches, healers, authors and entrepreneurs.  Women, just like you and me, who have been there, done that, and come out the other side with the heart and soul of a warrior woman.  Their journeys led them to the sacred truth – that happiness is always a choice away.   "...from that moment on, I made The Choice. Maybe I couldn’t do anything about my dad dying, the divorce, the foreclosure, or my kids moving to New York, but I could choose how I felt, despite all of those things. There was no reason on earth why I couldn’t be happy now. I was sick and tired of feeling bad, so I decided to … [Read Full Article...]

12 Simple Tips to Thinking More Positive

Positive emotions

Who doesn’t want to be more positive?  Optimism - about yourself, your life, other people, and the world - creates much more happiness than complaining or always seeing what’s wrong. In our culture, it can be a struggle to feel optimistic.  All you need to do is find a news source, and … [Continue Reading...]

Practice Goal Setting Like a Kid

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A Child’s Approach to Goal Setting Kids have no problems with goal setting.  If they want to do something, they confidently proclaim that they are going to do it.  If you’ve interacted with small kids at all, chances are you have heard them make statements like this… “I’m going to be an … [Continue Reading...]

The 7 Misconceptions about Forgiveness and How They Are Holding You Back from True Happiness


I consider it the most important life lesson.  It’s also the one that people most often resist.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and it’s remarkable how everyone will want to walk away when it comes to forgiveness. It’s understandable.  Rarely is anyone taught how to forgive.  And even … [Continue Reading...]

Shouldn’t I be Further Along by Now?

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I’ve been hearing this question a lot recently – from my clients, my friends, my kids, even in my own head!  What is behind this question? “Shouldn’t I be further along by now?” is judgment masquerading as a question. It comes from setting the expectations for our results based on the results … [Continue Reading...]

Disconnect to Reconnect to Yourself and the World Around You

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 Our world has become much smaller due to technology, and there’s a lot of good in that.  Personally, I’ve enjoyed building friendships with people around the world via my business and personal life.  I also believe it’s creating more tolerance and shared love in our global community. I have fun … [Continue Reading...]

Who is Steering Your Life?

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I have a question for you today. Who is steering your life? Are you at the wheel? Are you living your life by design or by default? Life as a Passenger When we were children, most of us didn’t get the opportunity to design our life.  If we were lucky, we may have been allowed to choose a … [Continue Reading...]

5 Choices You Can Make to Embrace Life Without Regrets

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Life is a beautiful adventure, we know when it started but we have no certainty about when it will be over. And the truth is that everything that happens in our lives, while we are here on earth, is really on us. A few years ago, I read a quote from a Buddhist text on death that said: “Life has a … [Continue Reading...]

Want Different Results in Your Life? Do Things Differently.


Early  in our marriage, Dave and I would often spend our evenings sitting together on our blue plaid couch. This was our meeting place for our nightly “complaint-fests.” The Pattern  After a hastily prepared meal consisting of uninspiring processed foods, we would flop down in exhaustion … [Continue Reading...]

7 Things You Should Give Up if You Want to Be Happy

Be Happy

Whether this moment is happy or not, it really depends on you. The moment will not make you happy, it’s YOU that make the moment happy. With mindfulness and awareness, we can make of any moment, a happy moment. Happiness is a conscious choice. Happiness is an art, because we can create whatever we … [Continue Reading...]

5 Small Ways to Staying Big Time Organized


I’m often asked how I get organized while having an active family and running a successful growing business. In reality, my home is never “perfect”. For sure, my home is organized much more than the avenge bear, but with ongoing kids’ activities and the demands a business and family put on a home, … [Continue Reading...]