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The Short Cut to Happiness

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From the time we were little, the majority of women I know and work with (myself included!) had already mastered the art of people-pleasing.  Girls in particular seem to absorb the message early on that the most reliable way to get our needs met is by meeting the needs of those we rely on to care for us – this is even more true if we grew up in a chaotic environment, or one in which our bond to one or both parents was unreliable or insecure.  Believing that our happiness is dependent on our ability to make our caregivers happy, we become hyper-sensitive to even subtle shifts in the emotional tone of other family members, and come up with some pretty creative ways of adapting ourselves to them.  We might have taken on the role of the “good … [Read Full Article...]

When Your Heart Says, ‘No Way!’ How to Step Out of a Bad Situation

Follow Your Heart

I had a random little experience while visiting Paris this past summer that was empowering, a little brave, super fun, and thought provoking – all at the same time. We had booked an afternoon tour to visit Monet’s Gardens at Giverny, which I was looking forward to being a passionate gardener.  On … [Continue Reading...]

How Your Spirit Animal Can Show You a Life You Love

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Have you met your Spirit Animal yet? Do you know what a Spirit Animal is? Did you know that by having a relationship with your particular animal guide they can support you in finding ways to live a life that you absolutely love? I am passionate when my Spirit Animals come into my life and offer … [Continue Reading...]

The 4 Feminine Success Secrets


There are four feminine success secrets. They are uniquely feminine because they tap into a woman’s innate wisdom. For example, women understand that life is a continual process of growth. Women have an intimate connection to their bodies and intuition. Women know themselves as powerful creators and … [Continue Reading...]

The Gift Of Fear -A New Perspective on That B*tch Named FEAR!

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Living fearlessly is a topic I absolutely ADORE talking and writing about. I imagine it’s because I was a total chicken shit and afraid of just about EVERYTHING my entire life up until about 8 years ago… Now I’m not talking in particular about monsters under the bed and that kind of stuff … [Continue Reading...]

Fearless Living

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Is it possible to live fearlessly? My mentor Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was very fierce with us when it came to feelings. In fact, she only allowed five: love, joy, grief, anger, and fear. But only fear of heights, fast motions, and loud noises. She taught us that our true selves are fearless, bold … [Continue Reading...]

The Universe is Calling You… Are You Listening?

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All day long, in every single moment, the Universe is communicating with us. When we’re busy, when we’re not paying attention, when we’re caught up in the various dramas of human life, we don’t always hear this quiet whisper, this soft refrain. That’s because the Universe doesn’t speak to us … [Continue Reading...]

When Women Come Together in Community, We Can Change the World

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“Women hold up half the sky.”— Chinese proverb Saying yes to being part of a transformational woman’s circle rocked my world and positively impacted my life. Women have been coming together in circle for centuries. In days gone by, it was often a tribe of women who ruled the community. While … [Continue Reading...]

Listening to the Guidance of Our Hearts

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All people are born with the ability to be an open channel of love. It is our divine nature. Although each person tunes in to this energy flow differently, we all tap into the same source. It is how open we are and how much we trust ourselves that determines the extent to which this energy can be … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of Your Thoughts

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So what would you think if I told you that your thoughts have an impact on your very neurology and that you can hard-wire your brain to develop your abilities? If you’re like most people, you leave your brain in charge instead of remembering it’s there to serve you. First of all, understand … [Continue Reading...]

Find Your Life Purpose: Four Ways to Discover Your Unique Career or Business Path

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Do you feel off track with your life purpose? Then you’re probably looking to the outside world to define the goal-centered roles you play in life. Instead, consider living your life’s purpose as a soul-filled creative process in order to take your career to the next level. Finding the Right … [Continue Reading...]