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5 Different Types of Lifestyle Designers, Which One are You?


Lifestyle Design is one hot topic. Tim Ferris illuminated it in his book, “The 4-Hour Workweek.”He illustrates what your life can be once you take ownership of exactly how you live your life. Lifestyle Design is the conscious act of putting yourself in the driver’s seat as the designer of your destiny. Lifestyle Design allows you to dream big. Step one is asking yourself, “what do I want to achieve, become, believe, see, or even wear in my future?”  Step two is to carve out a new lifestyle to help you achieve your goals in a way that feels authentic and empowering to you. There are 5 types of Lifestyle Designers. Which one are you? Gurus-Abound You aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. You know that there have been many … [Read Full Article...]

Expectation Hangover Lessons

Comfort zone

One of the most challenging parts of an Expectation Hangover is feeling that we’ve failed, that we haven’t met the standards or goals we’ve set for ourselves — especially if we’ve poured our hearts into the attempt. Not getting our desired outcome is one of the seemingly cruel ways the Universe … [Continue Reading...]

Embracing All Aspects of Our Selves: The Path to Relationship Balance

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We develop our personalities in ways that are both universal and yet completely unique. We all experience the same process of development, while our individual circumstances and surroundings shape our particular makeup. When we are born, we are vulnerable, impressionable, and completely … [Continue Reading...]

Creating an Authentic Loving Life List: Opportunity for a Loving Life

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Can you imagine at this very moment in time there are several wonderful opportunities waiting for you? Did you know these opportunities can help you transform your life to one of brilliance, passion and truth? The good news is that these opportunities are endless and they are here to help you … [Continue Reading...]

Creating a Writing Life

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Have you ever kept a journal? Or do you like to write poetry once in a while—something private, just for you? If you have, then I imagine you've experienced the healing that can come from getting your experiences and feelings out on the page. Maybe you've also enjoyed the power of writing for … [Continue Reading...]

How to Have a Happy Day, Every Day

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Who doesn’t want to be happy—or happier, for that matter? It’s free, it feels good, it makes you live longer, it keeps you healthier, it makes you more attractive, and some would say it literally affects what you create in your world. Happy rocks! So why is it so blasted hard to find, hold onto, … [Continue Reading...]

What IS Conscious Creation?

Conscious Creation, hands gratitude

Everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction. According to this law, “like attracts like,” and by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. And the Law of Attraction is true.  But the law is, well, a law. It isn’t what you DO to make things … [Continue Reading...]

Journaling: Powerful Questions Can Help You Find Inspiring Answers

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Recently, I have been focusing on writing down questions in the pages of my journal.  Why?  Because I am seeking greater clarify and answers to certain questions I have in my business and in my life.  As a life coach, I know that good questions can help us find the answers we are looking for.  … [Continue Reading...]

The Transformative Power of Intention

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Like an inspired artist facing a blank canvas, we can use intention to alter the direction of our lives. Intention functions like a cosmic Roto-Rooter, transforming situations or relationships entrenched in deeply rooted patterns by drawing toward us opportunities that are better aligned with the … [Continue Reading...]

How Morning Rituals Help You Get More Done

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Picture it—rising with the sun feeling rested and refreshed, you head to the kitchen for your cup of tea and take a few moments for some yoga stretches. After a little journaling and a fabulously filling breakfast, you lavish yourself with an essential oil infused shower then find the perfect outfit … [Continue Reading...]

What Does it Mean to Create a Life You Love?


“Create a life you love.” What exactly does that mean? It is a phrase that is tossed around frequently. Oprah talks about it. Louise Hay talks about it. Jim Carrey talks about it. Advertisers use images that they think depict a life you would love to sell everything from cars and watches to beer … [Continue Reading...]