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The Journaling Circle

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Ever since I can remember I have loved to write. If I could sum up my memoir in six words it would be “I live to write and heal.” As an adolescent, I called it my diary. This was my own special place where I could record my thoughts, my feelings without anyone criticizing me and without judgment. Sometimes I was consistent with writing, sometimes I wasn’t, but in the back of my mind, I knew this was something I could turn to as a safety net. Little did I realize back then how influential writing was for me in my self-development until later on in my adult life. It was in 1998 I believe when my sister introduced me and my father to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I was in between Jobs, and even though I had chosen a particular career … [Read Full Article...]

When You Heal, You Heal Humanity

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I was recently doing a client session with a very talented practitioner. Like so many spiritual entrepreneurs, she was struggling with some blocks, fears and beliefs around needing to raise her prices. I started with my usual prayer blessing that I say to create sacred space and to call in the … [Continue Reading...]

The Goddess Lifestyle Plan: Finding Peace Amongst the Holiday Chaos

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Have you ever noticed how STRESSED and OVERWHELMED most people become during the holiday season? I’ve noticed that the holiday frenzy begins its ascension around November 15th, peaks on December 24th and then begins to wind down. Talk about a roller coaster ride! If you’re anything like me, you have … [Continue Reading...]

A Year Without Fear: What Would Your Life Be Like?

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I invite you to step beyond the hypnotism of what you think you can and cannot do. Here’s what’s true:  You are loved. You have everything you need. You are more powerful than you know. But fear or unquestioned negative beliefs or old stories may keep you from your boldest possibilities. Well, … [Continue Reading...]

Coming Home to Ourselves


It took me years to figure out who I was. It took even longer for me to be comfortable showing my real self to the world. Growing up longing to be accepted and loved by my family, I quickly learned that the only way to make that happen was to please everyone and to make sure that everything was … [Continue Reading...]

Living the Law of Attraction: The Zen Guide to the Law of Attraction

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A young man named Evan was thinking about having a good meal and a hot shower as he walked the streets of downtown Denver. Evan was homeless at the time—proving a point to society and himself that he would live his life his way, and his way only. But not having possessions or a place to stash … [Continue Reading...]

How To Let Joy Be Your Guide To A Life You Love

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What would make 2015 an amazing year for you? Are there any dreams you’ve been longing to manifest? If so, then let’s go on a little journey together to discover how joy can be your guide to creating a life you love.As with any journey, there are some preparations to optimize your experience. I … [Continue Reading...]

5 Different Types of Lifestyle Designers, Which One are You?


Lifestyle Design is one hot topic. Tim Ferris illuminated it in his book, “The 4-Hour Workweek.”He illustrates what your life can be once you take ownership of exactly how you live your life. Lifestyle Design is the conscious act of putting yourself in the driver’s seat as the designer of your … [Continue Reading...]

Expectation Hangover Lessons

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One of the most challenging parts of an Expectation Hangover is feeling that we’ve failed, that we haven’t met the standards or goals we’ve set for ourselves — especially if we’ve poured our hearts into the attempt. Not getting our desired outcome is one of the seemingly cruel ways the Universe … [Continue Reading...]

Embracing All Aspects of Our Selves: The Path to Relationship Balance

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We develop our personalities in ways that are both universal and yet completely unique. We all experience the same process of development, while our individual circumstances and surroundings shape our particular makeup. When we are born, we are vulnerable, impressionable, and completely … [Continue Reading...]

Affirming and Attracting Our Desires

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Affirming our intentions is a way of stating our desires, and sets the stage for creating what we want to occur. By clarifying what we wish to achieve, we elevate our feelings to those of joyful anticipation.  Writing out our objectives, often helps to move us toward taking action on our goals, … [Continue Reading...]