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The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Find Your True Path

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You know that little voice inside you that tells you something doesn't feel quite right? Or that feeling you get that there's more going on than appears on the surface?  Those feelings aren't just empty feelings; they come from a beautiful thing called your intuition that is always looking out for you. It meets you where you are, in the very situations that mean so much to you – especially in love and the relationships with the people in your life who mean so much to you. It's why you're exactly right when you sense that something's changed and that a conversation is needed to clarify what's really going on beneath the surface. It's why you feel comfortable with sharing your heart and soul with some people, but close up and keep … [Read Full Article...]

100% Perfect or 80% Good

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"The path to perfection leads to procrastination. Don’t let perfect ruin good." – Harry Beckwith We have all heard that practice makes perfect, but I am here to tell you that the pursuit of perfection in the world of online marketing can lead to Stuck City, or worse, Nothing Gets Done Town. One of … [Continue Reading...]

Returning to the Garden

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In Zimbabwe on safari last year, we rode most of the time in a Land Rover with a roof to shield us from the sun, starting out at 5:30 am in order to catch the wildlife feeding. It was worth getting up in the dark--and the freezing cold--and fumbling around in our tent cabin to find our clothes and … [Continue Reading...]

“When Sh*t Hits the Fan” – Goddess Guidelines

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Making amends with yourself as a Spiritual Being, having a Human experience is one of the hardest lessons we go through in life. As difficult situations are presented to us and we are encouraged to embrace our Spiritual Growth, it can be quiet challenging on a physical human level to comprehend and … [Continue Reading...]

7 Flying Lessons for Life

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Whether you suffer from white knuckles every time you have to step on an airplane or whether you break into a sweat every time you think of spreading your wings in life, it could be that you suffer from a fear of flying. Even if you love getting into a 747, you might freeze when confronted with that … [Continue Reading...]

Reconciling the Masculine: How Working with the Divine Feminine Increases Prosperity

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As increasing numbers awaken to women’s sacred ways of wisdom and incorporate Nature into personal relationships with the Divine, this movement has been accompanied by re-energized financial flow and sustainability. Feminine leaders on the Priestess path are discovering a new consciousness, … [Continue Reading...]

The Ties that Bind ~ Releasing Toxic Relationships

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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~ RumiToxic relationships come in all forms and can be detrimental in so many ways, but they also offer the greatest opportunity for growth and learning. It’s within the … [Continue Reading...]

Lessons From A Sacred Journey

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Sacred journeying? I’ve been doing it wrong. My understanding of sacred journeys was first formed by fairy tales and then by Lynn Andrews and Carlos Castenada. From there it expanded into a deep longing to go on a spiritual trek to Macha Picchu, Glastonbury Tor, China’s Great Wall. So many far-away … [Continue Reading...]

Reclaim the Power of the Divine Feminine to Generate Financial Resources Using Elemental Practices

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Too often, women hold onto beliefs that no longer serve us. We repeat to ourselves things we’ve heard our entire lives, such as, “I can never get ahead.” The litany of words inside our heads becomes a self-defeating prophecy. If your inner critic’s working overtime, then reclaiming the right and … [Continue Reading...]

What the Heck is Anger All about Anyways?


It’s funny. For years and years I spent a good part of my energy being “tough” and “together.” When my mom gave me the book “The Highly Sensitive Person” I took it so very personally. I denied my sensitivity fiercely, displaying bravado and loading far too many hay bales into the barn (literally). … [Continue Reading...]

Consciously Create Your Life: Exploring the Divine Feminine Archetype of the Priestess

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Are you ready to consciously create your life and manifest what you really want? Then it’s likely you’re ready to explore the divine feminine archetype of the Priestess. Suppressed for thousands of years, the archetype of the Priestess is reawakening in modern times as women open the door to … [Continue Reading...]