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I know it can be so frustrating when you want to live a life you love but you just can’t seem to make it happen for one reason or another. Life keeps throwing you curveballs; and even though you’re doing your best to catch them, you’re tired of juggling.

You’re tired of dropping the ball.

But did you know the reason most of aren’t living our lives on our own terms—instead, feeling more like a by-stander, waiting for someone to give us permission to get back in the game—is simply because we’ve forgotten who we really are.

It’s true.

It reminds me of the powerful true story of the 700-year-old clay Buddha from Thailand:

In 1957, a group of Buddhist monks were moving a five-ton statue of a clay Buddha that had sat in a deserted temple for hundreds of years. In the midst of moving it, the straps broke and the statue fell to the ground. The horror of the monks soon turned to surprise when one of them noticed something glistening behind the cracked clay. Running to get a chisel (something that would take a lot of courage); the monk began to chip away revealing a solid Golden Buddha.

The story goes that hundreds of years earlier the Burmese army was coming into Thailand and the monks at the time knew the solid golden statue would be stolen, and so they devised a plan: Cover it in clay so it won’t be deemed as valuable.

The plan worked.

The trouble was every monk was murdered by the army so the tale could never be passed on . . . until the statue was finally safe enough.

Safe enough . . .

 The story of the sacred Golden Buddha reminds me of us. We were once little children, shining bright and beautiful. We knew we were golden. Why wouldn’t the world love us?

But things happened. People didn’t understand us. They didn’t value or treat us right. And so we, in our brilliant, little child-like minds created a plan: Cover our gold so it won’t be stolen. Cover our magic . . . our light . . . our gifts . . . our innate potential energy. Tuck it away until we’re safe enough to shine bright . . . safe enough to be a woman . . . safe enough to be magnificent. Sadly over time, most of us have actually forgotten about our buried treasure. We’ve been operating with our greatness hidden. We’re playing under the radar.

None of this is done consciously.

It is learned.

It is all learned.

If you are not living life on your terms you learned how not to. It was either never modeled to you, or you learned your needs would never be met. You learned how not to trust—especially, that you shouldn’t trust yourself. You learned that love is difficult, money doesn’t grow on trees, and dreams are for the foolish. You learned that you aren’t enough, your body isn’t beautiful, you’re steadily growing old and ugly, and that in end you will be alone. You learned what goes up, must come down, all good things must come to an end, and to enjoy it now because it won’t last.

We all learned a whole slew of negative, self-limiting beliefs . . . along with some good ones. Today, your life is reflecting back to you what you believe—not the truth.

Your life is showing you exactly what you’ve been taught and what you’ve accepted as truth. Your life is reflecting back to you what you were taught by your mother and father, your family—siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, your upbringing, culture, experiences, and religion.

Your life is the culmination of your beliefs. Your beliefs are shaping your destiny.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how powerful, magnificent, important, and worthy you are. You’ve forgotten your innate wisdom. You’ve forgotten how the Universe works, love works, your body works, and how the divine dance of your own femininity (for women) and masculinity (for men) works. Maybe you’ve bought into the myths . . . the stories . . . the self-limiting beliefs . . . and the legacy of the “wounded” that came before you.

Perhaps you’ve believed the lies, letdowns, and betrayals that have happened to you. You’ve let other people’s harsh words become your words. You’ve let fear become your reins.

Over time you’ve built a wall of protection around your true self . . . around your beautiful, sparkling inner light . . . around your joy, love, acceptance, courage, and willingness. Maybe you’ve tucked your greatness away deep enough so it won’t be stolen. You’ve formed aspects of your personality—masks, so to speak—to keep you safe.

Are you tired of carrying around the pounds of protection?

Are you ready to chip away at the clay?

Are you ready to become the person you were always meant to be?

Are you finally safe enough to be yourself?

The good news is your gold can never be lost or stolen. Buried perhaps, but it is still waiting dormant for you to reclaim it—to remember who you really are and to shine bright.

The truth is we were all born with the same innate knowledge—the same potential energy. Similar to how all acorns have the same infinite knowledge to grow into a massive oak tree, you innately have the same divine greatness tucked away within you, waiting to sprout and blossom into your life. If you had the right conditions, you effortlessly grew into the greatest expression of yourself! If not, maybe you’re stuck in the muck of shame, guilt, blame, fear, or anger.

It’s so important you know that you are not your wounds. You are not the protection. You are not your story, experiences, or reality. You are not your past. You are not your parents. You are not your religion, culture, or upbringing.

If you knew who you really are, you’d be in awe of yourself—the same way millions of people today stand before the Golden Buddha in Bangkok.

 Next Steps:

            Today, I want you to look at your life without judgment. Look at your reality through the eyes of an observer. Pay particular attention to your home (particularly your bedroom), your health, wealth, weight, relationships, love life, sex life, bank account balances, and parenting.

These external things reflect how you feel about yourself, and what you are projecting to the world. They are showing you what you’ve been taught to believe about your ability to receive all the blessings life has to offer.

If your life is not where you want it to be, I’d love to support you in learning how to rewrite your beliefs, clean up your unfinished business, and execute a new plan for achieving greatness with my 21-Day CREATE & SUSTAIN Success Course. And I’d love to give it to you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. (This course normally cost $297).

We all need help from time to time and I’d be honored to coach you into your own greatness!

I believe you can be the hero of your own life!

But do you believe it?

Crystal Andrus About Crystal Andrus

Crystal Andrus is a bestselling author, international speaker, women’s advocate, host of “The Crystal Andrus Show” on CBS Radio, Founder of “The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)”—the world’s #1 online Personal Empowerment Certification Coaching School, exclusively for women, and Founder of the Simply…Woman online magazine – .
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  • Helen Gennari

    Thank you, Crystal. I appreciate all that you share in this article. At 72 I am in the process of re-uniting with my “child” who, long ago, believed as you have described and began to perceive herself in a way that she thought others did–believing those untruths. Uncovering those buried beliefs is a challenge but does make such a difference in the integration process.