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“Staying busy exhausts us.  Holding on keeps us stuck. Avoiding ‘what is’ robs us. Running away disempowers us. Our saving grace is that our consciousness will continue to show us what must be cleaned up in order for us to heal, evolve, create, and sustain.” — Crystal Andrus

Woman jumping w_balloonsWhen it comes to creating an amazing life, most of us just want to get on with it and get to the good stuff.

We’re ready to get down to business. We want to forget the past and move on. Let bygones be bygones. We’re embarrassed about, or ashamed of, certain parts of our lives. What’s the point of looking back?

And yet, inevitably, similar to a very long anchor that gets dropped overboard as we’re sailing down that wonderful river of life, something always happens that keeps us stuck right where we were. Why can’t we keep our raft going downstream? Why are we replaying the same story over and over? We thought we’d dealt with this! Or worse, why are we replaying the same story with just a different person or scenario?

Well, until you’ve truly cleaned things up, they will keep cropping up! Until you face your past, your not-so-wise choices, and your debtors and demons; and until you confront the reality of what you’ve fed your body and how you’ve starved your soul or shrouded yourself in shame, you can continue to avoid the truth, but you can’t hide—at least not from yourself! Your guilt and fear will eat away at your ability (and, eventually, even your desire) to succeed; they’ll rob you of your power and keep you struggling in the dark. Playing it small will become normal, and you’ll never realize your potential.

Self-sabotage is a clear sign that you have something weighing on your conscience. Repress your feelings—your embarrassment, blame, sorrow, sadness, anger, or jealousy—in whatever way you’ve learned, and they’ll find a way to reappear. As long as you try to resist uncovering “it,” dealing with it, or healing it, it will persist.

The burden of carrying it, whether or not you’re aware of it, will exhaust you. Weight gain, financial messes, health problems, addictions, disorganization, and relationship woes are ways in which repressed thoughts, feelings, fears, and unmet needs manifest themselves in your outer world.

If you can’t seem to create or sustain success, you clearly have unfinished business that must be cleaned up first! Only you can clean up your own stuff—even if you think it would be better for someone who’s bigger, stronger, richer, or smarter to step in and save you! What I promise you is that once you clean things up (no matter how hard it may seem), you can take the next step in creating an incredible life! Unfinished business drains your energy and robs you of strength and integrity.

 It Is What It Is

Most of us have a hard time seeing the truth about our own lives: the truth about ourselves, our situation, choices, fears, and motivators. We have a hard time accepting that we’ve created the circumstances we’re in—that life is what we make it!

So if things aren’t so great in your life, you must ask yourself, Why would I create this? Whether or not you choose to see it, the answer is always there: It is what it is.

Are you willing to face the truth and shine a light on “what is,”without any judgment, excuses, justification, shame, blame, guilt,or regret? If so—if you’re ready to take a peek at things—you’re ready to begin the process of creating a magnificent life. If not—if you’d rather choose to deny accountability or not face yourself—then this article isn’t for you . . . at least not right now.

Cleaning up your life takes courage. It takes honesty and hard work, and you must be prepared to face the music. It can feel tough at times, but so illuminating at others. It all starts with stepping outside of yourself, almost like an observer, and letting your life be your mirror . . . your truth . . . your gift.

Why not look at your life today but with one catch: Imagine that you didn’t know the person staring back at you. Try it. Stand before a full-length mirror and describe the person you see. What would you think of her? What would your reflection tell you about her? Would you see someone who takes care of herself? Someone who eats well, exercises, and honors her temple? Would you see someone smiling, happy, confident, and self-assured? What do her eyes say? Her skin? Nails? Hair? Teeth? Clothing? Weight? Posture? How does she talk to herself when she’s all alone?

Now imagine you’re a fly on the wall in her home. How does she speak to her family—spouse, children, parents, and/or siblings? How do they treat her? Does she thrive on stress, always creating drama and complications? Or does she speak her truth, even if the people around her don’t always agree with her views? Does she keep secrets, preferring to handle things (or at least some things) alone? Or does she live her life like an open book?

Does she spend beautiful quality time with those she loves most? Does she hug, kiss, and say “I love you” often? How does she talk about her friends when they aren’t around? Her mate? Parents? In-laws? Children? Is she as honest in person? Is she honest at all?

How is her sex life? Is she passionate and uninhibited or uptight and boring?

Does she constantly think about her past, reliving old fights and hurtful comments? Has she forgiven those who’ve hurt her, or does she bring things up whenever she needs justification or quick retaliation?

Is her home harmonious, loving, and light? Is her bedroom a beautiful, sexy, feminine sanctuary? Is her bathroom a mini spa retreat? Are there soothing candles, soft music, and wonderful bath products to caress her skin? On the other hand, is her kitchen cluttered, her freezer stuffed with old food, her closet crammed with clothes, and her basement filled with stuff from 15 years ago? Does she have a poverty-hoarding mentality, or does she trust in the flow of life, spending and saving?

The truth?

What about her income, debt, and long-term planning? Does she know her worth, and does she receive it? Is she financially independent? Does she live within her means? Has she planned for the future while enjoying the present? Is she afraid or excited?

Look at her work. Is it fulfilling, purpose driven, and satisfying? Does it light her up? What does it say about her? Is it balanced with play?

Examine her health. How does she eat? Does she smoke, drink excessively, or take drugs? What’s her cholesterol ratio? Her blood pressure? Resting heart rate? BMI? Does she even know the answers to these questions? Does she take responsibility for her well-being, or is she expecting her doctors to fix her when things fall apart? Perhaps she’s so much in denial that she doesn’t even believe anything will ever fall apart, even though she’s neglecting her health?

Review her habits and hobbies. (And not the version she’s been sugarcoating.) The truth! Does she eat too much, drink too much, shop too much, or gossip too much? Does she waste time on mindless Internet sites or spend money carelessly? Or does she read great books, listen to motivational CDs, journal her feelings, and take action on her plans and dreams? Is she in denial, squandering her most precious commodity—time—or is she clear, sharp, focused, and inspired?

Look deep into her heart. Do you see trust, acceptance, love, and forgiveness, or frustration, anger, animosity, and regret? Do you see long-term true-blue friendships and an honest and deeply committed passionate relationship; or do you see a few fair-weather friends, a lack of intimacy, fear, longing, and loneliness?

What does her reflection say about you? This is your life. She is YOU.

Let her life be your mirror—without judgment or shame. It will show you the truth if you’ll allow it. You can keep pretending that it’s going to magically get better, but it won’t. Don’t let DENIAL – Didn’t Even Notice I Am Lying – keep you stuck any longer!  You deserve a magnificent life!

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