Simply… Empowered! Building Your Trust Muscle

What do you say to a mother who lost her child in a tragic accident or to a husband who lost his wife and the mother of his baby to cancer? What do you say to individuals whose family members were murdered, their homeland ripped apart . . . destroyed by war? How do you tell these people that they need to trust in the process?

Asking someone who has experienced the pain of death to allow the seeds of creation to germinate isn’t exactly appropriate or fair. How can you really tell someone who’s grieving and in a place of deep pain (and perhaps feeling very angry) to resonate at a place of love and acceptance? No matter who you are or how enlightened you may be, it takes time to process certain situations, and there’s no set date when you’ll be ready to see things through different lenses.

A remarkable story—one that I implore you to read—is my fellow Hay House author, Immaculee Ilibagiza’s. I had the pleasure of dining with her a few times, and her light glowed all around her as if she were an angel. Then and there, I knew that Immaculee was a world-class light worker.

In 1994, her world was ripped apart when her native country of Rwanda descended into bloody genocide. Her entire family, except one brother who was out of the country, was brutally murdered. Miraculously, Immaculee survived the mass slaughter. For 91 days, she and seven other women huddled together silently in a tiny bathroom while hundreds of machete-wielding killers hunted them.

To learn more about her story, including the moment she actually faces the man who brutally murdered her family and hunted her, you must read her powerful book Left to Tell. Here’s a brief passage that shows that despite the heartbreaking sorrow she endures as a survivor, she’s also able to trust and have faith in God and in life.

 I knew that my family was at peace, but that didn’t ease the pain of missing them. And I couldn’t shake the crippling sorrow that seized my heart whenever I envisioned how they’d been killed. Every night I prayed to be released from my private agony, from the nightmare that haunted my sleep and troubled my days.”

She goes on to explain how God had answered her prayers in a beautiful dream:

“From that night onward, my tears began to dry and my pain eased. I never agonized over the fate of my family. I accepted that I would always mourn and miss them, but I’d never spend another moment worrying about the misery they’d endured. By sending me ‘that’ dream, God had shown me that my family was in a place beyond suffering.”

Trust, just like a muscle, can be built—even after it’s been almost totally destroyed.  No one can explain why bad things happen to good people or why others are so dark . . . so evil. I’m sure Immaculee would say that evil people are the victims of victims, destined to live in torment and regret. I believe that it’s in the times of our greatest challenges and sorrows that we come to know the real meaning of life—the fragility of mortality, the sacredness of love, the beauty of passion, the power of desire, and the tenderness of God.

The hand of fate will touch us all. Faith, like trust, isn’t an insurance policy against pain and suffering. It’s a knowingness that although we can’t always understand the whys, we surrender our questioning, believing that love will see us through. We know the strength of the human spirit.

Remember that it’s not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you that shapes your future!

That may seem easier said than done, so if you would like to learn how to look through the empowered lens of life to overcome the challenges  you are facing in your life and learn how to truly access your knowingness to create the life you have always wanted, I invite you to join me.

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  • Shanti Shaharazade

    Amazing article Crystal.  I truly feel when learning about the atrocities committed in the world, that LOVE is truly greater than fear or darkness.  I agree with Immaculee when she said that evil people are the victims of victims, destined to live in torment and regret.  I believe that’s true just from watching the tormented souls in my own family.  Thank you for this most heart-warming, elegantly written article about the power of courage no matter how dire the circumstances!   I CHOOSE to use the things that have  happened to me to help young women gain self esteem, to learn to make decisions from their brightest selves… thank you Crystal, once again! 

    Namaste siSTAR!