Sacredness Of The Senses

SensesIt’s Spring and I am feeling it from the inside out. The winds and cool nights, the warm sun and rain can be so fickle. Sometimes it is amazing and other times not so much. This is however the polarity of living and keeping balance in our everyday journey. Nature changes from day to day, sometimes even minute to minute. Our relationships are the same way as well as our wants and desires. In a nutshell, life is all about change and keeping up with the flow as we go. And, the Divine spiritual teachings that are so rich.

In order to truly thrive and enjoy these changes our senses can be very powerful tools to connect our life experiences with. Our senses are amazing givers and receivers. We are connected to them 24/7 and at 360 degrees. Up, down, from side to side we can use our senses as gifts and in gratitude. When life is chaotic we can use our senses to come back to center and practice what our senses are trying to tell us. The practice of listening to what my senses are feeling and trying to tell me is my latest embracing of Sacred embodiment.

So, what does this all mean, how do we embody our senses inward and outward?

It is a practice that begins the moment we open our eyes in the morning. It is also bringing in the Sacredness of our being. I have a night table I turned into an alter and I do a ritual the first thing in the morning even before I get out of bed. I pray to God, that being that is far greater than I am and ask for guidance during my day. I ask to be shown what I need to see, I ask that I may listen to that which I need to hear, I ask that I may be given that which I may need to be of service to myself and to the world.

Here are a few ways to use your senses in the sacredness of life.

  • Touch – allow warm water to flow over your body, how does it feel on your skin on a cold day. Give gratitude for the tub you are in and the amazing way water comes into your home. What is the Sacred inner awareness you are feeling?
  • Sight – go outside and find a place to stand, look around, what do you see, what colors are you looking at? How do you feel from being indoors and now outdoors? What Sacred inner awareness leads you to that very spot?
  • Listen – put on music depending what mood you are in. How are you comforted if sadness is within? If you are in happiness, why did you pick what you are listening to? Can you hear the vibration of the music? What Sacred inner awareness led you to the music you chose?
  • Smell – put a pot of tea on or cook something you love with a great aroma. What did you create, why did you choose? What does the smell remind you of, is there a time in your life perhaps as a child that makes you resonate with this smell. What Sacred inner awareness called you to make this choice?
  • Taste – open your pantry or refrigerator what looks juicy? How does your mouth, tongue react, is your mouth watering? Do you have to have another bite? What Sacred inner awareness are you feeling around food? 
  • Spirit – connect with your higher self in prayer or meditation. What is the tone of your Sacred Space? What are the sensations you are feeling within your body and outside your body. Are the desires of your heart being tended too? What inner Sacred awareness is happening?



by Dejan Stojanovic

If we had true insight 

We would be scared to death, 

We would not be able to see anything, 

We would see everything and see nothing.


Senses empower limitations, 

Senses expand vision within borders, 

Senses promote understanding through pleasure.

Without pleasure there is no sight or measure.


Total knowledge is annihilation 

Of the desire to see, to touch, to feel 

The world sensed only through senses 

And immune to the knowledge without feeling.

Cindy Hively About Cindy Hively

Cindy Hively calls the Roanoke Valley in Virginia her home. She is surrounded by beautiful mountains that inspire and heal her every day. She worked twenty five years in a career she loved but had to quit work due to chronic illness. She is now on a Spiritual journey for healing the mind, body, spirit and heart and inviting others to join her along the way as she teaches and mentors how to live an Awakened Life as an Awakened Living Mentor and the Goddess Creatrix for her newest brand, In Her Fullness

Awakened Living means living in a constant awareness and flow. It is a relaxing into this life, where a growing peacefulness, patience and compassion for all of life are your truest essence. It is a healing journey through metta, meditation, mindfulness practices and self compassion. It’s the creation of being joyfully full within your sacred body vessel that you create to overflowing for yourself and others through the rhythms of nature and the mysteries of life.