The Professional Woman’s Guide to Divine Self-Care

self careI was always putting myself on the back burner… Sure, I can cancel my nail appointment to go get that file from a client for you… Yes, I can take you to the airport so you don’t have to pay to park for three days…. I suppose I can reschedule that massage so you can go the football game.

Time for myself was so fleeting and I always felt like everyone was impinging on it. I was already trying to balance home life and work life – which itself is an enormous task, but setting aside time for myself created guilt… I should be doing something more productive… Thank GODDESS, I finally saw the importance of taking care of myself!

It is possible to have the rock star professional life you desire and still maintain time for divine self-care. Here are a few steps to achieving the self-care that you desire and deserve.

  1. Schedule it. If your day is anything like mine, if there isn’t a slot in my calendar for it, I don’t even have time to think about it. So make sure that you allot time for the things that really fill your well. After all, if your well is dry, you don’t have the resources and energy to show up and be productive and fulfilling in any arena.

I have a code in my calendar, that no one else is privy to. It’s my calendar, and even though all my staff has access to it, it’s really none of their business what I am doing. One of my favorite quick indulgences is getting a manicure. I love the girl at the salon where I go… she’s such a refreshing breeze of young energy that I can’t wait to hear all about the latest technique she learned – or better yet have her try it on me. So in my calendar, I mark myself out and make a note that only I will understand. Something like… glow-in-the-dark purple unicorns – that’s the name of the technique I’m trying next time and the color I want it in!

  1. Take someone else with you. We so often thrive on taking care of others, so why not get a little pampering yourself in the process. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to pay for your spa date’s services, but if you have someone else relying on your company, you are far more likely to honor the appointment. Make a plan with a friend or your sister-in-law. I took my mother-in-law last fall and we had a wonderful time. It’s always nice to spend a little alone time with friends and family. I rarely ever spend any time alone with my mother-in-law, there are 6 grandchildren in the family ranging from almost 2 to 13… someone always needs something and she is always there to provide it for them. She doesn’t allow herself the indulgence of self-care very often, but she knew I was super excited so she couldn’t cancel…. See it works for both of you!
  1. Create an oasis at home. Take the time to make your space at home the destination that allows you to recharge. One of my favorite home spaces is my bathroom. It’s nothing special, just a basic bathroom, but I transform into a divine spa. I draw a bath with coconut oil, essential oils, Epsom salts and crystals. I then light candles or incense in a scent or color that corresponds with my mood. If I am feeling super Goddess-like I add rose petals to my bath water too! I hung beautiful brocade ceiling height curtains at my bath (but I have a regular shower curtain behind that you can’t see) which really adds that high-end feel. Make sure that when you are having “ME” time, you let your household members know that you are not to be disturbed. In my house, the rule is “no blood, no bother.”

Whatever method you take to self-care, the most important thing to do is enjoy and honor yourself! Listen to the inner voice that tells you what you need… NOT the one telling you to do something else. Set your intention that you are going to enjoy every moment and really recharge. Fill your well so you can serve yourself and others most effectively!

Oh, and one last thing – This is completely about you, so NEVER feel the need to justify your self-care! This is the time to turn inward… it’s not selfish… it’s necessary!

Love and Light to you all!


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