The Power of Sound Healing

Have you ever experienced listening to music, and feeling it within your body, or noticing it affect your emotions? Have you heard music that caused your body to relax, and your mind to clear? Sound is a profound and effective healer.

I’m sure we have all experienced moments when we hear some music and it invokes an emotional response, or a memory surfaces from a time when we heard this same music or felt the same emotion. Music has also been shown to bring a person with dementia back to the present or to help them connect with their memories. They may not be able to speak or answer questions, but when they hear music, they begin to sing the words.

We do store memories and emotions in our bodies, in our cells and tissues. It is not just in our minds, it can be anywhere in our bodies, particularly if there was trauma involved. These old memories and emotions can cause blockages in the body, blocking energy, circulation, movement, causing pain, illness and disease. It can be difficult to access these locks and clear them, as they can be held deeply in the body, with the purpose of protecting you from feeling the emotion, pain or trauma. The body is extremely skilled at hiding things from us. So how do we get at these hidden issues to heal them? One method is sound healing.

Sound healing has been around for thousands of years. The Egyptians had sound healing temples. It is even speculated that they may have used sound to move the gigantic pieces of rock to create the pyramids. Sound is a very powerful medium. Many other cultures have used it as well, to bring healing to body, mind and spirit, and to connect with the spirit world.

Sound waves are able to easily move through the tissues of the body, even through our bones. The vibration is able to powerfully yet gently shake loose what is stuck and allow for free movement of flow in the body. It is effective whether the blockage is physical, mental, or emotional. I use crystal singing bowls to create this healing sound vibration during a healing session and also in meditations. This high vibration of sound helps the person to go into a deeply relaxed meditative state. From this deep state, the body is able to let go more easily without resistance or holding. The healing happens effortlessly. The old emotions that had been held so tightly begin to evaporate and melt away. There is also other skilled healing that is used in conjunction with the sound to facilitate the deepest healing, but right now we are focusing on sound healing.

The healing sound vibration is also effective in meditation, to help calm, center and relax, finding that blissful space within oneself. The sound gives a person a focal point to center their attention on, helping to block out all other sounds or distractions. It also helps to transcend the physical reality and reach other dimensions. Sound can be a conduit for accessing higher consciousness or connecting to spirit. It is extremely helpful for beginning meditators to use music or sound to assist them in quieting their mind and get to a deeper relaxed state without so much effort or frustration.

Pay attention to the effects that sound has on you. What emotions does it connect to? What music or sound helps you to release your stress and holding? What music helps you go escape your reality and go “someplace else”? How can you use this a a self-care practice? Find what works best for you and incorporate that into a daily routine. What resonates deep within you?

Blessings to you and your healing!




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