The Next Big Thing: 5 Steps to Living a Joyful, Expansive Life and Business

The Next Big Thing: 5 Steps to Living a Joyful, Expansive Life and Business by Shelley Riutta | #AspireMag

To grow your business to reach its highest potential, you need to grow yourself to your highest potential.

How big are you allowing yourself to be right now?   When I use the word “Big” I am meaning expansive.  Are you allowing yourself to go the outer limits of your capacity to expand right now?  Every moment new possibilities emerge for your life.   Possibilities that weren’t possible yesterday. 

Are you going to make the most of this expansion and expand yourself, or are you going to keep yourself in what is comfortable, familiar and safe?  That is the question being presented to you every moment of every day.  Will I expand, grow in this moment or will I operate in an old, familiar pattern.

When you live an expansive life, you get to move into your highest potential.   You get to manifest the fullness of who you came here to be.   In the fullness of who you came here to be, there is great joy. 

Here are the 5 Steps to Living a Joyful, Expansive Life

Step 1.  Listen to the whispers of the expansion that is wanting to happen in your life.  Do you open up to an expansion in your life with the first whispers arrive or do you wait until it is a loud, booming voice?  What are the current whispers telling you about your next expansion?  Are you willing to hear what they are?

Step 2. Take one step in the direction of the whisper of expansion.  It could be that you open space in your schedule to journal daily to open up to the energy of the expansion to be expressed and called forth.  Can you honor the whisper and take action on it with one small step.  What would that step be?  Write it down now.

Step 3.  Be willing to have faith and trust in the whisper.  Many people disregard or doubt their whispers.  They say “Oh, I could never do that?”  “That is too far out there, I can’t see how that would happen!” “I can’t do that, it would rock the boat”.

Build faith in the whisper.  It is the steady calm voice that gently guides you to be more of who you came here to be.

Step 4. Remind yourself that you are here to expand; you are here to reach to even higher levels in your life.  It is OK, to grow farther and faster than those around you.  Let it be OK that the people around you won’t understand what you are doing or maybe even question it.  I believe if everyone on the Planet was listening to and acting on his or her whispers, we would have a dramatically different world than we do right now.  One filled more with joy, love, authenticity, creativity and hope.

Step 5: Get support from a tribe who can hold space for you to go reach for the outer limits of your potential in your life and business.  You want to surround yourself with other “Expanders” who also are stretching themselves too.  Each persons expansion then supports the others expansion. I believe the energy field of those around us energetically impacts us.  There is a certain energy that “Expanders” have and a different kind of energy that “Contractors” have.  Surrounding yourself with “Expanders” will make it much easier for you to expand.

Now more than ever, we need people who are having the courage to listen to the whispers of the expansions they are being called to make.  Know that as you step forward courageously and expand you make it that much easier for those around you to expand too. 

Together we can learn to heed the call of the whispers that are meant to be guiding us all to create a more joyful, giving, creative, caring, inspiring world!


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