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Nature, MeditationBreathe in Nature.

I am “Spring Swooning” The newness of life brings me to a heart healing that I can’t describe. When I need healing, experiencing a difficulty, in pain, need clarity or come into balance, I go to nature. I want to share a new practice and why I have been enjoying this Spring.

We all need time out to center ourselves and take a deep breath, or two. 

When you feel stressed, pressured or stuck, give yourself permission to take time out and enjoy this simple meditation. It will restore your hope, bring new insight and help invigorate your breath.

Start by claiming a few moments as your own in a location of nature which you will not be disturbed. This is your Sanctuary.

… Sit in a comfortable position in a place where you will have at least ten minutes without interruption. Uncross your legs, let your feet gently rest on the Earths Floor, relax your arms and place your hands comfortably upon your lap. Allow your eyes to close slowly, relax the muscles in your face and begin to focus on your breath.

Breathe. Take in the breath of life. The source of your being. Exhale. Let go of carbon dioxide. Negative energy. And the upsets that sometimes take your breath away.

Breathe. Take in oxygen. And nutrients. And healing love. Exhale. Release the part of you that doesn’t want to breathe. That feels stuck in a confined place. That is afraid to embrace life. Repeat.

Everyone who was ever born came alive with their first breath. We all deserve to breathe. And breathe easily. It is our birth right. Oh, indeed it is! Relax into your breath… And know that your air flows freely. Like a gentle, easy breeze.

Sometimes things occur in life to bring dis-ease to our breathing ability. Asthma, allergies, or chronic illness call upon us to search our souls for its root causes, And to help ourselves heal by unraveling its mystery… and discovering the spiritual source of our despair as well as the physical triggers for our breathing issues.

As you relax with your breath, say to yourself with your mind:

I am a beautiful person. I deserve health, well-being, self compassion and love. 
I am a kind-hearted person. I deserve ease, gentleness and grace. 
I am one with nature, the universe and the divine…The breath of life is a gift. 
I breathe easily, fully and with joy!

Begin to return your focus to the present place and time. Gently move your body. 
As you return to awareness, take three deep cleansing breaths at your own pace and level of comfort. Allow your breath to return to normal and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

May the beauty of nature, a lover’s embrace, a perfect sunset, and many joys be the things that take your breath away… and only for a perfect moment! Breathing into the universe much love and joy to all.

Cindy Hively About Cindy Hively

Cindy Hively calls the Roanoke Valley in Virginia her home. She is surrounded by beautiful mountains that inspire and heal her every day. She worked twenty five years in a career she loved but had to quit work due to chronic illness. She is now on a Spiritual journey for healing the mind, body, spirit and heart and inviting others to join her along the way as she teaches and mentors how to live an Awakened Life as an Awakened Living Mentor and the Goddess Creatrix for her newest brand, In Her Fullness

Awakened Living means living in a constant awareness and flow. It is a relaxing into this life, where a growing peacefulness, patience and compassion for all of life are your truest essence. It is a healing journey through metta, meditation, mindfulness practices and self compassion. It’s the creation of being joyfully full within your sacred body vessel that you create to overflowing for yourself and others through the rhythms of nature and the mysteries of life.