The Miracles in Our Breath

Meditation on grassShallow and unconscious breathing blocks the door to REAL Beautiful living and being. It cuts off our communication to the divine universal intelligence that holds the magic and beauty of life itself within it. It makes sense, then, that we should breathe better, longer, deeper, and with more honor and reverence. When we breathe consciously instead of unconsciously, the universe will reach out to us.

In The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath, authors William Walker Atkinson and Lon Milo Duquette explain that the yogi “knows something about ‘prana,’ [the essence of our breath] of which his Western brother is ignorant, and he is fully aware of the nature and manner of handling that great principle of energy, and is fully informed as to its effect upon the human body and mind. He knows that by rhythmical breathing one may bring himself into harmonious vibration with nature, and aid in the unfoldment of his latent powers.”

Just Breathe…

The Secrets in Our Breath

The diaphragm, which enables our breathing, is sometimes called our “second heart,” according to Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa in his book Meditation as Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force. It is a secret gateway to immunity, health, healing, peace, a calm and balanced nervous system, the release of anger, fear, and pain, as well as a way to the bliss we all search for in life.

Practice this breath for eleven minutes daily for 40 days, and write down the positive changes you experience in your life. You will rewire your brain, and adjust the negative patterns of your life so that they vibrate at the level of miracles. The number eleven in numerology is considered a master number, and the vibrational energy within it brings perfect balance and connection to spirit. This breath exercise combines the power of many vibrational secrets. It will lift you up to the place where miracles live! Make it a sacred sadhana, a time you set aside daily to raise your vibrational energy higher.

Be sure to add the emotion of honor and reverence to bump up the power of this meditation below.  I will add the power of a sacred mantra to this exercise as well. A sacred mantra is one that has been intentionally imbued with a vibration chosen by a highly enlightened guru. The combination of the words and sounds in the mantra are like a magic code being unlocked inside the body, as it heals and empowers it in some way, because of its vibration. The vibration, meaning, and essence of these words can become one with our being when recited verbally in a sacred way.  This powerful and ancient practice is called japa, and is well-known to many spiritual masters, religions, and enlightened people across the world.


1. Sit in a comfortable position that allows your spine to form a straight line with the neck so prana can flow unobstructed.

2. Breathe in through your nose, a deep and full breath that expands your lungs fully for an eleven-second count.

3. Gently retain this breath inside you for eleven seconds (without pressure).

4. As you slowly let go of the breath for an eleven-second count, notice the warm tingle you feel inside your body in the moment you begin to exhale. Catch this warm feeling and send it to a specific place in your body, or all over your body as you continue to release the breath outside of you.

* Optional: practice maintaining the exhalation as long as you can beyond the end of the breath you exhale for eleven more seconds. Note: (Extending exhalation is not easy and requires much practice. If you choose this option, allow time and practice to get you there as you embrace what you are able to achieve in the moment).

5. Continue the same sequence (eleven-second inhale, 11-second retention, 11-second exhale, * optional: 11-second sustained exhalation) and when you feel ready, see the breath you take in as a white glowing and healing light that you can guide to any place in the body you wish to direct it.

6. Once you have mastered adding the above elements to the sequence, repeat this beautiful Miracle Mantra that follows silently as you  continue the breath steps in #5 to increase the vibrational power overall.

A Miracle Mantra

A sacred Gurbani Mantra:  Ang Sang Wahe Guru.

Pronounciation: Ung Sung Whaa Hey Guroo

Translation: “The miracle of God (the highest power), and the experience of God (the highest power), is within each and every fiber.”

This mantra is from Snatam Kaur’s album “Heart of the Universe,” and creates the vibrations of the highest power (miracles) inside every cell in your body.

 7. Repeat the eleven-second breath sequence (inhale for 11 seconds, see prana flowing as a white glowing light inside you, retain your breath and this light for 11 seconds, release and guide the warm tingle to a place in the body, and exhale for 11 seconds, * optional: retain exhalation for 11 seconds).

Repeat the sacred manta silently as you breathe.

8. Continue this sequence for eleven minutes

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  • Cindy Freeman

    I just listened to Mary Pritchard interviewing you where you talked about this. I can’t inhale for 11 seconds, no matter how slowly I inhale! Will it still be a help until I can work up to 11 seconds? And will I be able to if I continue practicing?