Miracle Messengers: How Your Feet Communicate Your Soul’s Wisdom

Feet, Communicate, SoulImagine walking along the beach when suddenly your toe starts speaking to you. While this might seem like a scene from a strange fairytale, your feet are always talking to you—sharing miraculous wisdom and guidance. Once you learn how to understand what they’re saying, you’ll receive incredible insights from your soles and your soul. With Chinese Reflexology, you’ll be able to hear the powerful messages of your feet, and I’d be delighted to be your sole translator—bad pun intended!

Why You Should Listen to Your Feet

Your feet have amazing wisdom to share with you. They can tell you about your health and vitality, and what’s going on in your body at an energy level even before anything shows up at the physical level. But that’s not all your feet have to say.

They can also bring awareness to emotional blocks and self-limiting patterns that hold you back from following your soul purpose. Your feet can teach you how to nurture and value yourself, tune into your true essence, and boldly share your voice with the world.

I know this sounds quite incredible. When I first learned of Chinese Reflexology many years ago, I was very skeptical. At the time, I was struggling with my health. I had been working for years in a career that I hated, and eventually my body couldn’t handle the stress any longer and it started to break down.

Fortunately, my boyfriend (now husband) told me about his Chinese Reflexologist. I remember thinking, Reflexology? Isn’t that where they rub your feet? How is that going to help me? With nothing to lose, I decided to try it for a month, and that decision completely transformed my life.

As I received Chinese Reflexology treatments, my health stabilized and I started feeling better. I was so amazed by the improvement in my health that I decided to learn how to practice this ancient healing art on myself. And so began my journey to learn as much as I could about Chinese Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and healing with the mind/body connection.

How It Works

Chinese Reflexology works a lot like acupuncture only without the needles. By massaging reflexology points on your feet, you can balance and harmonize your body’s energy meridians. Just like you have a circulatory system for blood, the energy meridians are pathways for circulating qi—your life force energy. The meridians run through your feet, and that’s how you’re able to access them through foot reflexology.

When qi is flowing smoothly and abundantly though the energy pathways, your body is in balance. But if the flow is disrupted, this can lead to physical problems over time. While qi can be affected by things like what you eat or drink, it can also be influenced by what you think and feel. And that’s how emotions impact your health—because they either help or hinder the flow of qi.

Chinese Reflexology points on your feet correspond to different areas of your body. When qi is out of balance in one area of your body, its corresponding reflexology point will be sensitive. Identifying sensitive points in your feet enables you to hear messages from your soul because your soul speaks through your body. Whenever you ignore your heart’s whisperings, your soul becomes more insistent in delivering messages to you. That’s why people often experience transformation after a health crisis. It’s because the physical scare shakes them up enough to make changes in their lives. That certainly was the case for me.

Rather than manifest physical illness to hear what your soul is calling you to do, you could simply listen to your feet first. They’ll tell you when and where you have an energetic imbalance, and these qi disharmonies are also a reflection of imbalances in your life.

So let’s go through the process of how to hear your feet with two powerful reflexology points: the throat and breast points. These two points are especially beneficial for women because they help you appreciate your own worth, nurture yourself first, and express your true brilliance so that you can follow your soul’s calling.

Breast Point


The Chinese Reflexology point for the breasts is a rectangular-shaped area on the tops of both of your feet. The breast point begins at the base of your toes and extends down by about a third to halfway down your foot. To massage this point, make a fist with your hand and use your knuckles to rub the area in an up and down motion—where up is toward your toes and down is away from your toes. If you feel any friction, apply a lubricant such as massage oil so that you don’t irritate the skin of your knuckles or your feet.

Massage the area for 30 seconds per foot, and take note if the point feels sensitive as you press on it. Sensitivity or pain is a sign that you’re not setting aside enough time for yourself. You may be putting everyone ahead of yourself—and your soul is telling you that it’s time for self-nurturing and self-love. When you fill yourself with love, then you are better able to uplift and support others.

This point is also very beneficial to massage each day for 30 seconds because it helps keep the qi flowing smoothly through your breasts. I had one reader write to say that after she massaged this point for several months, she had her first clear mammogram in years!

Throat Point


The throat point can tell you whether you’ve been suppressing your voice, and holding back on sharing your gifts with the world. If this point is sensitive—or if you get a lot of sore throats—you’ve probably been hearing this message from your soul for quite a number of years. It’s time to speak up!

You’ll find the throat point on the tops of your feet. It’s located at the tip of the webbing between your big and second toes. Use the knuckle of your index finger to press and twist into this point, and do this for about 30 seconds per foot. Massaging this point helps clear energy blocks in the throat, which can also help you speak up and share your brilliance with others.

Holly Tse About Holly Tse

Holly Tse is a former high-tech worker turned holistic healer, teacher, author, and Dragon Spirit Guide. She is the founder of ChineseFootReflexology.com, the premier English language website on Chinese Reflexology with readers from over 200 countries worldwide. Holly’s internationally bestselling book, Sole Guidance: Ancient Secrets of Chinese Reflexology to Heal the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit, was released by Hay House in 2016.