Meet our Sacred Sponsors and Team Inspiration Partners

I am honored to introduce you to an extraordinary group of heart-centered women who are shining their light, sharing their gifts and empowering others to thrive in every area of their lives. Each woman embraces the vision and mission of my brands of spreading love, wisdom and inspiration to women around the world. I invite you to learn more about our Sacred Sponsors and Team Inspiration Partners – by clicking the links below to learn more about the amazing work they are doing in the world.

Meet Our Sacred Sponsors and Friends

From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag
From our heart to yours! Claim your free gift today! #AspireMag

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Meet Team Inspiration

Meet Aspire Magazine’s heart-centered, collaborative support partners who are committed to sharing Aspire’s message of love, wisdom and inspiration. Are you a heart-centered, visionary business owner who embraces the feminine business principles of collaboration? Learn how you can join our no-cost Team Inspiration Joint Venture at

Lisa Marie Rosati

Visionary and Intuitive Lisa Marie Rosati  is a renowned Transformation Catalyst and Magical Mentor for women. She’s the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan™ and Sugar-Free Goddess™ and coauthor of the international best-selling books Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness, Embracing Your Authentic Self, In Pursuit of the Divine, and Success In Beauty. Lisa empowers spiritual women around the world on how to magically create an abundant life they love.

Shelley-Riutta Shelly Riutta, MSE, LPC

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC, is the founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, and creator of a 6-Figure Holistic Psychotherapy Practice. After experiencing great success with holistic techniques in her own practice, she launched the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching (GAHP) which supports Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners to learn more about holistic methods and develop their own 6-Figure Holistic Practices.

Stacey MartinoStacey Martino

Stacey Martino helps people who feel stuck, frustrated, and helpless with the challenges that relationship brings. Stacey firmly believes that it does not take two to tango! Her clients consistently prove that one person can transform a relationship! Through programs, events, and coaching for her Relationship Transformation System®, Stacey empowers you to create the unshakable love and unleashed passion that you really want, so you can be loved for your most authentic self!

ShelliSpeaksShelli Speaks

Shelli Speaks is an international prosperity coach, business mentor, radio host, Reiki/Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Tarot Reader and Energy Intuitive.

She combines all of her gifts, talents and abilities to clear the blocks, obstacles and stagnant energy that keeps you from creating a financial life that you love.

ElianaGiladEliana Gilad

Author, TEDx speaker, mentor and healing composer Eliana Gilad has dedicated her life to reviving the ancient feminine leadership practice of voice and rhythm as healing transformational tools. Her online products, mentoring and keynote presentations help change-makers find clarity, calm and courage to connect and express their authentic power.

Gina Silvestri

Gina Silvestri is a Master Intuitive Life Coach, International Talk Radio Host and Certified Reiki Practitioner. She leads tens of thousands of fans, followers and clients through her Live Your Lightest Transformation System, after naturally releasing 17 official medical diagnoses, 150 pounds of extra weight and tripling her disability income.

AmyBethObrienAmy Beth O’Brien

Amy Beth O’Brien, MS, is a Career and Life Story Coach. She specializes in helping women craft their ideal lives through her Three Acts to Starring in your own Life Story Program. She is a four-time, award-winning author of a relationship book, Certified Career Coach, Mind/Body yoga instructor, and scriptwriter.

Mal Duane

Mal Duane is certified Recovery Coach and is deeply involved with helping women free themselves from hidden suffering and shame to become awakened and deliberate creators of their own lives. In 2007, she built the Katherine Holly School in Mali, West Africa and is the Founder of “Holly’s Gift”, an educational assistance fund for women.

Mary Pritchard new Headshot 120x150Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC is the founder of the thriving “Awakening the Goddess Within” virtual community, a Body Image Expert, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, and a frequent contributor to Aspire and Bella Mia magazines. She is also coauthor of the international best-selling book Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness. Learn more at and download your free 4-part Self-love audio series and bonus worksheets.

Maryellen De Vine

Maryellen De Vine helps soul-centered women entrepreneurs break through the blocks and fears that hold them back from true success in their businesses. She helps them align with and honor their gifts, authenticity, sacred Feminine, and self-nurturing so they can thrive in their soul’s calling.


JessBarrettRev. Jess Barrett

Rev. Jess Barrett is an soul therapist, guiding women through exploration of the places inside themselves that feel disjointed and in shadow and aiding them as they bring these pieces home to create fully expressed lives. Author of Can Spiritual Women Say F#ck?, she is a well-known boundary buster.

ChristyWhitmanChristy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How To Be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!), CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy™, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program, and creator of the Enlightened Kid Program. Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 100,000 people a month and she has been seen on The Today Show, The Morning Show and The Marilyn Dennis Show in Canada.

lorrainecohenLorraine Cohen

As a life strategist, spiritual guide, inspirational speaker, and charismatic broadcast personality, I use my spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower clients to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self; to live life “awake and authentic and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningful.

Terri Britt

Terri Britt helps you BREAK THE GOOD GIRL RULES, so that you align with the Divine and open up to receive a life of peace, passion, playfulness and miracles. Terri is a former Miss USA, intuitive life coach, energetic healer, LOVE expert, and the award-winning author of “The Enlightened Mom.”

Kim Turcotte

Kim Turcotte, Online Biz Strategist and Implementation Expert, is committed to providing top-quality, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement products, programs and services that support coaches, healers, authors and other service-focused individuals to grow their online business. Kim’s goal is to empower you so you can empower others by teaching you how to effortlessly move from Inspiration to Implementation.


Lisa Rose

Lisa is a Dating and Relationship Coach for Juicy Women who want Juicy Lives!

She’s supported hundreds of women and couples to go from ‘happy but not hot’ to ‘I never knew it could be this good!

AlexaLintonAlexa Linton

A modern day cowgirl with a mission, Alexa is known for lighting up her world and her clients with her infectious personality, animal instincts and her secret sauce, the BodyTalk System. With over ten years of experience working with horses as an Equine Sport Therapist, as well as thousands of animals and people, Alexa has developed a healing style that gets straight to the heart of the matter. It is Alexa’s big mission to help women find their spark and truly live a life they love.

Deserie Valloreo

Deserie Valloreo is a Natural Health Advisor and Certified Clinical Herbalist. She is featured in over 200 instructional videos on natural remedies. Her company, Deserie’s HerbalWise Remedies & Advice is a global resource for education, advice, and purchase of natural remedies for health and home.

Debbi Dickinson

Debbi Dickinson understands the challenges of balancing work, home and time for you. She has developed techniques that integrate various aspects of her life so they work in harmony. Debbi coaches women to thrive where they are at; nurture their inner goddess and to step into a life of joy.

Michelle Meleo

Michelle has over 30 years in the spiritual biz and offers solid, result based services and advice to her clients. Her Production Company, Mind Trip Productions represents some of the top spiritual entrepreneurs, by assisting them with Audio, Video and Web Development.

 Debra Reble, PHdConsciously merging her practical tools as a licensed psychologist with her intuitive and spiritual gifts, Debra L. Reble, Ph.D. empowers women to connect with their hearts and live authentically through her transformational Soul-Hearted Living™ program and podcasts. Debra is the author of Soul-hearted Partnership and her new book, Being Love is scheduled for release in 2016. She is also a contributing author of Choosing Happiness and Cultivating Joy.

Crystal Andrus – The S.W.A.T. Institute

Crystal Andrus is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation, 3 time bestselling Hay House author and the founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)—a global online coaching program for women. The S.W.A.T. Institute is committed to empowering women around the world in all areas of life: Health, wealth, career, home, family, finances, love, sex, and spirit.

Teri Goetz

Teri Goetz helps stressed out high achieving women who are facing a life milestone like divorce or career change to take back their power and confidence, find balance and fall back in love with their lives.




Lorene Collier Purcy

Lorene Collier Purcy, known for a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for practical work/life solutions, and a competence for being a motivational leader. She is the CEO of SavvyChicksRule a personal development company for women.

Scout Wilkins

A wilderness guide, highly successful entrepreneur/coach, pilot, and mother, Scout Wilkins is an expert in courageous living. Scout is a bridge for powerful women who have hit a wall. She reconnects them with their true self, releasing their unconscious programming. Doubt becomes laughable, and fear will not stop them.

Nancy Kerner

Nancy is an author, speaker, teacher, inspirational leader, and creator of Vision Dancer Productions which hosts International Women’s Events. Nancy enjoys living in the Hawaiian Islands. She is the author of The Power of Sexy Relationships: How to Live Your Passions, and Embrace Your Purpose. Learn more at

Lisa Michaels

Celebrated elemental wisdom teacher, Lisa Michaels helps you ignite your divine feminine power of prosperity through Nature. Recognized by Hay House Publishing as a Mover & Shaker, Lisa assists you in creating more personal and professional success in her products, workshops, facilitator and coach trainings. Unlock your ability to thrive, today.


Susun Weed

SUSUN WEED is one of America’s best-known authorities on herbal medicine and complementary integrative approaches to women’s health. Author of the best-selling Wise Woman Herbal Series, including: Down There Sexual and Reproductive Health, New Menopausal Years, Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, The Childbearing Year, and Healing Wise the Wise Woman Way.

Kristi Ling

Kristi Ling is a happiness and success catalyst working to help others create joy and realize a dream life. She’s a speaker, writer, and empowerment coach who leads seminars, offers online courses, and works with individuals and groups on creating a firm foundation for lasting happiness, balance, and success.


Jan Deelstra

Realizing that true social change begins within, author Jan Deelstra’s calling is helping others on the journey to empowerment. Deelstra has championed diverse populations for over twenty-five years. Most notably, she is the author of: Blessings in the Mire; Escaping the Chrysalis; Shadows Attached; and The Flying Game.

Jodi Chapman

Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How an Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reconnect with My Soul; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her husband, Dan Teck.


Sherry Gaba, LCSW and Life Coach

Sherry was the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab on VH1 and is the author of the award-winning book, The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery and writes for Deepak Chopra’s INTENT Blog, BeliefNet,and Everyday Health. Sign up for Sherry’s Life in Balance Newsletter at

Gabrielle Marie Loomis

Named after the great archangel, Gabrielle Marie Loomis is a Messenger for the modern day woman. Her belief in the power of a woman’s spirit along with her own personal journey of radical transformation has empowered hundreds of women to awaken their true potential and step into their brilliance.

Rev. Elvia Nina Roe

Rev. Nina Roe, Founder of, discovered her angels after leaving her high-powered corporate career to be home with her children. She is passionate about teaching angel communication and offers a variety of products and services for earth angels inspired to learn how the angels can transform lives with love..

Keira Wetherup Brown

After developing a health condition that left her with limited medical options Keira began her quest to piece together a wellness path that would create optimum health in her life. Her passion is sharing her knowledge with women through coaching and advocacy. Keira inspires women to reclaim health, joy, and grace in their lives.

Shann Vander Leek

Shann Vander Leek is a Transformation Goddess, lifelong media expert, best selling author, celebrated podcaster and voice over talent. She produces the Divine Feminine Spotlight and co-hosts the award winning Anxiety Slayer Podcast. Shann loves to teach women to walk in beauty with the strength, courage and pleasure of reclaiming their feminine sovereignty.

Sylvie Olivier & Angie Arciero

Sylvie & Angie are two visionary leaders who spread and infuse the Essence of Gratitude around the world uplifting women to live enhanced health, wealth and enriched relationships through transformative products and services. By consciously cultivating heart-based Gratitude, we express our full potential to live our life to the fullest.

Laura Schwalm Anthony

Laura Schwalm Anthony is a modern day spiritualist. She heals and balances the body, mind and spirit through Holistic and Spiritual practices and principals. Laura has over 17 years of experience as a psychic healer, incorporating psychic readings, Spiritual Response Technique, and nutritional balancing are just a few modalities which Laura offers in her company Pure Energy Healer.

Michelle Casto, The Destiny Doctor

Michelle Casto is The Destiny Doctor, Life/ Business Coach who empowers you to build a purposeful and prosperous Business that allows you the fun, freedom and fulfillment that your heart desires. She is a prolific writer and teacher applying soul alignment techniques to empower you to live your Destiny..

Lynda Monk

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC inspires and teaches women how to write and reflect for wisdom and well-being. Lynda is the author of Life Source Writing: A Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity, as well as a Creative Wellness Guided Meditations CD.

Dr. Alice Chan

Alice Chan, Ph.D., a former award-winning Cornell professor and seasoned business consultant, is an inspirational author, speaker and coach. After a near-death experience in December 2008, she awakened to her mission in life, which is to inspire and help you self-empower to live passionately and joyfully in love and grace.

Kathryn Michels

Kate Michels leads with a commitment to people living a life of choice based upon the premise that miracles happen every day. Certified in N.L.P. Coaching, Solution Focused Coaching, Life Blueprint Technology, Transformational Training and Hypnotherapy her process has a wealth of resources including more than 250 strategies that encourage true and lasting change.

Kim Gillespie

Kim Gillespie is a Life Purpose Coach.

Kim’s Passion is to help Inspired Women Visionaries discover their Unique Gifts, Talents and Life Purpose, so they can create a Fabulous, Meaningful and Abundant Life, Career or Business that is aligned with who they really are and lets their soul sing.

Tina van Leuven

Tina van Leuven founded InnerDelight with the vision of being a catalyst and initiator for global transformation by empowering as many people as possible to experience the joy from awakening their inner light. Tina is a conduit for the Divine, as a channel for her grace and joy.

Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley is a former foodaholic, shopaholic and workaholic, turned FUNaholic. She is the founder of Fierce Fabulous and Free, where she helps heart-based entrepreneurs design one-of-a-kind businesses and a life of adventure…all while making massive impact. Nisha travels the world, while running a successful practice, and takes delight in taking women on incredible adventures to help them design a business and lifestyle that they love.

Casey Kerr

Casey Kerr, founder of *Find Your ROAR* & creator of the *Energetic Footprint ™* whose business achieved phenomenal growth (2800%) in 2011 is fast becoming one of the most highly sought-after Intuitive Business Coaches to women healers & business owners worldwide, teaching clients to release internal blocks to abundance, attract clients & increase profits.

Carolyn McGee

Life Coach and Reiki Master, Carolyn McGee loves helping people to discover the joy of self-belief. Working in partnership with the angels to assist others to uncover their true passion, connect with inner radiance, take back power, create balance in life and follow the path of their life purpose.

Kim Sarrasin

Kim Sarrasin is known as The Queen of Hearts and has one mission in life; To heal the hearts of women worldwide and end your suffering with men. With a high 87% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim would love YOU to be her next success story!

Jennifer Longmore

As an internationally-acclaimed radio host, healer, speaker, and best-selling author, Jennifer is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how to do the same..

Teri Williams

Teri Williams, The Bliss Lady, is a social media consultant, author, producer, radio host, philanthropist, and spiritual adviser who empowers others with tools designed for their unique needs. Her high energy and uplifting spirit is contagious, catch it today!.

Ananga Sivyer

Ananga is passionate about helping people overcome stress and anxiety and create a life with room for contemplation and personal growth. Drawing from over 20 years experience in personal development skills she creates articles, podcasts and supportive relaxation audio for Anxiety Slayer and her own website: Living by Design.

Linda Joy

Living her soul’s purpose, Inspirational Publisher, Speaker and Conscious Entrepreneur Linda Joy is dedicated to inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic and inspired lives. She is a passionate advocate for leading, encouraging and inspiring women to rediscover and reconnect with their inner wisdom while providing them with the tips, tools and inspiration to do so.

Dr. Caron Goode

Proclaimed as the “compassionate counselor and coach,” Dr. Caron Goode, founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents, sees into the heart of the matter and transforms overwhelm into clarity, focus, and action. Caron delivers high-impact training and customized HeartWise™ strategies for coaches & authors.

Know Soul’s Language

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She also founded a new paradigm of divine guidance — Know Soul’s Language. This new way of understanding how the Soul expresses itself, helps you create a deep and profound connection with yourself and the Divine.

Monica Shah

I’m also passionate about guiding women through the process of leaving corporate to start their own companies. Leaving corporate was the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself. I’m happy to be the Sherpa who guides newbies to the other side – safely and profitably..

Linda Pestana

Grief facilitator and spiritual coach Linda Pestana, has added a new book to her repertoire. “Voices of the Heart”, the story promises to make readers laugh and cry as they savor stories of the incredible journey she’s taken through life thus far. Linda received her masters degree in creation spirituality from Holy Names College in Oakland.

Jen Hoy

Jen Hoy uses a progressive model for an East-West approach to integrative healing, which includes holistic nutrition, Eastern diagnosis, energy psychology and spiritual coaching. Jen has 2 decades in the field of food, healing and energy psychology. She writes for the New York Times Company about whole foods healing..

Michele McGrew

Michele McGrew of Wake Up Goddess is a spiritual business coach teaching heart-centered metaphysical practitioners to fill their practices with clients they LOVE. Blending spirituality and good, solid business skills, Michele helps divine feminine entrepreneurs create abundant businesses so they can increase their impact and their income by marketing their services with integrity!

Whole-Life Success Expert Stacey Hall

Author, ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All’ and co-Author, ‘Attracting Perfect Customers…The Power of Strategic Synchronicity’; Radio Show Host ‘AromaWellness in the Palm of Your Hand; Licensed Spiritual Healer; Certified Natural Therapies Coach, Certified Raindrop Technique Practitioner..

Maisen Mosley

Spirited Lady Living is my dream to help people deal with the peer and media pressure to be perfect. This a safe place for all to come and find support, resources, guides, coaching and whatever else may be needed to recover from eating disorders, body image and self esteem issues. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy life..

Inspired Living Publishing, LLC

At Inspired Living Publishing we are dedicated to giving ALL women a voice and a venue to bring their stories, wisdom and insights to life and to the world by providing both traditional and non-traditional publishing opportunities. Our “Wisdom for Women” inspirational eBook series accepts stories from women around the world (at no cost).


Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom, founded by Kris Steinnes, offers programs for women on personal growth and transformation. Through women’s spirituality, creativity and community support, WOW honors the Divine Feminine in all. Every February in Seattle since 1993 WOW’s annual conference inspires to empower women’s voices and their contributions to the world.

Cathleen O’Connor

Cathleen O’Connor, aka The Balance Whisperer, is a keynote speaker, entrepreneurial business coach and author of The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary (Adams Media, 2010). Cathleen loves to inspire other women to act on their most cherished dreams and create balanced lives of joy, love, fulfillment and success.

Dr. Kelley A. Taylor

Dr. Kelley has a diverse background in holistic healing. A successful Chiropractor, Reiki Master and IET Master, Dr. Kelley focuses her energies on helping people through change, transition and crisis, as well as teaching others to tap into their inner healer to navigate the road of life.

Val Olson, MA, LPE, CPCC

Val Olson, MA, LPE, CPCC is a mentor, author, speaker and trainer. She is founder of The Val Olson Company, an educational and coaching company focused on helping entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners build highly profitable creative enterprises by focusing on the “5 Domains of Creative Business Success”.

Judy Ann Foster

Judy Ann Foster, Founder of Women’s Wisdom since 1991. Women’s Wisdom provides a global virtual community to encourage women to come together in support and collaboration. She is the recipient of the “Women Changing the World Award” and a contributing author in “A Joyful, Juicy Life”.

Mary Allen aka Life Coach Mary

Mary Allen, CPCC, MCC is America’s Inner Peace Coach, author of The Power of Inner Choice and host of Conversations with the Masters. Her clients include transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, and a couple billionaires. She helps “conscious achievers” awaken to greater everyday inner peace, as they realize their inspired goals.

Kandi Phillips

Kandi Phillips is the founder of Awaken Your Space; where harmonious living comes alive with Interior Design, Feng Shui and Organizing. Also, founder of the Live Your Intention books, workshops, and tele-seminars. Kandi understands the challenges others face in creating a space of balance and owning the power of intention.

Michelle_Leath_120x150Michelle Leath

A dynamic speaker and Certified Food Psychology Coach, Michelle shows women how to release unwanted weight and eating habits, break free of dieting & and deprivation, and build a relationship with food and their bodies that truly nourishes and supports them in creating a life of possibility, pleasure and purpose.


Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili’s passion is to reach millions thru the award winning syndicated “Dr. Pat Show” and creator of Transformation Talk Radio Network and TV. Dr. Pat brings a fun, fresh, and enlightening perspective to talk radio. Live life full out with this award winning, author, speaker, consultant and success coach..

Kate Beeders

Kate helps solopreneurs make more money FAST! She was a featured speaker for the 2011 Tapping World Summit, with over 300,000 listeners worldwide. Kate was acknowledged in a New York Times & Hay House author’s book about the Laws of Attraction. Her radio show, “Tapping to Success” interviews internationally known experts.

Beth Budesheim

Take a journey with me to experience more of your radiance.

An Intuitive Guide, Artist and Healing Practitioner, Beth’s gift and joy is in seeing, observing and painting the Light and Great Mystery within everything (including YOU!) and by doing so turning up it’s volume, supporting it’s potential and fuller expression..

Sherri Carter, MS

Sherri is an author, speaker, and facilitator. Combining her Masters in Counseling with her strong intuitive nature, she provides Spiritual Counseling in a way that enlightens and empowers. She is the first to write exclusively about The Law of Action, in her book, Live Your Intentions, The Power of Action.

Eliza Ceci

Eliza Ceci is a holistic health & self care coach. She is a passionate advocate for women’s reproductive rights through natural birthing, conscious conception, radical self love and teaching our daughters about true beauty – inside and out. Join her at:


Margaret L. Good, CGA

Best-selling author, coach and speaker Margaret L. Good has transformed lives by showing people that success and living abundantly is not difficult when you learn simple life altering principles. As an accountant for 29 years, Margaret’s ability to point out what your true gifts can quickly help you live your dream life.

Amy Lundberg

Amy Lundberg is fondly known as The Ultimate Mom’s Self Care Advocate and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. With four small children and a wife to a loving and supportive husband she has taken her own challenges and experiences as well as her education to help women balance family, business, personal health and their ENERGY successfully!

Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is a color intuitive, jewelry designer, psychic artist and creator of the uniquely revealing ColorScope. She has been featured globally in print and online magazines, is a regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia, and is the award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires..

Pat Hastings

Pat Hastings, Author of Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Live in Spiritual Power & Transform Your Life, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and Radio Talk Show Host. Pat is highly skilled in leading people inward on a journey toward self- acceptance, self-love, forgiveness, healing and freedom..

Irina Wardas

Irina Wardas is the founder of Natural Photography Spa and Natural, both companies dedicated to helping women get healthier and happier naturally. She is also a certified holistic health coach and host/producer of a popular holistic health talk radio show for midlife women “Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina”.

Laurie Barraco

Laurie has been assisting clients with their spiritual growth for the past 10 years professionally. She is the owner of a metaphysical/spiritual center in Fort Myers, Florida called The Mystical Moon, where she works with people one on one, giving spiritual advice and guidance.

Karen Hager

Karen Hager

Known for her compassionate no-nonsense intuitive guidance, intuitive guide Karen Hager works privately with clients and teaches classes on intuitive development, abundance, healing, and much more. She’s the host of the twice-weekly “Out of the Fog” radio show, which brings compelling interviews with spiritual teachers to an international audience.

IMG_2479_edit1Lena Ski

*Hostess of SuperNova Podcast

*SuperNova Marketing Coach

*Used to carry a media pass


*Ignites authentic experiences

Carolyn-McGee copyCarolyn McGee

Carolyn McGee is a master intuitive who combines angel communication, color therapy, channeling and energy work. She specializes in helping you to uncover your true passion, connect with your inner radiance and follow the path of your life purpose.

She brings clarity to uncertainty and is skilled at seeing the big picture from the pieces of the puzzle. She helps women identify and transcend patterns that don’t support them to overcome adversity and/or loss and start living the life of their dreams.

JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple_HIRES_croppedJulia McCutchen

Julia McCutchen is an author, intuitive mentor, and the founder and creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW).

Following a successful career as a publisher of spiritual, personal development and lifestyle books (Element and Random House) she experienced a life-changing accident which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. She subsequently left the world of publishing to prioritize exploring the deepest mystery of conscious and creative truth.