Life Hassle vs. Life Problem: Why You Need to Know the Difference

“All of the water in the world cannot drown you unless it gets inside of you.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I find this quote very thought provoking and undeniably true …

It’s a powerful metaphor to use for life, it teaches us that whatever drama you might be experiencing; whether it’s financial, life, personal or work stress… let it be around you and not inside of you.

A life hassle, once put in proper perspective, is simply an inconvenient circumstance… nothing more and nothing less. No one likes being inconvenienced, right? But alas, inconvenience is a fact of life, so it inevitably happens to us all. As a Divine Feminine Leader in charge of your life, you get to choose your response to it!
I want to share with you a powerful statement that changed my life in one second flat. A mentor of mine once taught me that things that go wrong in life are hassles not problems. He went on to say, “Things that go not according to plan is simply a hassle, cancer…well…cancer is a problem”.

WOW- If that statement wasn’t a cosmic two by four slapping some sense into me!

That one statement redefined EVERY thought process that took place in my head in the past and it shined the light of wisdom onto every future thought process that I will have. There’s a huge difference between hassles and problems and it’s really imperative to your happiness level and energetic vibration to discern between the two of them when issues arise.

Think about the way you define the word problemis it a problem when the dishwasher breaks down or the car doesn’t start? Those aren’t problems, they’re hassles. Annoying, disruptive and inconvenient hassles. Once you let the negative thought pattern in and allow the hassle to consume your thoughts and mental outlook (mood), it will block your ability to feel joy and peace.

The key to coping is to know that all feelings pass, good or bad. Nothing stays the same. People can tend to get, as I like to call it “hooked on a feeling”, which is the tendency to get sucked into a funk because life has not gone according to plan.

Ask yourself this question and be completely honest with yourself:

When something goes wrong in your life do you tend to sink deeply into it believing that it will never change, never get better or work out? Does the worry consume you and cause you to shut down emotionally, become mentally foggy, irritated or miss doing other scheduled tasks?
Did you know that when you allow those negative feelings to reside in your mind and use phrases such as “I’m so depressed” or “This is hopeless” or “I can’t catch a break” you create a self-fulfilling  prophecy that will keep you in the vicious cycle of things continuing to go wrong! This type of negative thought pattern does absolutely nothing to help your situation.

What you’re unconsciously doing is focusing all of your potential brilliance on what’s not going well or what’s wrong with your life, therefore attracting more of the same to yourself! Instead, a beneficial mindset to put into practice would be, when you’re faced with an unfavorable circumstance in life, immediately start to think of possible solutions to counter, contain or fix the hassle or problem. Concentrating solely on solutions redirects your mind into a pro-active state and keeps the “victim mentality” suppressed. They cannot be active at the same time. One mindset is working and the other is sleeping. Let your inner victim sleep, she’s useless and a total drag!

Incessant worry or wallowing in self-pity is a complete waste of your time. Directing your Powerful & Intuitive Feminine Energy into moving yourself and the hassle/problem forward is not only productive but completely EMPOWERING too!  When you are operating from a place of solutions, you vibrate at a higher, more elevated frequency. What you put out into the universe you get back in return , so inevitably the universe will match your energetic vibration and mirror it back to you! Try adding this tool as a practice into your life. Through daily practice you can retrain your mind to think higher thoughts.

Remember that old habits are difficult to break, so keep creating new pro-active thoughts to crowd out the useless, negative ones and you will soon reap positive results.

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