Let Your Light Shine

Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual for many. It’s a time for clearing, cleaning, releasing what is no longer useful, opening windows and letting in the beautiful light. It’s a fresh start. This very physical activity has important lessons we can apply to our own spiritual growth. Imagine how freeing it would be to clean out the emotional and mental dust bunnies, releasing thoughts and behaviors which only serve to clutter and distract. The deeper you clear, the more space you create to fill with what you love. Here are some strategies to help you commit to a spiritual spring cleaning. Get ready to shine your light into the dark crevices, clearing out what hinders you.

Create awareness about any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your authentic life. Take inventory about why you don’t already have this desired outcome. Many times, we don’t enjoy creating awareness around what doesn’t work for us. We confuse this with the fear of giving energy to it and making something true. By not creating awareness around old, outdated, worn out, limiting beliefs, they are allowed to run rampant, unchecked. Instead, see creating awareness as an opportunity to change what is keeping you from living your intentions. Be willing and daring to shine your light into the darkness to uncover what is holding you back, what no longer supports the direction you want to move. At the same time, cultivate awareness about your strengths, what does uplift and support. Move into gratitude for limiting beliefs, which at one time did serve you, even if they were a form of protection in the past. At same time be in gratitude for new, expansive beliefs that move you into new possibilities. Gratitude helps you to be gentle with yourself during this cleansing process.

Reframe ideas of limitation into new beliefs. Rather than running from or ignoring your negative thoughts, realize that these self-perceived negative thoughts are a symptom of a deeper, root issue. By acknowledging them, learning from them, you allow them to reveal to you what your Spirit is really asking for. The most important question you can ask, and answer, is “what does my Spirit need?” By realizing negative thoughts aren’t the problem, only a symptom, and by exploring what your Spirit needs, you no longer need to be fearful of or ignore negative thoughts. Once again, listening doesn’t “make them true” or “give them energy”, ignoring them is what creates more discomfort!

Releasing is part of reframing. As you challenge old beliefs, release them in favor for new beliefs, ones which move you towards a new, more desirable experience. Release the emotional connection to limiting ideas and experiences. This includes releasing guilt, anger, frustration, shame, or any other emotion which only serves to diminish you. Too many times we want to hold onto these emotions for fear of releasing what another did. Releasing doesn’t make them right, but rather, sets you free. This creates more space to nurture your Spirit and to be who you are meant to be.

Be aware of your emotional space. Expand you idea of sacred space. A physical sacred space, such as a meditation corner, gives us a quiet safe haven to recharge our inner sacredness. Instead of limiting this to a physical space, make this space portable by realizing YOU are sacred. Everywhere you are becomes a sacred space worth honoring. Set healthy boundaries around this space. Only allow what supports your vision and desired experience. This can include emotional ties to physical objects. Just as you assess whether or not certain thoughts and behaviors are worthy of your sacred space, use this same discernment to determine if certain physical possessions are worthy as well. Look around. What items in your physical space create joy, love, and happiness? Which do not? Why are you holding onto certain items? Weight the emotional weight of keeping something versus releasing it. Be aware of how you are spending your energetic currency in saying yes and no. Are you making responsible use of saying yes to what you love and to what supports you and your dreams? Commit to nurturing only those relationships and circumstances that uplift, inspire, and support you. Even if you have to be in a non-supportive situation, you can choose how much emotional attachment you give.

By shining your light into the darkness, clearing out what is holding you back, your light can now shine brighter in all you do! Don’t stop at mentally and emotionally moving into what is possible; put the power of focused action to work. Spiritual spring cleaning isn’t a one time process. It is the conscious decision each day, in every moment, to remove the clutter of limitations and to live for your possibilities. Open the doors to your soul! DO what inspires you, what uplifts you, what creates a greater expansion of love and life. Soar into new possibilities, empowered to live your intentions in all you do!

About Sherri Delozier Carter

Sherri Carter, MS, the cutting edge author of Live Your Intentions, The Power of Action, is the first to write exclusively about the Universal Law of Action. She has been published on Huffington Post, Associated Content, interviewed on Unity.fm and has a regular column in The Rising Magazine. For more information, please visit www.liveyourintentions.net.

  • kerri

    Excellent common sense thinking. Sherri Carter dares us to realize that for all the time we spend looking or thinking the negative, we can take action and do just the opposite. It is a daily process that is very liberating and empowering! Get rid of the clutter!