An Introduction to the Natural Laws of the Universe

Law, UniverseThe vastness of the universe is filled with many wonders that are all interconnected and governed by natural laws, which keep the universe functioning in smooth, organized, forward motion. These natural laws include both physical laws dealing with scientific studies and spiritual laws, which deal with spirituality, vibrational energy, and consciousness. We are each affected and governed by these natural laws, which are not independent of one another, but work together in harmony. In fact, we are an integral part of the universe and are interconnected to everything else within it. In Believe and Receive I am focusing on the spiritual aspects of natural laws and how you, as a spiritual being that is part of this universal energy, can use these laws to help you along your path.

Spiritually, you are one with all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. You are a fundamental part of the universe, of time and space, connected to its all knowing consciousness, its energy, and intricate workings where physical reality is created. You will feel this connection at a soul level once you develop deeper connections with the essential universal laws and apply them to your daily life.

Are you tapped into your universal power? Do you remember the natural laws of the universe at a soul level? Do you feel at one with everything within the universe? Sometimes we all need reminders to get back to our core connection to all that is. It is my hope that Believe and Receive will serve as a reminder and a catalyst to reawaken your memory on a soul level. The universe wants you to get everything you ever wanted and obtain your heart’s desires. The natural laws keep the universe functioning, making sure it has everything it needs to work, from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy. Learning to use the natural laws will help you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted in life. When you’re in harmony, balanced, and clear on your path; when you know the truth of the laws and of yourself, then you can obtain everything you seek. The universe isn’t going to simply hand you success on a silver platter though, it takes work on your part, but if you truly want something, and are willing to work with positive intention toward your goal, then you will achieve your desired results in time.

There may be times, even though you’re trying your hardest, that it seems like you’re not having success, which can be frustrating or irritating. If you feel like this is happening to you, consider using a slightly different approach or give what you’re doing more time to come to fruition. Sometimes what you’re trying to achieve may not be in your best interest at that particular moment in your life. Don’t think you’re doing something wrong, you’re probably doing everything correctly, but the time isn’t right for what you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes you may have to put what you’re reaching for on the back burner and let it go for a while to come back to it at another time. And that’s perfectly okay.

© 2017. Melissa Alvarez. Excerpt from Believe and Receive: Use the 40 Laws of Nature to Attain Your Deepest Desires. With permission. Llewellyn Publishing.

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