Inspire More Passion & Energy into Your Life with Creativity

creativityIs life wearing you down? Turn to the creative arts as a way to channel negative energy into inspired action. In my work as a licensed psychotherapist, I learned how expressive art therapy decreases anxiety, depression, distracts from pain, processes grief and trauma. In addition to these mental health benefits, creativity helps you manifest your goals. Art works well in overwhelming situations, in which you have difficulty putting your thoughts and feelings into words.

Why creativity works well with empaths and HSP’s

Creativity works well with empaths and highly sensitive people because it gives you an outlet for all of the energy you absorb. The bombardment of stimuli from other people, places and things takes a toll and drains you. For this reason many sensitive people repress or push feelings away from themselves. What gets repressed gets expressed as illness and pain. The regular use of art transforms and releases fatigue into passion and energy for your own life. 

Creativity serves as a form of grounding. When you are in the present moment while writing, singing or dancing you connect to mind, body and spirit. Art is perfect for sensitive souls because it creates a space for you to process your own feelings internally and discharge the excess energy into an external form. It is the perfect vehicle for self-expression and acceptance. The gift is you are left with who you truly are.

Creativity is good for your mental health

Art encourages flexibility and increases problem solving skills which is a good prescription for mental health. The more open and flexible you can be outside of the creative process the better you will cope with life. Creativity makes connections which help your brain with cognitive processing, concentration and memory. You gain hidden knowledge about yourself, which leads to more authentic expressions.

Expressive art therapy within psychotherapy uses both parts of your brain. You access the right hemisphere of the brain anytime you engage in creativity. It is here that you connect with imagination, spiritual journeys and being in the moment. The left hemisphere of the brain is logical, which is active as you describe the problem or situation. This is what talk therapy is all about. Many of our modern day problems require more than logical reasoning. When you combine the best of both worlds, you create solutions that work.  

Art holds the space for transformation to take place

There are many benefits to using creative arts. You are in control of how much you express, when and how. If it gets to be too much, put it aside. You decide when to re-enter the work. I say to all of my writing coaching clients the page does not judge you and neither do I. The page, paper or room where art is created, holds the space for you, as a therapist does in a psychotherapy session. For this reason, your creativity is a safe place for healing.

Art is play

Adults often get hung up on the word “play.” Some people feel silly or awkward being creative and have told me it feels childish. Isn’t is good to go back to a time when play was fun? Play is important for everyone, not just kids. If you need to call it another word, go ahead but do not give up on the concept. It is okay as an adult to have fun, in fact it helps you relax, let go and become open to new possibilities.

When you are mindful in a creative activity you experience a sense of timelessness or an expanded sense of time. You ask yourself, where did the time go? These are the moments a true Divine connection has taken place and the most healing happens. You come back to this moment and time renewed and refreshed! Art refills a helper’s cup and rejuvenates your energy by re-connecting you to your own spirit.

How to do it

Expressive art can be simple. Some examples are creating a collage from a pile of pictures, painting or writing a poem. Creativity is not for a special select few, it is for everyone. The fact you are alive shows you have used problem solving and intuition to make it this far in life. Trust in your innate creative self.

The good news is there are no rules. There is no right or wrong way to be creative. After all, how can self-expression be wrong? Creativity reveals who we are at a soul level; a unique expression of the Divine.

Let go, express, release

In order to receive, you have to relax and release. Art allows you to surrender control. Many of the problems you face in life are due to resistance. As you let go of fear, magical solutions appear.

The creative process is fun and healing. Whether you are feeling stressed, working through life’s issues or in need of therapy, art can help. When words cannot fully express your problem, pick up a paint brush, draw a picture, write a poem or sing a song. In letting go you will not only receive more energy but also inspired action to move yourself forward.

Lisa Hutchison About Lisa Hutchison

Lisa Hutchison is a licensed psychotherapist, working for empathic healers who get drained after helping others refill and recharge their energy. As a writing coach, Lisa works with writers who want to get their message heard and increase their visibility. Lisa's writing is published in 2 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Visit her website at

  • Yes art is play and when we can make play our work we all share our art to the world. Wow i love this post especially as i am getting right back into my creativity and my art- thank you xxx

    • Lisa Hutchison

      I love that my work, like yours Suzie, involves creativity. There are many times the work is effortless and fun. You are welcome. xx

  • Sherry VanAntwerp

    I’ve never considered myself “good” at art. I’m Probably because I struggled to get a good grade in art class. We really all should embrace whatever creativity we have!

    • Lisa Hutchison

      Yes, Sherry we are all creative! Often as children we take on false beliefs about our creativity which limit us. As a Divine expression, we are so much more than we think.

  • Barb Parcells

    I don’t know how I’d make it through life, or even through the day, without my writing and my creativity!

    • Lisa Hutchison

      Me either Barb! I am grateful for the gift of creativity.

  • Cindy

    This is a wonderful article, Lisa. Thank you for sharing your insights and pearls of wisdom. “Art” is helping me to heal and grieve the loss of my oldest son. It is connecting ‘me’ to the ‘me’ that is unable to verbalize emotions.

    • Lisa Hutchison

      Thank you Cindy and you are welcome. Art also helped me grieve the loss of my Mom. There is so much that you can’t put into words after a sudden death. Thanks for being an inspiration for others!

  • Patricia Raga-Young

    Such a great article Lisa! it is so true, creativity is very grounding and it serves as an outlet for all of the energy we absorb as highly sensitive people! and most of all, it’s fun! thanks for sharing your gifts! <3

    • Lisa Hutchison

      Thank you Patricia and you are welcome! I use creativity every day to boost and release energy.