Your Inner Voice: Friend or Foe?

Inner VoiceWe all have that voice inside of us that speaks up from time to time.  Sometimes that voice is a reinforcement on a decision we may have made and sometimes that voice is telling us some cold hard truth we might not want to hear.  

How we ‘hear’ what that internal voice is saying, and how it’s saying it, makes a big difference on how we view ourselves.  Often times we fall into a deep space of judgment and it creates very negative emotions that are damaging to our opinion of ourselves and how we perceive our self-worth.

The following questions will help you identify the relationship you have with your inner voice and help you recognize that it is possible to work together and create positive results and good feelings towards your decisions:


  • I constantly second guess my decisions and choices.
  • I tend to compare myself to others and feel as though they are better than me.
  • Right as I am about to make a decision or start something new, my inner voice says something that causes me to pause or not take action at all.
  • Looking at the here and now (being present in the moment) is difficult for me.
  • I worry all the time that I’ve made a wrong decision or bad choice.
  • I recognize that my inner voice has my best interest at heart and wants to keep me safe
  • With some topics the voice is much louder than other topics (such as relationships, money etc,).
  • I notice when my inner voice is speaking to me and can take a moment to collect myself before falling into a negative reaction.
  • I treat my inner voice as a fun loving sidekick/friend and take what it’s saying ‘with a grain of salt’.
  • It’s easy for me to tone down or ignore what my inner voice is saying and make a decision that I feel good about.  

We can all use a little help when it comes to building a relationship with our inner voice that serves us in the most powerful way possible.  I would love to connect with you to talk about ways you can strengthen the relationship with your inner voice and put it to work for you as you continue with your journey and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams. 

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