The Importance of Joy for Empaths

Joy, EmpathEver since I was a child, I’ve been acutely aware of people’s fears, insecurities, and pain stronger than other energies. This super power has its benefits.

It brings about greater compassion, for I can not only see but can also feel the underlying pain underneath someone’s actions. Even if they don’t notice it, I do. It’s also quite helpful in my work as an energy healer. I can see the underlying blocks and emotions holding someone back. I can feel what shadow emotions want to be seen, loved and healed.

Like most super powers, it’s also sometimes hard to deal with. It can be hard for me to not get sucked into these emotions, either from others near me or from the collective at large.

I recently had an akashic records reading done for me. I asked about things like how to heal from my illnesses and how to feel lighter about being here on earth at such a dark time. I also wanted to know how, as a lightworker who has memories of life in spirit form, can I deal with the feelings of missing my true “home” and feeling so out of place here.

While I received a lot of answers that make sense to me, what I want to share with you today was the idea that I can consciously decide to live from a place of joy. Sure, being here on earth is hard for those of us who are so sensitive. It’s hard for those of us who have memories of where we come from. It’s hard for us who feel the pain of the world as our own.

What can make this journey easier and much more enjoyable is to focus on the joy. Focus on the beautiful earth we are here to co-create. I can choose to focus on the light, love and joy. And while I do often focus on light and love – I often skip the joy part.

I spent this afternoon listening to some uplifting music with a great dance beat. Dancing and singing. This brings me great, joy!

What activities bring you joy? How can you incorporate more of them into your life?

We don’t have to fight our super-power of feeling the pain of others. After all we have this ability for a reason. But we can nurture ourselves so we don’t have to feel it as our own. We can choose to bring more joy into our lives.

I’m going to start by making a list of what brings me joy. Wanna join me? I’d love to hear what you have on your list.

Hedy MacDonald About Hedy MacDonald

Hedy MacDonald is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and energy healer helping women on a spiritual path create more ease, flow and trust in their soul’s journey. She is described by her clients as utterly connected to the divine, a natural and powerful healer, and gentle sage.

Helping people more fully align with their higher selves and awaken to their divinity is Hedy’s passion. She helps women understand their limiting beliefs with such love and compassion for where they are, that they feel truly heard, understood and ready to shine their light with confidence.

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