How to Create Powerful Springtime Altars and Sacred Spaces

Photo credit: Seja Esancy www.etsy.comshopTheVelvetLotus

Photo credit: Seja Esancy

I was born and raised in New York, so I’ve always had the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons. Being a nature child, I developed a meaningful relationship with each season over the years, and for most of my life my favorite season was spring. As an avid gardener, I was in absolute heaven when life began to stir on Earth Mama after the winters freeze. Still to this day, each year around late February, I mindfully listen for birds chirping outside my window in the early morning. That cheerful sound heralds in the spring for me. Once I hear the birds chirping each morning for a full week in a row, I know spring’s arrival is right around the corner.

In contrast, summer has always been a major bitch for me since I have a hard time tolerating excessive heat and humidity (especially humidity – uugh… melting, flushed and sticky Lisa… trust me when I say – it’s not a good look). I’m also seriously crabby in excessive heat and humidity too – just ask my children and Big Mike, they will verify that statement. It aggravates my dominant Pitta dosha!

These days I appreciate all four seasons for they each hold their gifts, lessons and transformational magic. However, since I’m at my Goddess best in temperate climate, spring and fall are my absolute favorites!  But I digress; I’m supposed to be talking about spring.

Part of living the Goddess Lifestyle is following nature and bringing all of Her natural beauty and magic into your life. I harness that magic and power by creating powerful intentions, altars and sacred spaces by design.

Spring is magically about rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, planting seeds, and the promise of new things to come. So your life transformation work, altars and sacred spaces should reflect what those words mean to you. I invite you to be creative and think symbolically – Magic is an Art – Create it in your Vision. There are no rules when making your magical and sacred creations, allow your intuition to guide you!

Below are some suggestions on how you can call the magic of spring into your life and living spaces.

Magical Life Transformation Work:

Theme: Renewal, rebirth, breaking inertia, new beginnings, potential and possibility. What’s possible for your life.

Personal Power Focus:  Putting energy into creating and producing, balancing your nerves in order to better flow with life, cultivating self-confidence and self-reliance, looking for new and fresh opportunities.

Health Focus: Liver detox and gentle body cleanses.

Adorn Your Altars and Sacred Spaces:

Colors: Springtime colors; bright colors and pastels – especially spring green!

Candles: Always. YES please and lots of them! *Use fireproof vessels and never leave your lit candles unattended*

Flowers: daffodil, dandelion, hyacinth, Easter lily, tulip, pansies, apple and cherry blossoms, lilac

Gemstones and Crystals: Ocean Jasper (joy and positive vibrations), Lemon Quartz (creativity and prosperity) , Sunstone (increases personal power of attraction), Ruby Zoisite (rebirth), Moss Agate (growth and feretility), Peridot (joyful energy) .

Divine Feminine (Goddess):  Ostara, Eostre, Aphrodite, Venus, Kali, Persephone, Bast, Flora, Freja

Sacred Masculine (God): the Green Man, Cernunnos, Lugh, Freyr

Nature Spirits: Plant Fairies

Animals: Lambs, chicks and babies of all kind!

Springtime is the perfect time to decorate eggs (eggs are a sacred symbol of death and rebirth), work on creating balance in all areas of your life, sprout seeds or plant a garden, charge water under the Full Moon or collect rain water to create holy water and magical floor washes, cultivate friendships, look for fresh opportunities, commune with the plant fairies, awaken your Spirit, look for rainbows after soft springtime rains, and witness nature sprouting all around you.  

This springtime I invite you to tap into your Goddess essence and do whatever it takes to rejuvenate your soul. May your spring be filled with beauty, magic and all the things you desire. And so it is.

Photo credit: Seja Esancy http://www.etsy.comshopTheVelvetLotus



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