How Strong is Your Emotional Intelligence: The Extraordinary Power of the Essence of Gratitude

Have you ever been curious about your emotional intelligence? This is a term we are hearing more and more and it seems like there is something powerful there, isn’t it?

But first, don’t you think we have to become aware of our emotions? Lots of people are living their life without making the connection between how they feel in their body and their emotions… I do remember when I used to block myself out of my emotions because what I was feeling was too painful.

At the age of 20, I was pregnant with my first child and I was SO happy… the first person with whom I shared the good news was my mother and she was thrilled to become a grandmother! She was sharing the good news with everyone she would meet… But two weeks later, she died from a heart attack. I lost her in a minute… I was devastated; I felt so alone… … It was so important to me to have her presence in my life at this special time and learn more from her about the joy of motherhood. I was going downhill into exhaustion because I wasn’t feeding myself, I wasn’t resting and I was crying all the time. The doctors told me that if I was to continue this way, I would lose my child too.

Well, I learned how to live without feeling my pain. Every night when I was going to bed, I placed a wall around me, so I couldn’t feel the pain anymore and I could sleep… After all, I felt I had to do it! I didn’t want to lose my child on top of my mother!

I started to behave in a way that wasn’t matching my real state of being… I was smiling and receiving people at home and doing everything a newly married and pregnant woman would do. And little by little, I became totally numbed. I was acting like everything was fine, I was helping my father and my brother the best I could, I was taking care of my home the best I could, but I was becoming more and more detached from my inner being. I lived my life this way for a couple of years… Of course I also had happy thoughts and joyful feelings but there was something hidden so far inside of myself and I didn’t want to let it come to the surface because I didn’t know how it would blow up.

So the Universe had a plan for me… the Universe wanted me to feel all the range of emotions so several years later my husband asked for divorce! Oh my God! What the heck did I have to live! PAIN again!!!

Emotional Awareness

But this time, I dove into it and I became emotionally aware; I allowed myself to cry and to feel the loneliness; I felt betrayed and angry; I was so sad! That was the first step of my healing. I could now feel the sensations in my body and make the link with a particular emotion… that was hard at first but so relieving! I began to live my life from a more authentic way… I was able to tell my friends and my family that I wasn’t feeling good at all!

Emotional Intelligence

When I was totally aware of my emotions and I was feeling them profoundly, I had to go deeper again to reach a point where I could transform my emotional awareness into emotional intelligence.

For those of you who already read my book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude, you know the story about the power of a smile when I was told that my daughter had about 6 to 7 hours to live. Because I was now emotionally aware, I was profoundly feeling fear, despair and hopelessness… and at this turning point in my life, I accessed emotional intelligence by going from the lowest emotions in the emotional scale to the top of it with GRATITUDE! The smile of a perfect stranger when I was at my lowest totally transformed the way I was feeling… I felt Gratitude in a liquid form flowing into my body… I felt hopeful again and so grateful.

I felt solid in my body, peaceful in my mind and grateful in my heart! What a blessing!

What I call now the Essence of Gratitude is my platform to walk my path… does it mean that I never feel angry, fearful or worried? NO! I am still a human! But I have access to the whole range of emotions whenever I need them to express what I feel… and I come back to my grateful state of being that is the platform from which I choose to live my life and to walk my path.

Isn’t wonderful? Wouldn’t you love to feel this way? Wouldn’t you love to discover the Path to Pure Joy, Unlimited Abundance and a Profound Love for Life? This is the power of the Essence of Gratitude!

Emotional Awareness and Emotional Intelligence Exercise

I invite you to discover your emotional awareness and strengthen your own emotional intelligence using this simple exercise called “Think about what you are grateful for.”

To achieve this, you must first think about things you don’t like right now… okay, now notice your posture, your breathing, your mood… it is not really fun right? Now, think about what you are grateful for… notice how you feel right now… your posture, your breathing, your mood… how do you feel now? Do you feel tingling inside… are you filled with a feeling of excitement?

The vibration of Gratitude creates energy, peace and joy! By practicing Gratitude, it will shape your destiny like you wouldn’t ever have imagined because Gratitude is being in a state of non-resistance… it is being in a state of wonder and appreciation of Life!

Live in Gratitude!

Sylvie Olivier About Sylvie Olivier

Sylvie Olivier is a Bioenergetics Specialist and the author of the book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude. Through her signature process, she activates people’s Golden Hearts and melts away fears to heal health, wealth and relationships issues in order to create Golden Heart Abundance for everyone.She is also a Certified Dream Coach® to help you create and live a Dream Come True Life!You can download her FREE Infusion of Gratitude audio Meditation at