HEAL: Health, Enlightenment, Abundance, Love

Healing is the process of allowing your own creations to dissolve and be replaced by a deeper truth. We can consider the word heal an acronym that defines the major aspects of what we want in life. HEAL stands for

The HEAL acronym summarizes all the areas where we would like to experience healing and improvement in our lives. Most people think of healing in relation to health, but healing applies in a broad sense to all four areas, each of which requires expanding your capacity to receive your soul and your true self.

To accomplish our highest goals, we must be open to receiving them,  which necessitates releasing all resistance around them. Areas not open to  receiving your inner soul presence are those where you find struggle,  suffering, confusion, and lack. All of these present blocks to fulfillment, and  all of them are calling on you for release and clearing.

The Key to Receiving

Lack in any of the four arenas — health, enlightenment, abundance, and love — stems from resistance to receiving. We develop resistance as we grow up and observe the experiences of ourselves and others. In most cases, however, we never consider that the source of feeling blocked or having lack in any area of our lives may lie within. It seems natural to project the causes outside ourselves, yet the nature of the inner resistance to receiving is the real cause.

The Heart of the Matter

 To begin the soul-healing process, it’s crucial to open the heart center, which is the gateway to clearing the blocks and resistance impeding your progress. Once these blocks are cleared, you’ll be open to receive the gifts and abundant blessings of the soul. In this respect, the heart center also serves as the most easily accessed portal to the soul and the deep, core essence of your being.

You can begin this process right now by putting your attention on your soul center in the center of your chest and requesting to tune in to, connect with, and  sense the presence of the highest enlightened awareness of your soul. Try resting one of your hands over the center of your chest as you hold the desire and intention to connect with your spiritual heart and soul. This is the doorway to your real self and a deeper reality than what you’re normally aware of with your five senses. Say to yourself, “I feel my soul deeply in my heart.” Repeat this affirmation several times each time intending to deepen into the experience. You’ll notice that usually in less than a minute or two you’ll feel more calm and centered.

A key to healing and arriving at where you want to be is through allowing what you’ve created to be dissolved by the love and presence of the soul. By keeping your attention on your soul connection say to yourself, “I surrender and release all need for lack.” As you repeat the phrase a few times keep deepening into the release and opening to receive the gifts the soul brings. Your willingness to surrender and let go of any form of resistance opens the door to receiving. Like anything in life it takes practice to refine this process, so don’t be put off if you don’t experience all the results you want immediately. The more you practice this simple process the more it will work for you.

Healing and clearing the path to an awakened and enlightened life is the art  of learning to bring the presence of the soul into the struggle or the lack that  covers the deep love and truth that’s within. You accomplish this through a  process of merging every aspect of who you think you are with the soul, in  order to experience who you really are.

You’ve made requests; now allow yourself to receive the gifts. When you make a request, the answer is automatic. Relief comes in the form of peace and soulful presence. Your request naturally brings a clearing away of the issue, which is followed by a wonderful state of peacefulness.

About Receiving Deep-Soul Healing

 In the soul-solution process we approach the clearing process in two ways, both of which are important. The first way involves identifying something that needs transforming. This is important because we usually only release and clear what we identify; identifying and describing memories, beliefs, conclusions, and the issue or pain offers a starting place. Then we take it a step further. The second part of this clearing process is surrender, which allows you to open to, receive, and embrace a purification through merging with the light of the  soul.

Jonathan Parker About Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker is the author of The Soul Solution. He is a spiritual counselor with more than 30 years of experience teaching energy healing and enlightenment. The founder of Quantum Quests International, Inc., he is the creator of one of the largest libraries of personal growth audio recordings with over 10 million copies sold worldwide He lives in Oak View, CA. Visit him online at www.JonathanParker.org