Gratitude: An Imposed Behavior or a Blissful State of Being?

Transform your life with the magnificent power of the Essence of Gratitude

You certainly remember when you were a child and you have been taught to say “thank you” in an automatic way or sometimes, in an obligated way. And you didn’t like it! Not at all! Nobody likes to have obligations. We want to have the freedom to express our thanks whenever we want it and in the best appropriate ways for us.

You may have also been taught by religious institutions that it was bad to want more and that you absolutely needed to be grateful for what you already had; and that you were lucky to have what you had and that there were poor people who had nothing. Understand me well here, I don’t mean we have to become insensitive to these people. I just say that we interpreted the real meaning and power of Gratitude in a dysfunctional way.

No wonder why we meet so much resistance and confusion when we talk about Gratitude! We are all mixed-up! We hear great teachers, philosophers and researchers talking about Gratitude, but instantaneously, at a subconscious level, we say NO… and we repel the knowledge and teachings that are coming our way.

 The first feelings that often come in people’s mind and body in reference to Gratitude are resentment, anger and guilt; and “I am done with this obligation now! I don’t want this in my life anymore!”

 And I can understand that… our first experiences with Gratitude have not been really fun and this mental program still runs the show! That was an imposed behavior that we have been taught out of good will from our parents and society.

 Now, we have the power to change this and really grasp, at a much deeper level, the real meaning and power of Gratitude. Are you with me?

 … a blissful state of being? Can this really be true?

 Well, in 1995, I experienced it in my mind, body and soul at the deepest level. My daughter was between life and death; I won’t go in every detail because I already wrote the story in my book Gratitude in Action – Actions of Gratitude. But at that time, when I was feeling completely helpless and hopeless, the smile of a stranger transformed EVERYTHING! At that precise moment, I was infused with the Essence of Gratitude. I felt its power in all my body, in every cell of my being. It was as if a kind of “liquid” form was flowing into my veins. I immediately stopped crying and I went from feeling hopeless to hopeful, from desperate to completely calm and serene. It was a profound knowing inside of me saying… “That’s okay… it’s going to be alright.”

I was in a blissful state of being and I can imagine what it looked like from the outside!  There was a woman in total despair, crying all the tears of her body, suddenly transforming herself and becoming calm, with a blissful smile on her face. It was probably really, really weird, but I did not care. I was REALLY in a blissful state of being! I could have danced with people in the hospital’s corridor you know? By chance, I didn’t do it.

Even though my visible and physical circumstances were not yet changed, I had a profound knowing that this Essence of Gratitude… this kind of “liquid” form that I was feeling in my veins was the cause of this major shift in my awareness.

Later on, I asked myself… what happened to me? That event led me to research and study the power of this magnificent vibration that I call the Essence of Gratitude.

That was one of the most dramatic events of my life and also one of the most transformative events that I had to date; but from that event, I found my purpose and my mission; or should I say that my purpose was revealed to me. It took me several years to grasp and integrate the full potential of all of this; and now, I am experiencing the effects of this magnificent vibration in every single moment of my life.

I see its effects and its beauty in everything I see through my eyes, in every day that I live, because it had touched me so profoundly and it had transformed who I was so I can now be the instrument of that Essence of Gratitude and serve the world in every possible ways that I can. And THIS is blissful and magical!

Being grateful helped me to live full out and to experience a deep sense of joy and purpose. I invite you to breathe deeply… inhale Love and exhale Gratitude… inhale Gratitude and exhale Love… over and over again and YOU will begin to feel this blissful feeling!

 Live in Gratitude!

Sylvie Olivier About Sylvie Olivier

Sylvie Olivier is a Bioenergetics Specialist and the author of the book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude. Through her signature process, she activates people’s Golden Hearts and melts away fears to heal health, wealth and relationships issues in order to create Golden Heart Abundance for everyone.She is also a Certified Dream Coach® to help you create and live a Dream Come True Life!You can download her FREE Infusion of Gratitude audio Meditation at