How My Family’s Lice Adventure Turned into a Lesson in Compassion

CompassionWell, let’s just say last weekend was even more adventure than I expected!  My family was excited to join 8 other families from school on a weekend camping and canoeing trip.

We expected to have some new experiences in nature as we navigated the Wisconsin River and found an island to set up camp, but didn’t expect lice to be a part of the weekend.

When we began to caravan to a weekend camping trip, I discovered my third daughter Avery had lice.  Yikes!  This was a first time experience for us and I wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Immediately I was struck by the opportunity to provide compassion to her because she was sad when her sisters wanted to stay clear of her.  This was a chance to accept what happened and talk to her about how it’s not her fault.  

Have you ever experienced a situation with your child where they are feeling different or isolated?  Doesn’t it provide you a great opportunity to show them that you can understand how they feel and also accept and love them just as they are?

As we returned home from camping on Sunday I eagerly called my friend Bonnie from 2 Live Moms to get treatment for Avery.

Little did I know that when our whole family was checked, all 5 of us girls would have it!  I was struck by the sense that we all felt connection and compassion for each other.  


How you feel about a situation depends on what thoughts you choose to focus on.  I could have thought about the hassle it was to have lice and focused on the work of washing sheets or the money spent to remove it.  

But instead, the experience of connecting with Bonnie ended up being such a joy. I was happy to give business to my friend, felt so appreciative of her help and we had an amazing conversation about the journey of entrepreneurship too.

I also received a chance to show compassion and connection with my girls.  This is a choice that I could make.  Which I did. And it felt so good.  

I’m curious what situation in your life could feel better if you shifted the way you thought about it?  How could you feel even more appreciative or connected?


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