Grab a cup of tea, light a candle, turn on your speakers and get ready to be inspired! “I’m honored to bring you inspiring stories of Extraordinary Women. Intimate one-on-one conversations with women from every walk of life. This heart-centered project brings you the essence of each woman through her intimate story of transformation. Women just like you, who openly share the fears and obstacles they’ve overcome; the lessons they’ve learned, and the personal journey that led them to the transformational work they share with the world. My intent is to inspire YOU to believe that YOU are part of this circle of Extraordinary Women! “ -Linda Joy

Stacey Martino 120x150 Stacey_Curnow_400x540 Boni Lonnsburry
Lisa Marie Rosati Stacey Martino Stacey Curnow Boni Lonnsburry
Mary Pritchard new Headshot 120x150 LauraClark Extraordinary Woman, Mal Duane
Dr. Mary E. Pritchard
 Laura P. Clark Shann Vander Leek Mal Duane
163_P_N_P_112010-_JMY3296 Shelley Lundquist Dr. Debra Reble , soul-hearted living KellyAnnSchaefer
Peggy Nolan Shelley Lundquist Dr. Debra Reble Kellyann Schaefer
JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple_HIRES_cropped Kim_Crystal_120x150
Kristi Ling Lisa Michaels Julia McCutchen Kim Turcotte



WendyVdP-w-background-2 Shelley-Riutta
Saskia Röell Wendy Van de Poll Lisa Tener Shelley Riutta
Stacy Corrigan Rev. Nina Roe Michelle Phillips Linda Pestana
Amy Beth O’Brien Amy Yawnick Cheryl Maloney Sherri Gaba


Kate Michels Amethyst Wyldfyre Amy O’Connor Louise Rouse
Kathleen Sims Sue Landis Tuck Self Pat Hastings

Catrice Jackson Genevieve Kohn Janet Nestor  Terri  Britt
 Sylvie Olivier Nancy Kerner Kristine Carlson  Veronique Desaulniers
large-1 Stacey Murphy_120x150 Headshot  kelley-grimes_213w 
Maryellen De Vine  Stacey Murphy Jami Hearn Kelley Grimes