Exploring the Natural Laws of the Universe

Universe, lawWhen you consider the natural laws of the Universe the first one that comes to mind for most people is the Law of Attraction because it is the most popular and well known of the laws. But it isn’t the only one. Natural laws are available to us at any time of the day or night whenever we need them. You can choose to work with one specific law to help in your spiritual growth or you can call on them in different situations to help you.

It is important to remember that these laws are a gift from the Universe to you. As a gift, you should be thankful for their assistance by using the Law of Gratitude. Showing your appreciation for their help means to ask for the law’s assistance instead of demanding it. Connecting to the natural laws enables you to grow spiritually by seeking the truth of situations and allowing you to make the best of them, even if they are difficult lessons to learn. They can help you attain balance at a soul level and reach a higher level of understanding of yourself as a spiritual being. Using the natural laws also brings clarity to your interactions with others so you can look at their actions from different perspectives, which also enables you to see how your actions are affecting the situation too. This is the Law of Clarity, which also gives you a clearer picture of your path and spiritual purpose.

You can attain your deepest desires by using the natural laws of the Universe with positivity, purpose, and with a humble, down to earth attitude. Doing so can elevate your frequency to a higher level that is in connection with the Divine, which brings more harmony to your life. Setting goals and then striving to reach those goals is necessary when you’re trying to attain your desires. I always suggest you start with The Law of Action. This law means that you must take action to achieve what you desire. It would be easy to just state your desires and then sit back and wait for them to manifest but this approach usually doesn’t work. Taking action by making a plan and sticking with it makes it easier for the law to work for you. If you want to become an equestrian but you never get in the saddle, then you’ll never become one. If you want to get a new car but you’re not saving money for the down payment, then that new car will remain elusive. But if you climb into the saddle you’re taking action that will allow you to fulfill your dream of becoming an equestrian. If you start saving money, even if it’s only a little, then every penny saved gets you that much closer to achieving a new car. It would be awesome if the Universe just handed us everything we wanted on a silver platter but that doesn’t usually happen. Granted there are times when it seems that what you want just appears in your life, and in those times, gratitude for that desire being fulfilled so quickly, is imperative. Hard work through positive intention will bring what you want to you faster than if you take no action at all.

Sometimes, we take action and it seems as if we’re never going to get what we’re seeking. The Universe doesn’t always work on our time table. In fact, it can move at what we feel is a snail’s pace. This is because we live in a time of instant gratification, when we want what we want now and we don’t want to wait for it. This is where the Law of Patience comes into play. There is always a lesson to learn along the way and sometimes that lesson is patience. You may think you’re doing something wrong in the way you’re using the laws. If you feel like this, try doing something different to reach the same goal. Be patient, and after a while, if it still seems unreachable or that your actions aren’t getting results, then consider it might not be in your best interest to have it right now. Try putting it out of your mind for a while and you just might be surprised to find it shows up when you are least expecting it.

Another law that I find to be especially helpful is the Law of Sacrifice. Many times we have to let go of something in order to receive more. If your life is filled to overflowing and there’s no room for something new to come to you, then it will have difficulty showing up. This is why I recommend that you release what is no longer serving your greater good every so often. To do this, think of the things that you’re doing that aren’t adding positivity to your life. Can you let go of any of them? If you can, you’ll feel the weight of that project, situation, or person lifted from your frequency. You’ll notice that your energy feels lighter because it’s vibrating at a higher level. Once you let go of what isn’t beneficial to you, now there is room for more abundance, joy, and happiness, and the things you’re trying to achieve, to come to you.

The Law of Faith means to believe it to receive it. If you have doubts about what you want or are trying to achieve, then you’re slamming on the brakes instead of pressing the gas pedal. Believe you deserve what you’re trying to attain and know the Universe wants you to have it. Have faith that it will come to you when the time is right and be ready to receive it when it does. The natural laws of the Universe will help you achieve what you want and to helps fulfill your true spiritual purpose as you become more in tune with your soul essence. Embrace them today to thrive in their positivity.

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