Embracing the Universal Law of Purpose to Find and Live Your Life Purpose

Universal law, PurposeIt’s a common belief that what you do in life is your purpose. The way you’re perceived by others, the toys you’re able to gather, and the success you achieve in your job. While all of these are results achieved by fulfilling secondary purposes, they’re not what ultimately defines your principal purpose.  Each of us has distinctive qualities, gifts, and aptitudes that helps us express our soul purpose in unique and creative ways. In expressing our purpose and living our lives with purpose, we draw the things we desire in life to us.

Is living life with purpose equivalent to our spiritual purpose? They are different because one is external and the other internal. When you live your life with purpose you are confident that the things you want in life will become yours. This confidence, along with your aspiration to reach goals, is what will propel you to achieve what you want. It is your inner drive and desire. Your spiritual purpose is the reason for your existence. What is the most basic, primary purpose for your existence on the physical plane? It is to reconnect with and awaken to the genuineness of your spiritual being, listen to the guidance that comes from your core energy within, and to realize you are a Divine being while experiencing life in a physical form in a physical world.

Being focused on external things like making money, garnering attention for yourself, or the things you accumulate in your life can keep you from recognizing your true purpose which is internal. Look past the external to see into your soul. Be courageous and confident as you pursue your spiritual purpose because sometimes your purpose may not be something that is globally accepted. Part of my spiritual purpose is to teach others about their psychic abilities, the paranormal, and spirituality. These themes are not globally accepted as scientific fact even though they exist. My path hasn’t been easy, but it has always been fulfilling to know that I’ve helped someone in some small way by shedding light on experiences they’ve had but didn’t know how to define.

You’ll encounter many people in life who will either knowingly or unknowingly help you fulfill your primary purpose. These people may be teachers, employers, friends, neighbors, even strangers you encounter in your daily activities. You may not even realize it but you may also be helping them fulfill their purpose while they’re helping you to fulfill yours. This also goes back to the Law of Divine Oneness in that we’re all part of the whole and the whole works together. It’s important to live in the moment of each day so that when these helpers, teachers, and guides appear you recognize them for who and what they are.

When you give up your happiness in order to do what someone expects of you, then you are no longer fulfilling your soul’s purpose. When this happens you may feel unfulfilled, like something is missing inside. Day after day you go through the motions; you may feel overwhelmed, easily frustrated, and anxious. By reconnecting with your soul essence and primary purpose your happiness will return. You’ll wake up each day excited about the strides you’ll make and the delight you’ll feel in what you’re doing. There is a sense of satisfaction associated with following your spiritual purpose.

© 2017. Melissa Alvarez. Excerpt from Believe and Receive: Use the 40 Laws of Nature to Attain Your Deepest Desires. With permission. Llewellyn Publishing.

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