Embrace Your Truth & Power as a RēL Woman

Are You a RēL Woman?

How to Be Even MORE of Your Beautiful Self in Business and Life    

It was early in my professional career that I met Mary.  She was the VP of Human Resources responsible for a large hospital system in the metropolis of Salt Lake City, UT and I was new to HR management and totally new to the healthcare industry.  I had much to learn and once a month I had the honor of driving from my small town hospital and working with Mary.  We, along with many others were navigating the complexity of 9 hospitals being purchased by the largest private hospital system in our nation at the time. Bringing us all onto one focus and vision was a beast of a project.

My time with Mary gave me some of the best personal and professional development in my career, as she was one of the only women mentors I had.  Mary taught me much more than HR law and practice, she taught me to be an authentic woman.  She did this by showing me how to be powerful and soft, to be strong and open hearted.  Mary didn’t march to anybody else’s drum and she was a unique and beautiful being to behold.  Often I would find myself just watching her grace and strength as she handled high powered executives in very stressful situations.  Never once allowing herself to be viewed as anything other than a Woman (with a capital W).  Mary saw me and treated me as an equal Woman.  I knew I was not yet a Woman, but that is exactly what I desired to be.  Her example planted a desire within me that I chased, cultivated, nurtured and grew into what I now call a RēL Woman.  A Radically Engaged Living Woman.

First let me introduce you to your RēL Woman. 

You, beautiful, are a RēL Woman just waiting to shine.  A RēL Woman is a different kind of woman. . . she lives deeply connected to her heart, loves BIG and follows her passions with courage.  She nurtures deep meaningful relationships with others and delights in mentoring and teaching what she has learned.  She is religious about her self-care, she knows that receiving care first is what gives her the ability to give fully to the world.  She speaks truth and takes responsibility for doing her inner work in order to fully show up in her outer life as her beautiful radiant self.  She faces her fears and challenges herself to live and love even bigger than is comfortable.  Those in relationship with her know she is special and cannot be contained.  They may not understand her, however they honor her in the best way they can.  She knows she is rare.  She is patient with those she loves.  Living, working with and being in friendship with a RēL Woman is like magic.  She will challenge you and hold a vision for you that may scare you.  She will not judge you – rather she will support you in removing obstacles to live even bigger than believed possible. 

RēL Women are in the thick of business while working toward the highest quality life possible.  We are courageous women who are not willing to settle for anything less than everything we desire.  WHY?  Because deep inside we know that our desires are possible.  And we don’t give up.  We are a force to behold. 

YES! You are this woman.

A RēL Woman doesn’t seek to be content. 

Have you ever felt that what you want is just outside your reach? Maybe you feel that way right now.  I spent most of my life feeling as if what I desired was just outside my reach.  Feeling that I was “almost there”—Almost experiencing who I desired to be and what I really desired to do. Knowing I didn’t have the keys, the tools to really know how to get what I deeply desired kept me searching and working to figure it out!   

For years people close to me would say “why can’t you just be content?” Well, content was NEVER my goal.  I never desired to be average and knew I was far from “normal” so the thought of striving or desiring to be content was like asking me to give up on the life of my dreams and just settle for whatever I got.  I knew that when I was living the life of my dreams I wouldn’t be content.  I would instead feel adored and supported in a loving relationship.  I would feel accomplished and deeply passionate about the work I was sharing with the world and radiant and vibrant in my body and energy level.  I would be making an impact and my efforts and life would make a difference.  This life I dreamed of has kept me searching and doing my work.  It is from the experiences and knowledge I gained that I created the work that I share with you now. 

A RēL Woman is not willing to settle! 

Here is what I know . . . whatever frustration you’re experiencing in your business or your life—right now—I know that one year from today, you would prefer not to be in the exact same place. 

I also know those voices that keep you in doubt.  To everyone else it looks like you’re rocking it.  On the inside though, there is this gnawing little feeling telling you that you’re not moving fast enough, despite working long and hard.  You may even feel you don’t have the resources you need to really make it happen.  And even if you did have all that, you just don’t seem to have the energy to sustain it all.  It can be exhausting!

So I ask you . . . In one year’s time, would you like to see significant changes, in both your business and your life? 

It really doesn’t have to be this hard.  And it definitely doesn’t have to take a year.  Here’s the deal.  You my dear are smart.  AND If you could have done it alone, you would have. Trust me . . . Nothing’s wrong with you.  There are just so many things that you don’t know — you don’t know about getting past your current situation  . . . to be able to move onto where you want to be.

The way to achieve all you want is to follow a proven path to creating the results you want: with expert guidance.  Through my business life I dedicated 16+ years to my corporate career and later became an Entrepreneur serving hundreds of clients through my coaching.  I have boiled down the critical 4 components of being able to continue to create the life and business you dream about while sustaining the robust foundation that you have created for yourself.  

Here is what I discovered. 

It takes 4 main components to really gain the traction to leverage a business or a career and to significantly up-level the quality of your life. 

Let me tell you a bit more about each one of these 4 key components.  Once you see the value of each one, creating your own plan to more fully engage in your life becomes a priority.  

I believe that you are a catalyst . . .
that you are here to create positive change in our world.

It all begins with a decision . . . Your decision to say YES to a different future. And once you make this commitment  . . . YOU change the course of your life.  Both professionally and personally, what previously seemed so far out of reach now begins to materialize in your life.  It’s really that easy. 

All it takes is to take that first step, in courage and belief in yourself.  When you show up in your life with self-awareness, a success mindset, a clear strategy and surround yourself with a supportive tribe everything moves in sync and the flow of opportunity and life is like a beautifully orchestrated dance. 

So, what are the 4 key components to really gain the traction and leverage in business and to significantly up-level the quality of your life?    

  1. Self-Awareness: The consciousness to really understand what makes you tick . . . what you really desire.  What brings you deep joy and the awareness of how to align your desires with your unique and individual integrity . . . your truth.

  1. Mindset: Knowing the proven perspective to open yourself (which in turn opens your life experiences and opportunities) to possibility.  This information we are NOT taught through our schools and society.  It is deep . . . complex and IMPERATIVE to living Radically Engaged. 

  1. Strategy: The tools to create an action plan to get you from where you are to where you desire to be.  Structure to create a strong unshakable foundation and processes and systems to keep it running once you create it. 

  1. Tribe: The right people around you to help you achieve your dreams as well as sustain your new level. The people around us play such a key role in our ability to sustain our new way of living.  If you don’t have it now . . . it’s time to create it!

In the next installment of my column series, Living a Radically Engaged Life™ we will dive deeper into each of these 4 areas.  For right now I encourage you to connect to our RēL Woman TRIBE on Facebook and start to feel the difference of being connected to likeminded and RēL Women. 

Life is meant to be lived BIG and yet nobody can do this for you.  It requires you deciding to make a change, to engage in your life in new and expanded ways.   Until next time.



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Marianne MacKenzie is a sought-after life and business coach who supports business women in living a Radically Engaged LifeTM. She is passionate, with a capital “P”, about supporting you as you step into your power as a Radically Engaged Woman to live and work with deeper meaning and purpose, develop a new mindset that supports your desires and create practices and tools to sustain your new lifestyle so you can play even bigger in business and life. Through Marianne's powerful Radically Engaged LivingTM personal and group coaching programs, high-impact events, and corporate and virtual speaking appearances, clients experience what it feels like to shift from living on autopilot to living a Radically Engaged Life. Claim your free Live YOUR Radically Engaged Life” E-Book & Audio at www.MarianneMacKenzie.com