Eating for Bliss: What is a Raw Food Diet?

When people find out I am a ‘raw foodist’, they are curious, suspicious, and puzzled! Then I add ‘nudist Buddhist’ and reeeeally freak them out- lol!

What exactly is a raw diet? It’s not “rabbit food.” It’s raw food.

I’m always getting asked about this latest and greatest health trend. As someone who has converted her entire family to a high-raw diet, I can tell you, it is an incredible way to eat. Even my Italian husband loves it. I hesitate to use the word diet, because eating raw foods isn’t really a diet, it’s more of a “LIVEit”! This isn’t about deprivation but ABUNDANCE! Did you know there are over 3000 varieties of apples, 500 avocados, 400 different bananas… HOW MANY HAVE YOU HAD? hehe

I interviewed David Wolfe who is a leading raw food proponent and he surprised me when he asked me this:  ‘Did you know MOST PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD EAT THE SAME THING?’

That is strange but after looking into it I found it to be true. The fact is, nearly everyone on the planet eats the same food as everyone else, and eats the same things over and over again. These foods are called STAPLES of that particular culture. All around the world we see less variety than you might expect.

The top 14 foods that people eat over and over include:

soy, rice, corn, wheat, barley, orange, potato, chicken, coffee, taro root, beef, and dairy from cow and goat, coconut and chocolate.

When you get on to raw food nutrition, it is something completely different! You start eating seaweed, algae, sprouts, mushrooms and herbs. You start eating fruits you never heard of before, like jackfruit (this is the flavor of JUICY FRUIT GUM) rambutan, lychee, durian, persimmon, starfruit, dragon fruit, mangosteen...Paradise!

And what happens next is that as your body clears out the goo and gunk of a SAD (Standard American Diet) simple plant-based food actually tastes DELICIOUS. More delish than a cardboard slice of greasy, mouldy, gastro-disastro pizza! We NOW have cutting-edge science and access to Vegan sources of PROTEINS which aren’t GMO soybased or other allergens such as BEE POLLEN, HEMP SEEDS, SPIRULINA~ ALL High quality proteins.

AND by the way, get ready and willing to feel GOOD all the time and to be optimistic. To laugh. To have fun. To be in love with yourself and everything. To appreciate beauty and to live your purpose. All the highs, and NO hang-overs!

If you’re clever and motivated, and salads are becoming a bore, you can even create GOURMET dishes that mimic your fave cooked versions such as, pasta, ice cream, cookies, pies, burritos, pizza, soups and even rice and meat dishes- ALL out of just FRUIT, VEGGIES, NUTS, SEEDS, SEAWEEDS, HERBS, FLOWERS. Just about any cooked favourite can be replaced by a raw dish that tastes just as good or better. And better still, raw foods are free of dairy, gluten and sugar, and require no cooking. No more pots and pans to clean!

Here is a sample menu of a DAY-IN-THE-LIFE-OF-RAW:

Breakfast: Ultimate power smoothie, applesauce, berri-licious porridge, fresh fruit salad with cinnamon and lime, g’raw’nola with sliced bananas and fresh almond mylk, etc

Lunch: soup, salad, sandwich, flaxcrackers, dips, etc

Snack: candied pumpkin seeds, spicy lime-chili almonds, goji berries, trail mix, etc

Dinner: burritos, pizza, pasta, stir-unfry, veggie-burgers, lasagna, etc

Dessert: chocolate pudding, lemon poppy-seed cheesecake, bliss balls, peppermint fudge, etc

Bedtime Snack: cashew-hempseed, apple-raisin cookies with herbal tea


So don’t be afraid to try something new. Switching to a raw food diet isn’t about depriving yourself of taste of the foods you love or staying hungry. The raw food way is about abundance, freshness and festivity.

By adding more raw food to your diet you’ll enjoy the side-effect of looking and feeling BLISS-tastic! And it isn’t all or nothing- it’s about adding more fresh, natural food IN, and crowding out the packaged stuff. You only have one body-temple, so love it up, Baby!

Here’s a simple, quick and easy recipe that even those of you who hate recipes can follow, and you will want to try this one! It’s good for your joints, skin, hair and nails, and even your brain- and the best part is its DELISH!


(dairy-free, gluten-free and takes 3 minutes)

2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted

1-2 Limes squeezed

4 T honey

1t vanilla extract

PROCESS everything until it is smooth and creamy. Put into a pretty bowl and enjoy this healthy, fast, satisfying little treat- you deserve it!

*To make a Torte for a special occasion, create a healthy crust by taking 2 C of raw nuts (almonds and pecans or macadamia work well) and add a pinch of salt and a handful of raisins or a couple pitted dates and process in the food processor until incorporated but still chunky. faltten out in greased pie plate (use a drop of olive or coconut oil). Triple the Mousse recipe, and pour onto crust, and garnish with flaked coconut and sliced limes~ so pretty, and the tangy, sweet, rich, smooth combination is sooooo satisfying…

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  • We should all start to think about the harmful effects of not eating healthy. I am a vegetarian and I want people to experience the same benefits I am having. A raw food health diet makes every individual live a life that is far from worries over illnesses and expenditures.

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    I absolutely agree with the fact that healthy eating is essential in natural healing. However, quite a few people are unsuccessful to notice that exercise is also very critical in rebuilding health. Proper exercises will foster blood, lymphatic, and energy flow and will enable clearing the blockages in our body system and accelerating the actual healing.

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