Defining Your Brand of Authenticity

Woman Sitting on GrassIn our fast-pace, little time for contemplation, media-rich society, discovering who we really are, and how to live authentically isn’t always easy. From the time we wake-up and hop online or flip on the television to learn about what’s going on in the world, some commercial, talk-show host, or even Facebook “friend,” is trying to tell us who we need to be and what we need to buy, wear, and eat to be hot, hip, or trendy.

Ironically, one of the hot trends making the “mainstream scene” these days is learning to live “authentically,” and lots of us are buying it. However, as it is with several of the ideas we buy into as a society, many of us are relatively unclear on what it means to be or live authentically. And unlike other trends, where we can buy a product or service to fill our wants and needs, I don’t believe you’re going to find many, if any, manuals or service plans being offered specifically on who you are authentically.

This is because, learning to live authentically isn’t something that someone can just hand you, as discovering who you are or who you want to be, is a process of learning to walk to the beat of your own drum, and you’re the only one who can hear it. To help you understand this better, I’m going to describe two very different women. Based on what you read, try to determine who you believe is living more authentically.

Woman 1: Goes all natural daily; this means, no make-up, perfumed personal care products, and her clothing, purse and other gear are all made sustainability. Most days she walks to work or drives an eco-friendly vehicle, and to top it all off, she grows her own organic fruits and vegetables.

Woman 2: Loves to doll-up regularly; this means, bi-monthly trips to the beauty salon, retail therapy, and maybe even a little cosmetic surgery, though she’s not telling. She drives the latest SUV, dines at some of the finest eateries, and enjoys the latest technology.

Okay, based on what you just read, who do you believe out of these two women is living more authentically?

While you might be tempted to choose woman 1, as she may seem to be a little more earth friendly, in truth, they both are, as each is showing up in their life story as exactly who they want to be. You see, true authenticity isn’t about the specific choice you make, as two people can choose the exact same thing and one may be doing so because it resonates with them authentically, while the other does it to receive acceptance or validity.

Defining your personal brand of authenticity is something only you can do, because only you were born with your specific identity and personality. So, while I can’t hand you a service manual on who you need to be to live authentically, I can offer you the following tips that will help you to be able to better connect with your inner wisdom, so that you can define your personal brand of authenticity more easily.

1) Pay attention to how you feel in various situations and experiences that you find yourself in. If you find that you’re regularly nervous, anxious or simply uncomfortable, that’s usually a sign that you’re showing up inauthentically, and you need to set an intention to become more conscious of who you’re showing up as in your life experiences.

2) Make note of those ideas and experiences that make you feel alive and fabulous. As when you’re in a state of bliss, this is a sign that your mind, body and spirit are all in alignment, and that you are expressing yourself authentically.

Additionally, as a way to help you further discover who you are, and to define your brand of authenticity, I’ve created the following exercise, as a means to ignite a productive train of thinking.

1) List 5 to 10 of your favorite things (i.e. food, travel, books, movies, etc.)
2) List 5 to 10 of your most important values (i.e. peace, love, wisdom, wealth, etc.)
3) List 5 to 10 personality traits or ways of being that you enjoy about yourself (talkative, friendly, kind, funny, etc.)

After you’ve written the lists, read each of them a few times and then put them somewhere you can visibly see them, as a reminder of who you are authentically, when no one was telling you who you should be. Even though this exercise may feel very simple, the benefits are far reaching. This is because in essence, answering these questions is the beginning of your own service manual, for how you can define your personal brand of authenticity.

Morgan McKean About Morgan McKean

Known to her clients and friends as a “Vitamin B12 Shot” for their dreams, most people refer to Morgan McKean as a cherished intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and all around sassy self-help guide, dedicated to helping women live more fabulously. Founder of a multi-media platform called “Living Clear”, Morgan shares her spiritual ideas for fabulous living through blogging, her online video show, inspirational newsletter and greeting card line. Additionally, she is slated to release her first book, “Becoming Princess Charming; Creating the Magical Mindset for your Happily Ever After” this Summer.