Dealing with Rage

RageI do a lot of work with repressed emotions. It’s quite uncomfortable work and it’s no wonder we try to stuff these things. Sadness, fear and anger can feel like they will swallow us up. But they don’t. We are still here. And the more we feel, the easier it becomes. Though I don’t believe it ever becomes easy or comfortable!

Rage has been something that comes up for me from time to time. So I asked for some guidance on how to deal with this intense, scary emotion. I know I can’t be the only one with rage, either repressed or not, so decided to share the answer with you.

This rage is here for a reason. It is here to show you where you are out of alignment. It is here to fuel your passions and to shift you from being in a place of slavery to one of power.

You are in charge of your destiny and your day-to-day choices. Yet you were taught to believe, by others and then by yourself, that you are powerless. That others have more control over your life and your choices than you do.

That however is an untrue belief. It is merely an illusion and not based in truth. The truth is you hold unlimited power over your life and in fact you are the only one that does.

No one, either embodied or in spirit form can make you do anything against your will.

This rage was built up from years of telling yourself otherwise. Years of telling yourself that you had to take your power and hide it deep inside yourself. When hidden, stored and not allowed to express itself, power turns to rage.

The mistake many make, is turning this rage towards others in an effort to feel powerful over others. But this rage is not about power over others, but power over oneself.

When you feel this rage bubble up, listen. Be with it. If you need to express it, yell, cry, stomp, by yourself in an effort to let the energy flow. Remember, this is not about other so there is no reason to nor is it helpful to take it out on another.

Ask yourself: How can you help yourself feel more powerful, have more power over your own life? What small changes can you make to acknowledge your power over yourself? What can you start doing that you really want to do? What can you stop doing that you are only doing because you feel you have to?

In many cases, a lot of buried rage will take some time to be released. You don’t have to deal with it all at once. Give yourself an outlet when you feel you are going to explode. Dance. Sing. Shout. Run. Paint. Write. Cry.

Also take breaks and allow yourself time to just be at peace. Being sure to nurture yourself in this time will be immensely helpful. Take walks outside, read books, eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, do something that brings you joy.

Rage is a big emotion with a lot of power. It takes much to suppress it and will take much energy to allow it to surface and be released.

Whenever you are in a moment where you are feeling completely overwhelmed by rage and feeling scared it will overcome you – ask for help.

Pray to God/Goddess, ask your guides and/or angels for help. Ask the universe to help your system deal with this rage in the easiest and healthiest way possible. Ask for some of it to be released. If you need to, talk to a professional who can help you process it in a gentle way.

Ask for help. You don’t need to do it all on your own.

With much love dear one,


Hedy MacDonald About Hedy MacDonald

Hedy MacDonald is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and energy healer helping women on a spiritual path create more ease, flow and trust in their soul’s journey. She is described by her clients as utterly connected to the divine, a natural and powerful healer, and gentle sage.

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