Creating an Altar in Your Space

CandlesDo you have your own sacred space or alter at home or office?

Having an altar in your space is like having a spiritual temple that will assist you in your inner healing journey, giving you everyday guidance in decision making, bringing self awareness. It helps to find courage and connect quickly with Universe, God.

Why would I need an altar in my home or office?

Having an alter in your space is like having a spiritual temple that will assist you in your inner healing journey, giving you everyday guidance in decision making, bringing self awareness. This sacred space can also help you in finding courage, and strength during life challenges. Alter helps you to connect quickly with your higher guides, angels, universe, God whoever you connect better with.

Recently I was at the Heart Sutra Retreat with my Qigong master and Tibetan monks in Minnesota for a week. It was a bigger sacred space for me to experience my spiritual being- ness and just be there in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension of Light and void, where there is no limit to space, time and speed. We were given a heart shaped crystal for these awesome energy connection. It is like, when during a meditation or visualization, you connect with the joy filled moment which helps to bring in the positive aspects of life. Having an altar or sacred space holds the space to connect with the higher consciousness 24/7. That energy vibration is very high and just by being in that space gives the feeling of joy and healing happens much faster.

In my home I have a healing room in which I have images of Angels, spiritual books, candles and crystals and on my desk I have a pendulum, few crystals and Sri-yantra and a deck of Angel Cards. I keep the 5 elements in mind when I create this beautiful space to keep everything in balance.

I have created a sacred space in my entrance of my home with statues of Buddha, Fairy, fountain and healing labyrinth , so when family, friends, clients walk down the walkway, they start getting healed and enter the joy filled space.
There are no rules on what you can have in your alter or sacred space, it comes from your heart and what makes it special to your needs.

Be careful when creating this alter or sacred space, not to do in the bathroom, or bedroom or not to have directly on the floor. You may create in any other place in your home or office. Respecting the higher energies.

In addition, one of my favorite ways to use my altar is for manifestation and celebration. I adorn my altar with gifts such as fresh flowers, fresh fruits, beautiful smelling candles, and my coveted “treasures” which create a metaphor for joy and happiness.

There are many different types of altars. Here are a few of the most common:
• Altars for manifestation of desires
• Altars for healing- personal and help heal others
• Altars for gratitude
• Altars for abundance
• Altars for creativity
• Altars for relationships
• Altars that honor the seasons
• Altars that honor your ancestors and your heritage
• Altars for protection
• Alters for health
• Alter for garden
The list goes on and on…

Do you have an altar or Sacred Space in your home? If so, I would love it if you could leave a comment about it below or share a photo of your sacred space.

Sangita Patel About Sangita Patel

Sangita is a spiritual teacher, an author, speaker, and energy healer. Her journey began after surviving a car accident and losing her only brother. When Sangita embraced her inner self she awakened her natural ability to heal. She is committed to help those who are willing to heal themselves to live a joy filled life.

She is Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner, EFT practitioner, and Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom. Her specialty lies in the holistic life purpose field as a coach and healer for women entrepreneurs. She is also a Continuing Education Provider through under her business, Global Organization of Self Healing. Learn more at and download your free meditation Stress to Bliss in 5 Minutes.