Create a Successful Life Using Creative Visualization

Create a Successful Life Using Creative Visualization By Maggie ChulaHave you ever wanted to push the envelope and really open up your creative juices and let them flow?

Do you know the feeling of the wonderful energy that pours through you when you are in the zone and creating with your mind?

If you know this feeling you will also know how marvelous and freeing it is to be able to just allow your mind to flow and create simple or elegant and elaborate visions. These visions are sometimes referred to as daydreams.

Did you know these visions or daydreams are using the same energy and process that created everything in our world?

Your mind is a powerful ally that will help you create the life you want to live. In fact anything your mind can visualize or create can be manifested within the material world. Why is this? Because at our base we are pure vibrational energy. In fact the only real thing about this world is what our mind perceives and shares with our brain.

The human brain can not distinguish between what is “real” and what is imagined. This has been proven time and again. That is why creative visualization can help you expand your life, your world and your experiences through the power of harnessing your mind and helping to shape how you perceive and interact within the world around you.

Many athletes use visualization to enhance their physical skills. Visualization is now recognized as being an important part of the process used to build a skilled athlete into a champion by supporting the other actions needed such as physical training to help define the execution of the skill and allow the athlete to see their own performance in precise detail.

Visualization has been used to improve a vocal performance or a musician’s skill. It has also been used to help people release excess weight, feel better and improved their health. The uses are as endless as the benefits that are produced. Best of all visualization is a natural and normal skill we all possess. However like all skills your ability to visualize and use the power of your mind to improve your life can be enhanced with training and with practice.

Here is a simple and easy exercise that will help you begin to understand the power of your ability to create using your natural talent to visualize or imagine.

Find a place you will not be interrupted for a few minutes. Get into a comfortable position. Than take a deep breath. Center your thoughts on someone you like to be around. It doesn’t matter who the person is. The point is that this is someone you know you enjoy talking to. Allow yourself to imagine you are having a conversation with this person.

Just breathe and while you are imagining this conversation see yourself sharing your thoughts about a movie you enjoyed. How are you feeling? Become aware of how your body is positioned. How engaged you are in the conversation. What is the other person doing? Are they sharing in this conversation with you? Are you animated and excited?

Now take another deep breath. Center yourself again and imagine you are talking to someone you always seem to have problems with or feel tense around. Imagine you are sharing the same conversation about a movie you really enjoyed. How do you feel now? How is your body positioned? What is the other person doing? Are they sharing in this conversation with you? Are you still animated and excited?

When you are talking about a movie you enjoyed with someone you like the odds are you are both engaged and there is an easy and free flowing exchange of thoughts and energy. But when you are discussing the same movie with someone you feel less comfortable with then you are very probably feeling less excited and happy. Your speech is less animated and your body language is closed.

So how can this help you learn how to harness your mind and expand your creativity?

This exercise can help you understand some people have the ability to make you feel less joy and happiness with your life, your life choices or how you present yourself to others. Just by thinking about them you can begin to understand how other people and their perception of you (or more correctly your perception of what they think about you) draws your inner power away from you and makes you vulnerable to negative thoughts about yourself.

You have the power to reverse this or even prevent this from happening by working with your mind on a daily basis to visualize or imagine yourself as confident and sure of your thoughts and opinions when (fill in the blank). Examples are talking to someone who makes you feel anxious, giving a speech in front of a work group, going on a first date, being afraid to try something new.

It is true, if you first visualize or imagine something you know you need to do during the day that normally makes you feel insecure or nervous and use your mind to see yourself confident and in control of your thoughts and emotions you can help your mind and your body prepare for the upcoming event.

By previewing the event within your mind and seeing yourself successfully engaging with others you will feel less nervous and eventually you will have programmed a new way of behaving in the selected situation so you actually begin to build the response as your new normal way of engaging with others.

Use this exercise to help you expand your understanding of how to use your mind and your natural ability to visualize to help you create the life you want. The confidence you desire.

There is an unlimited amount of areas within your life that can be enhanced through understanding the power of your own mind and allowing visualization to help you achieve your goals. Make this the year you decide to work with your inner power to create the life and experiences you wish to develop.

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