Chakra Balancing Winter Passion Juice Recipe

Chakra, Juice, CleanseAfter a long winter we may feel tired and lethargic. Luckily, there is a wonderful way to recharge your chakras with the fortifying and cleansing morning juice. Think of it as a delightful reset and a delicious way to start the day. I’ve included powerful chakra related affirmations to include in the juicing process.

In this juice:

  • We will fortify your root chakra with the power of pomegranate.
  • Soothe and warm your sacral chakra with the warm, invigorating essence of ginger.
  • Balance your crown chakra and clear away any foggy thinking with the detoxifying juice of cucumber.

So, pull out your juicer. I use a centrifugal juicer from Breville. Gather up your ingredients. We will use the intentional power of affirmations to speak to the cells of your body. When you say words aloud or read them you are effectively programming your cells. Every cell in your body is like a highly receptive supercomputer. It self-regulating and self-correcting and is just waiting for the right data to help it feel good.


1 small pomegranate (cut in half to fit in reservoir)

1/2 inch segment of ginger root

1 large cucumber

Start the juicer and say the following affirmation before you add the pomegranate:

“My root chakra is strong and my connection to the earth enlivens me.”

Add the pomegranate.

Next, say the following affirmation before you add the ginger:

“My sacral chakra is flowing brightly. I feel content in life is a pleasure.”

Add the ginger.

Lastly, say the following information before you add the cucumber:

“My crown chakra is clean, clear, and unimpeded. I allow my body to flush any toxins out easily and gently so I may be filled with white light.”

Add the cucumber.

Serve and enjoy!

Take the time to drink your juice mindfully thinking about all of the fresh, nutrient rich vitamins and minerals and living enzymes that you are giving it. Your body is an amazing self-healing wonder.

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