Chakra Balancing Winter Passion Juice Recipe

After a long winter we may feel tired and lethargic. Luckily, there is a wonderful way to recharge your chakras with the fortifying and cleansing morning juice. Think of it as a delightful reset and a delicious way to start the day. I also share powerful chakra related affirmations to include in the juicing process.

When Resolutions Fail Choose Self-Compassion

When we choose to be understanding and kind to ourselves instead of beating ourselves up, we transform our self-criticism and judgment into self-acceptance and love, which allows space for true change to occur.

7 Steps to Increase Your Child’s Health & Happiness

Taking a holistic approach to overcoming a child’s health challenge starts by taking consistent steps toward healthy habits. After her own child’s health crisis, Family Health Coach Amanda Hinman of the Hinman Holistic Institute shares the 7 steps she uses in her practice, and in her own family, to increase a child’s health & happiness.

Own Up To Desire

Feeling worthy and deserving of our desires without worrying about the logistics and implementation—is the portal into the process of healing, truth-telling, and transformation. In this intimate, raw, and vulnerable article Nancy Levin, bestselling Hay House author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth and Jump … And Your Life Will Appear shares one of the most intimate and painful moments in her life with the hope that it serves as a compass to lead you back to yourself.

Supporting Your Life with Feng Shui: 5 Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Home

Connecting to and changing the energy in our homes is one way to create a stable foundation from which we can make many mindset and other actionable changes in our lives to create an inner and outer environment that is safe, secure and nurturing and that promotes wellness in our lives. Feng Shui and Certified Soul Coach Felicia D’Haiti shares 5 ways you can shift the energy of your home.

My Daughter’s Health Crisis Changed Everything—Especially Our Family Diet

Let me take you back to the day that changed everything. It’s 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon in April, I’m standing at the kitchen sink making dinner and heard grunting sounds. I turned to look over my shoulder to see my 8 year old daughter hunched and convulsing, drooling from the mouth…she was having a seizure. Though the next four months were the most challenging months of my life there was a silver lining. One that led to important changes in my family’s diet and health.

Make Your Life Easier and Improve Your Child’s Health at the Same Time

I’ve got some truth telling for you today and I believe it has the power to forever shift how you feel about improving your child’s health. It also has the ability to get you out of overwhelm, FOR GOOD. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with sticking to making changes in your child’s life, whether it’s […]

Is YOUR Willpower Affecting Your Child’s Health?

What would life be like if you simply wondered ‘why’ your child felt the way they did? It’s a lot easier to discover what’s most supportive when you fully understand the other person’s feelings and needs. Learning to use your willpower to pause, instead of react, will help you create a stronger bond with your child which ripples out to their health.

Slow Down & Listen

Often, goals and resolutions are made from a place of fear and obligation. What if
this year you chose to create goals and resolutions from a place of love and authenticity?

The Power of Tapping into and Expressing Your Creative Side

Many of us spend most of our waking hours in our logical, structured left brains. However, there is much evidence supporting the value of tapping into your creative side (right brain) to promote health and enhance healing. This article shares some of the evidence, and some simple yet powerful processes for tapping into and expressing your creative side.