How to Get the Playfulness, Fun & Flirting Back into Your Relationship!

Has your relationship become just another ‘to-do’ on your list? Between the house, the kids, the business, the jobs and everything else has having fun, flirting and being playful gone out the window? If we’re not conscious we can lose the fun, playfulness, and the flirting energy that characterized our relationship in the past. Aspire Mag Relationship Expert Stacey Martino shares the importance of dating your partner and putting your full energy into it. Bringing the fun and playfulness back is possible!

Why Being a People Pleaser is Selfish

Obsessing about how to please others or be liked is a misuse of your energy.  Just imagine for a moment what you could create in your life if you took HALF of the time and energy you invest in people pleasing back?  Stop contorting yourself to be what you think others want or expect. See yourself now reclaiming all that time and energy you expend on being over-responsible for others or working to impress others and refocus it on being of service without attachment, sharing your gifts, taking care of you and expressing your true Self!!! 

How to Reignite the Passion in Your Love Relationship!

With the proper tools and strategies, it’s possible to create a height of passion that matches the depth of your love. In fact, you can create a passion that is way hotter and more exciting than it was when you were dating! I’m living proof of that!

Transforming Your Relationship: How to Forgive and Start Anew in Your Relationship

Starting Anew is about wiping the slate clean, releasing all hurts, betrayals, pain, and things not yet forgiven. By definition, when there are things that have come between you, it creates separateness and distance. You can’t get to a place of intimacy and unshakable love if there are things driving you apart and un-forgiveness is one of the biggest things I see destroying relationships today!

Enlightened Parenting: Act Outrageous Sometimes

In moments like these, we adults stop separating ourselves from the whimsical world of our children—our mature parent to their frivolous child—and meet them in the joyful place where all hearts reside. 

Enlightened Parenting: Create Community

Communities are especially important sources of nourishment for kids, who thrive in knowing that everyone around them cares about them, not just their mom and dad. Here are ways I’ve made community happen for my family over the years, and that could be valuable for yours

Enlightened Parenting: Make Silence Truly Golden

Silence is the language of our soul. While we can connect to our higher self in spoken tongues — most notably via singing, chanting, prayer, and loving speech — the fastest route to inner peace is outer stillness.

3 Questions That Will Help You to Redefine Your Divorce!

Getting back up from the devastation of divorce takes resilience. It takes courage. Women are so much more powerful than they have ever been taught. Mal Duane shares 3 questions to help you redefine your divorce experience and shift your mindset.

In a Bad Relationship? Ask Your Heart What to Do

Don’t let the unknown be the stumbling block between you and real happiness. Let your inner guidance give you the directions needed to create more comfort and certainty.

Transforming Your Relationship: Why Your Man Doesn’t Offer to Help You!

As I shared in part one of my ongoing Transforming Your Relationship column series, How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps, in each issue I will be guiding you deeper into each of the 8 transformational steps of my Relationship Transformation System® and give you a tool or strategy to implement to experience a shift in your relationships that day! In this issue, we are covering Step Three: Strategies.