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5 Benefits to Living the Goddess Laptop Lifestyle™

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I am excited to share my new updated column direction with you! I’ve got to tell you my friend; this evolution has been coming for quite some time. I’ve been writing my Living the Goddess Lifestyle column for Aspire Magazine for a few years now and love being a part of this global community. I am excited that along with my life and business my column will continue to reflect the message and mission that I am living and teaching. Drumroll please!!!  This issue launches my new column “Living the Goddess Laptop LifestyleTM and will be dedicated to teaching ambitious, soulful women how to create an abundant, purpose-filled life, and prosperous laptop business they love! When I first created The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® five years ago, my … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Finding Hope in Your Business Can Create Miracles

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How can you cultivate hope when things look bleak? In many ways, being happy is about having hope for the future. I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years. I have won awards and published multiple best-selling books. I have made lots of money and been nearly bankrupt. For 11 years I owned a publishing company that was very successful in many ways but wasn’t making me any money. I was exhausted and … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

5 Easy Holistic Business Building Strategies

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Now more than ever your gifts as a Holistic Practitioner are being summoned and called forth to share with the world.  There is great transformation happening on the planet and you are one of the leaders of this transformation.  It is easy to get stuck spinning your wheels and not getting the kind of traction and momentum that you need to grow your Holistic Business.      We are in an age of … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

10 Tips to Stop Doubting Yourself & Your New Business Idea

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What is the hardest thing about starting a new business? Knowing what you want to do? Marketing? No, it’s not either of these…it’s much simpler than that. It’s doubt that you are not enough. Doubt that you don’t have enough, smarts, money, support, ability, training, chutzpa. What takes you down faster than any amount of criticism from other people? Doubt that you should even try to do … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Rekindle Your Creativity to Grow Your Business: (Part One)

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Harnessing your ingenuity will make your life more meaningful and enjoyable, plus it will help you to grow your business. Discover in this post why creativity is so important and welcome more innovation and inspiration into your daily activities. In part two of this series, I will share specific techniques for sparking your creativity. Often when we are feeling stuck in our business, what we are … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Rekindle Your Creativity to Grow Your Business – (Part Two)

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In the first article of this two part series,  I shared why rekindling your creativity is so crucial to your business success. In today’s post, I want to share 9 techniques for sparking your creativity. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, get out the crayons and play? 9 Techniques for Sparking Your Creativity Brainstorm. Generating ideas is usually the first step in the creative process. … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

7 Steps to More Confidence and More Clients in Your Holistic Business

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“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings “ ~ Samuel Johnson Your level of confidence in your Holistic Business will affect every aspect of your Holistic Business.  The biggest impact is on attracting your Ideal Clients into your Holistic Practice. You see your Ideal Clients are an energetic match for you when you are in your full confidence.    Why do so many Holistic … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

The Feminine Path to Success and Prosperity

What does it mean to be successful?  Success is a familiar concept that’s not easily explained.  We all know it when we see it.  Most strive for it.  But what does it really mean?  For many, success is defined by the amount of money you earn, the things you own and the opportunities and experiences that are afforded to you.    Some define winning as success.  For others, it means accomplishing a … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Authenticity and Your Marketing

Have you ever heard experts suggest you market authentically? Or use your authentic voice? Or perhaps show your Authentic Self? What does all of this even mean? The word “authenticity” gets thrown around like some kind of marketing buzz word, which is bothersome because being authentic is not a trend that will flitter away in a few months. Furthermore, marketing experts (including myself) need … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

Business Success Tip: Let Your Light Shine!

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Are you passionate about what you do but struggling to articulate it or wondering how to share your passion with others? As part of an online art journaling group I belong to, we were asked to think about what makes us “shine.” So often, as little girls and young women, we are told it’s not okay to shine or to stand out. When it comes to creating a personal or professional image for our business, … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]

5 Ways Gratitude Can Grow Your Business

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Gratitude may be the missing element in your journey to entrepreneurial success. I say that because I know how hard it can be to build a profitable business. I have been there, feeling stuck in that space of “if I just work harder or if I just get one or two more clients, everything will be okay.” I have felt frustrated, dissatisfied and wondered if all the effort was worth it. What has saved me … [Read Article and Leave a Comment...]