Beauty Breath Meditation

Woman nature Yoga poseBeauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The energy of the universe contains a sacred field of infinite magic power that every heart- filled intention can reach.   Its potential to manifest beauty and all things sits inside the hidden vibratory waves it owns that can be awakened.  Many sages, saints, and spiritual masters across the ages share their insights about this secret hidden force and guide us to go within to find it.  There are secrets in our breath that can help link us to this higher energy if we can commit to breathing more consciously—and then the power of that breath becomes divine.

“If there is anything divine in you, it is your breath.” ~Yogi Bhajan


In truth, beauty is not a commodity.  We have been led astray to believe that its source is hidden in the creams, lotions, and plastic surgery society offers us —yet the greatest opportunity we have to manifest ‘real beauty’ actually sits inside the science of our own body, the universe, and the life force we breathe in.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher I have become trained in the understanding of the sacred science inside the body that is activated when we become mindful of our breath.  Like a magic potion the elements of our breath unlock the hidden potential contained in every cell in the body, and then beauty and every wish can be created.  But there is an art and practice to own these mysterious powers that has to be mastered before the miracles we choose can exist.   Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science of the body that combines multiple energy practices with the breath such as the use of; mantras [sacred sounds or words], mudras [hand postures], body postures, eye focus, and more that sharpen our magic skills to bring forth the desires we intend, and shorten the time it takes to manifest them.  I have blended a specific breath sequence with some other energy secrets I have been taught below to help you experience beauty on some deeper levels.

Yogi Bhajan knew the messages in the media and marketing would hide the real truth and block the way to cultivate our greatest beauty on a cellular level.  Like all enlightened spiritual masters, he knew we would struggle to seek knowledge outside the ‘status quo’.  He asks each of us to build the experience of beauty from his gift —a mantra imbued with the vibrations that create beauty and confidence for all women that can be imprinted on the soul.


The power of the mantra below is already stamped with Yogi Bhajan’s guarantee to deliver beauty to us when we use it with great honor.  The mantra is as follows…

‘I am bountiful, blissful, beautiful, bountiful, blissful, beautiful, I am’

A mantra is scientifically designed to create a specific effect inside the body, based on the physical law that sound is energy.  The energy frequency that results when we repeat the words of this special mantra will elevate you to an experience of beauty you will not forget.  It is important to remember, the essence of any sound in a mantra created by an enlightened master is far greater than words in any affirmation.  The wisdom in this mantra dials in the secret code to deliver the direct meaning of each word into every cell in your body.  It is impossible to fail.  Experience it for yourself.    All that is required is your honor and commitment; these magic words, the breath practice, and meditation below will do the rest.

I added a posture, mudra, and specific eye focus to the mantra and breath- sequence in the meditation below to help expedite the delivery of beauty to your soul.

The Beauty Breath Meditation

Mantra:I am bountiful, blissful, beautiful, bountiful, blissful, beautiful I am.

[repeat silently as you inhale]

Posture:  sit in easy pose [a meditative position with crossed legs], or any comfortable position.  Lift your spine upwards along with the back of your neck to ensure a straight spine so your breath can flow unimpeded.

Eye Focus:  close youreyes and focus them at the third eye or brow point [the center point between both eye brows]

*this eye focus stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands to bring glandular balance and increase our connection to the secret power in the vibrations of the universe.

Mudra:  press the tips of your thumbs on the tips of your ring fingers while all other fingers are straight.  This is calledsurya mudra and links the body’s energy within to the universal energy to create vitality, health, and beauty inside the body.

*Once you have all of the above elements in place, add in the beauty breath sequence below…

Beauty Breath Sequence: 

  1. Take a long and deep breath in through the nose as you repeat the words of the mantra “I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful, bountiful, blissful, beautiful I am. [inhale for 11 seconds]
  • As you inhale, expand your belly first, then your ribs, then your chest all the way up to the tops of your shoulders to ensure a complete and effective breath.

Sparkling Insight:  breathing in and out through the nostrils activates 2 of the 3 most important energy channels in the body that make our contact with universal energy frequencies possible.

  1. After your inhale is complete, keep this breath inside you without pressure while you visualize and feel what it would be like to be bountiful, blissful, and beautiful as this energy fills every cell in your body.  [retain the breath for  11 seconds]
  1. Next, release or exhale the breath slowly in the opposite direction [from the tops of the shoulders, from the chest, from the ribs, and lastly from the abdomen].  As you exhale, let go of the toxins, hurt, pain, traumas, negative beliefs, unhealthy thoughts, and anything else that you no longer need as your cells refill with the vibration of beauty from the mantra.   [exhale for 11 seconds]

Commit with honor to this sacred meditation for 3, 11, or 31 minutes a day, for 40 days— and then watch beauty unfold. Be sure to have your journal ready to write down every bountiful, blissful, and beautiful transformation you are sure to experience.  Writing your experiences in a journal is just another way to elevate the power of this beautiful meditation even higher—When a word becomes written it becomes manifest.    Sat Nam

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