Zinnia Gupte

About Zinnia Gupte

Zinnia Gupte is an inspirational bestselling author, speaker, priestess and sacred dancer who helps women embrace their sacred feminine power. She is an expert at connecting women with their souls’ desires. She is the co-author of Inspiration For A Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy, Women of Midlife Wisdom 2, and Unleash Your Magnificence as well as 20 Beautiful Women. Her forthcoming book, Shakti Power: Awaken Your Inner Power, Beauty, Intuition, and Magic will soon be available to the world. She teaches sacred dance every year in Spain at the Ibiza Spirit Festival. Visit www.shaktipriestess.com today and claim your free Shakti Goddess Gift Bundle.

7 Empowering Ways to Value Yourself in Your Relationships

It’s time to stop searching for love and validation in the outside world and start loving yourself first. Zinnia Gupte shares 7 empowering ways to just that.

8 Ways To Step Into Your Intuitive Power

I get asked many questions on how to develop a “spiritual practice” of tools and rituals related to the Goddess. There are so many modalities like runes, crystals, tarot and divination. Where does one begin? How do you choose? This is a guide to help you decide which modality you are drawn to. It’s better to start with one, master the beginner’s level, then move on to the next.

6 Things to Release to Improve Self-Confidence

One of the biggest leaps a woman makes in her self-discovery and awakening is claiming her self-worth and self-confidence. When you claim this personal source of power, you begin to identify where you are leaking power to other people, places, thins and situations and you need to be willing to “let go” of them.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

One of the most amazing leaps an awakening woman can make in her journey is to recognize how her personal power comes from making adult decisions and better choices.

Awaken Your Enchantress

When you tap into your Enchantress energy, you have access to your creative power. You feel alive and connected to the world. You become a vessel of love from which emotions, dance, joy and sensuality flow. You are a fountain of energy and can channels it to create art, beauty, inspiration and leave cultural and artistic legacies.

My Top 6 Self-Love Rituals

It’s very nourishing to make nurturing rituals for yourself. Often when change comes we can feel it. You may not be sure what the change is or what to do about it. It’s usually during this time, you need to nurture yourself the most. This includes not over committing to other people. Allow yourself to cocoon and go internal when you need to. Create a list to nurture yourself. A Luscious List that will inspire with you with daily habits to nurture yourself without calling up masculine “do” energy and willpower.

10 Sacred Keys to Feminine Empowerment

What is Shakti Power? Shakti is your natural sacred feminine power. She dances through the universe brave and awake singing “wake up, wake up!” When you can apply these sacred empowerment principles in your life, you create an unshakeable foundation of power. You know who are and you are not willing to betray yourself. You stand as tall and fierce as a fortress of truth. You awaken fully to your inner power. Here are the 4 pillars or empowerment principles that make up Shakti Power.

15 Steps to Navigate Your Personal Transformation

The winter months are a mystical time for self-care, reflection and planting seeds. Some things you can do to invest in yourself are to let go, hibernate, reflect, review and begin again with new intentions. In the Fall, you started the process of letting go…cutting away what was no longer serving your highest truth or vision. The season is now dark and deep. Now you can hibernate.

7 Sacred Affirmations to Help You Soar in the New Year

Try practicing these 7 sacred affirmations to help you soar towards your dreams. Meditate on them in the morning or journal about these statements and really feel why you are worthy and deserving of being all these qualities—Because you are!