Terri Amos-Britt

About Terri Amos-Britt

Former Miss USA, Terri Britt, is the founder of the global movement, Women Leaders of Love. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Love Expert and Change Agent for women. As a spiritual coach, energetic healer, and the award-winning author of The Enlightened Mom, she’s guided women to raise their Worthiness Quotients for nearly two decades. Terri’s been seen and heard on hundreds of media appearances, including Today, NBC NY, and Fox National News.

In her newest e-book, Women Leaders of Love: How to End the #1 Massive Mistake Women Make & Unleash Your Greatest Act of Service, Terri explains, “We women have the power to create immense change in our lives, homes, workplaces and the world. We claim that power when we raise our Worthiness Quotients and become Women Leaders of Love, setting the tone for others to watch us and learn.” To grab Terri’s free ebook, go to www.TerriBritt.com

What’s Your Worthiness Quotient?

What’s your Worthiness Quotient? Terri Britt, spiritual coach, energetic healer and founder of Women Leaders of Love explains what your Worthiness Quotient is, how to raise it in six easy steps, and why gratitude is key to shifting it to full capacity.

7 Simple Steps to Heal Life’s Difficult Situations

You are the creator of your life. You have a choice to either be a victim of life’s circumstances or to find the gift in them. I lived the first part of my life as a victim. That is until I decided to take back the power in my life. I began to realize that if I am the creator of my life then I must somehow be bringing life’s difficult situations to me to see myself. As I embraced this belief, I moved into a space of gratitude. It saved my life.

God is Everywhere!

You are part of this wonderful, loving presence we call God. God is in everything; therefore, you are part of the whole. You are connected to all of it. When you make the decision to start loving yourself, opening up to make a divine connection, you’ll realize that you are not alone and never have been. You’ll see that God’s messages are everywhere, if you’ll just slow down and pay attention.

Sitting in Gratitude for My Kids

When you have an attitude of gratitude, the walls that had been built between you and your loved ones come down. By sharing your heart and what you’re learning about yourself through your relationships with them, you build intimacy with one another. Seeing all of my relationships as gifts has taken me to my heart. By sitting in gratitude for my kids, I am a happier, more joyful and playful mom.

In the Darkness are Many Possibilities

It’s now been almost seven years since the day Steve left us. I would like to be able to say that the transition for my kids happened overnight, but it didn’t. The loss of a parent can be devastating. Thankfully, however, they have survived beautifully and are all thriving, successful young adults filled with compassion, empathy and understanding. All of them are wiser and healers in their own rights, as a result of their daddy’s passing.

Parenting Yourself First: Setting the Example for your Children to Heal

I want to toot my own horn as a mom right now. This is not something that I normally feel led to do, but in this case, I do. With this issue of Aspire focusing on spiritual parenting, I feel it’s an awesome opportunity to share a story that happened recently with my youngest daughter, Kolbi. In it, you’ll see how powerful an impact your example can be when you as a mom choose to heal, parenting yourself first.

Love is Your Inner Guide

How do you tap into your inner guidance? Some like to listen to their guts. Others like to look for signs. But the greatest tool of all is when you allow love to be your inner guide.

Give Birth to Yourself!

I love spring! It’s such a wonderful time of rebirth, letting go of the old and making way for the new. And, boy, am I about to make way for the new this year. I’m giving birth to a whole new side of myself. I’m about to become an empty-nester!

Loving Yourself into Abundance

We mommas do anything we can to avoid being selfish. We want to be good parents. The truth, however, is that when you deny yourself to put others first, you disconnect from your heart and God. You create pain and suffering. This is why you feel angry, sad, frustrated, tired and hopeless about life. You’re not loving yourself. The sad thing about severing your heart connection and being a martyr is that, as you do, there is a tendency to throw your negative feelings at the people around you. THIS is being selfish. You’re not being loving when you blame your family for the lack of love you feel inside of yourself.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Have you ever thought about what it means to be human? It sounds like a silly question, but think about it for a moment. What does it mean to YOU to be human?