Tama Kieves

About Tama Kieves

Tama Kieves, is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School who left her practice to help others find their calling. She is the bestselling author of This Time I Dance! and also Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! Her newest book is A Year Without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence. Featured in USA Today and on Oprah Radio, she is a sought-after speaker and career/success coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover, launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. Visit her at www.TamaKieves.com and download her FREE Inspired Toolkit.

A Year Without Fear: What Would Your Life Be Like?

This year, choose who you will be in this lifetime rather than having circumstances choose for you. I invite you to wake up to your own fearless potential and that of every human being. Here are three ways to focus on love instead of fear.

This Wildly Inspired Adventure Called Life!

There aren’t many voices in the world that will encourage you to follow your inner rock star or anointed one and get out there on the window ledge of ordinary life, mock gravity, and fly. Yet some of us are just called to fly. We won’t succeed through traditional means because force, fear, and standard projections do not motivate us. We are moved by bold ideas, big love, and intuitive, flawless direction. We hear new frequencies, promise, and urgencies wailing in the wind. We did not come here to do what’s been done before. We came here to expand—inspire, heal, express, create, and realize the exhilaration of being everything we are meant to be.

Your Secret Self: Awakening the Powers of the Inspired Self

When you follow inspiration, you follow an invitation to be more than you knew you were. Most of us could never imagine the fire and promise we hold. We live in a culture that tells us to be “realistic.” That means dampen our enthusiasms and compromise our vision. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to listen to our inspired hearts, spread our full peacock feathers, and awaken the invincible love inside us.

The Secret to More Energy: Tap the Geyser of Your Gifts

I talked to a woman who had been very gifted in music, but who hadn’t pursued it as an adult. “I am afraid of failing,” she said, but as we talked further, she admitted in the quiet tones of held back truth, that she felt like a failure now. She felt tired and angry, out of sorts with her life. I don’t blame her. It takes more effort to create a life you don’t want than to create the life you crave.

Go Green: Turn Your Jealousy into Strength

We’ve all experienced the green-eyed monster of jealousy. Learn the tools to transform this energy into your strengths to achieve even greater focus and clarity.