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About Sylvie Olivier

Sylvie Olivier is a Bioenergetics Specialist and the author of the book Gratitude in Action ∞ Actions of Gratitude. Through her signature process, she activates people’s Golden Hearts and melts away fears to heal health, wealth and relationships issues in order to create Golden Heart Abundance for everyone.She is also a Certified Dream Coach® to help you create and live a Dream Come True Life!You can download her FREE Infusion of Gratitude audio Meditation at

How Strong is Your Emotional Intelligence: The Extraordinary Power of the Essence of Gratitude

Have you ever been curious about your emotional intelligence? This is a term we are hearing more and more and it seems like there is something powerful there, isn’t it?

But first, don’t you think we have to become aware of our emotions? Lots of people are living their life without making the connection between how they feel in their body and their emotions… I do remember when I used to block myself out of my emotions because what I was feeling was too painful.

At the age of 20, I was pregnant with my first child and I was SO happy… the first person with whom I shared the good news was my mother and she was thrilled to become a grandmother! She was sharing the good news with everyone she would meet… But two weeks later, she died from a heart attack. I lost her in a minute… I was devastated; I felt so alone…

Your Journey towards Your Optimal Lifestyle: What is Your Relationship with Gratitude?

Would you consider the possibility of looking at your life with different eyes for this short moment that we will spend together while you read this article? It is my deepest desire that you open yourself up to your own journey towards your optimal lifestyle, embracing optimal health, wealth and enriched relationships!

Gratitude in Action – Actions of Gratitude: The Power of A Smile

I do remember like if it was yesterday when I began my journey into the Essence of Gratitude. Back in 1995, my youngest daughter Mylène was severely ill, in fact she was hovering between life and death and the doctors have told me that she had about 6 to 7 hours to live if she didn’t receive a blood transfusion right away. I was devastated, hopeless and so helpless. I didn’t know what to do and I certainly didn’t understand why I couldn’t help my own daughter!
I understood the power of Gratitude at that darkest, most frightening time, spending long hours walking in front of her room and when I was at my lowest, really? the lowest I could go, randomly looking up and meeting the glance of a man; he was a stranger; but he could sense that I was suffering and he probably wanted to help me, so he smiled at me; but it wasn’t just a normal smile, there was something different in it?

Gratitude: An Imposed Behavior or a Blissful State of Being?

Discover how truly embracing the essence of gratitude can truly transform your life. Author and co-founder Sylvie Olivier shares a peek inside her intimate journey of learning that gratitude is a truly blissful state of being.

Release Your Fears with the Essence of Gratitude

We’ve all heard the analogy that our thoughts and emotions are vibrational frequencies that we send out to the Universe similar to a radio signal. Just like a song that no longer resonates with us, we can simply change the station. When you are in a place of fear, you can do the same thing… change the channel and choose the power of the Essence of Gratitude and it will transform your state of being instantaneously, with grace and ease. Enjoy this powerful “Breathing Gratitude” mediation to help you connect with the essence of Gratitude.