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Sought-after Relationship Expert Stacey Martino knows that Better Relationships equal a Better LifeTM! Stepping out of the old relationship paradigm of couple’s coaching, Stacey and her husband Paul empower individuals with the tools & strategies to transform, not only, their love relationship but ANY relationship…and you don’t need your partner to participate for this to work for you! Stacey is the founder of and creator of RelationshipU®.
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Transforming Your Relationship: Creating a Vision Plan for Your Relationship

In part two of the Transforming Your Relationship column series, How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps, Relationship Expert and #AspireMag Expert Columnist Stacey Martino shares step one: Seeing. Seeing is all about creating a vision plan for your relationship. It’s a foreign concept for most of us. We fully accept that we need goals and a vision for our business, health, wealth and so many other areas of our lives…but our relationship? Learn why it’s important and how to get started.

How to Create Your Unshakable Love & Unleashed Passion in 8 Simple Steps

Using our proven 8 step Relationship Transformation System® thousands of people around the world have transformed their relationships to create their unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Transforming Your Relationship: The Power of Living Authentically

The universe is always guiding us, giving us opportunities to grow and teaching us everything we will need to one day live out our purpose, and heed our calling. Living your purpose is about being in alignment with your best and most authentic self, every day. All the pain, the challenges, and the breakdowns are here to teach you your life lessons and prepare you for the calling that is coming to you. Learn how the Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham can help you live in alignment.

How to Be Grateful in a Crisis

Relationship Expert Stacey Martino shares how one of the most challenging times in her life led her to discover the power of gratitude. The self-proclaimed recovering control freak learned that in learning to let go of the need to control every aspect of her life, she was able to experience overwhelming gratitude for what was, and the more she did, the more blessings came. As Stacey shares, “When you live in gratitude and focus on cultivating yourself into the best version of yourself that you can be… is so positively amazing, it will bring you to tears! Tears of Gratitude!”

Transforming Your Relationship: Keeping Your Lamp Filled

When you increase your focus on long-lasting self-care, instead of momentary pleasures, you can keep your oil lamp lit longer and sustain your levels of passion and life-force longer. When you choose to create a life you love, you’ll discover you need a lot less momentary pleasures to get through the day. Relationship Expert Stacey Martino shares her top 9 secrets to creating a life by design so that your oil lamp is always filled from the inside out.

Transforming Your Relationship: The Space Within the Moment (TM)

When you react or respond to a trigger, in that split-second, there is something that Relationship Expert Stacey Martino refers to as “the SPACE within the moment”. In that moment you have the choice to respond with love or fear/anger. In this vulnerable post Stacey shares an intimate story from 20 years ago about a moment when she was not aligned with her best self and how Anthony Adragna’s response of love and kindness created a friendship that lasts today. Her story will have you asking yourself, “How am I choosing to respond in the space within the moment?”.

What Does It Take to Have a Rock Solid Relationship?

Sought-after Relationship Expert Stacey Martino shares, “You create a rock solid relationship in each moment, each decision, each action you take. Your actions are either creating a rock solid relationship or they are not. It is that simple.” Learn how you can create a rock solid relationship starting today.

Transforming Your Relationship: Are You in an Accidental Relationship? One Without a Vision?

You are creating the relationship you are living in. With every moment, every decision, every word, every action, every experience you participate in, you are creating your relationship every day. If you have never thought about it this way or done this work, the relationship you are in today is an Accidental Relationship. A relationship created moment by moment, primarily unconsciously and in reaction to the other person. It’s time to shift that.

Transforming Your Relationship: The Power of Joy

And a bad DAY? No, I don’t have bad days. I can honestly say that with 100% accuracy. I do not. I have bad MOMENTS, definitely! But I don’t stay stuck there for a whole freakin’ day! I have trained myself to have a negative moment, bring my state back up to a higher level, find the gift in the situation and learn from it, adjust and take more massive action In-Joy!
It’s a SKILL! And it can be learned!

Transforming Your Relationship: The Authenticity Trap™

The only way to ever have a successfulrelationship is to be your most authentic self! But if you want a magnificent loveaffair, an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime do notfall into the “I got to be ME” crap! Another fundamental truth to creating anunshakable foundation in your relationship is, you must stop making it aboutyou! Sounds contradictory to being your authentic self doesn’t it? Here are twoimportant questions that will give you some insight into how to reconcile thesetwo fundamental relationship truths and help you discover if you are caught upin The Authenticity TrapTM