Sheila Callaham

About Sheila Callaham

Sheila Callaham is an international best-selling author and motivational coach. She founded the Activate Your Braveheart TM program to help women identify hidden passions and find the courage to make them real. Sheila’s mission is to empower women through writing, speaking, and coaching. Visit Sheila’s website at and claim your free gift Activate Your Braveheart TM Transformation Kit today.

Five Ways to Release Your Attachment to Perfection (and Enjoy the Chaos)

The truth is that life can be so much more enjoyable if we release the idea of perfection and embrace the truth -– life is a chaotic, unpredictable adventure!

5 Ways to Honor Your Intuition by Tapping into Your Braveheart

It often starts as a tiny knowing in your heart, maybe an intuitive urge to take your life a new direction. It feels so right, so aligned, and you start to move in the direction of your dream when suddenly you hear that little voice pop up–the voice of fear and ego. Suddenly you find yourself questioning everything. Sheila Callaham shares 5 ways you can honor your intuition by tapping into your Braveheart.

Activate Your Braveheart to Live Courageously & Authentically

What would it take for you to live with more authenticity? Activate your Braveheart with these five steps from Sheila Callaham today

Guarantee a Life of Ease and Flow with this One Action

Women everywhere are struggling to take care of everyone but themselves. Discover the one action that you can take to guarantee a transformational life shift making room for less stress and more ease and flow – and joy!

Negotiating a Job Change? Ask Yourself this Question First

As women, negotiating a job change can feel challenging. Identifying whether your request is based on a need or a want will help you best position the conversation so that you get the outcome you desire.

The Power of Daydreaming to Connect to Your Joy

Children are often taught that daydreaming is a silly waste of time, which explains why, as adults, we often reprimand ourselves for drifting into a delightful daydream. The truth is, daydreaming allows you to connect with your desired future experience, and feel it as if it’s already come to be. Discover the power of daydreaming and five tips for leveraging your day dreams.

Top 10 “How-To” List for Claiming Happiness Now

Are you waiting for something exceptional to happen in your life so you will feel happy? Don’t wait another minute; create your personal happiness right now!

3 Easy Tips for Staying Focused on the Good

We all know how much better we feel, and how positive our outlook on life is, when we focus on what’s going right in life. Sometimes we can feel challenged, especially when surrounded by naysayers, or when life unexpectedly throws us into a tailspin. One way to stay focused on what’s going right in our life is to remember that how we feel boils down to the energy of thought.

Participate Boldly in Evolution of Your Life

When you think about your future, you often think about everything you must do to get there. Interestingly, it’s not about doing. It’s about knowing and feeling. How do you feel about your future? Do you have the courage to make it a reality?

Three Easy Steps for Putting Self-Care First

As nurturers women are apt to put everyone first, except themselves. When we are always in a state of giving, we empty ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here are three easy steps for putting yourself first.