Shannon Kaiser

About Shannon Kaiser

Shannon Kaiser is a bestselling author of Adventures for Your Soul and Find Your Happy. She’s an international speaker, retreat leader and teacher. Her newest book The Self-Love Experiment will be released in August 29, 2017.

She’s been named “Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness,” by MindBodyGreen. Shannon's the founder of
named “Top 75 Personal Development Websites,” and “Top 100 Self Help Blogs” by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Everything Shannon does is to help you connect to your true self and unapologetically live your authentic purpose.

How a Self-Love Experiment Can Help You Become Your Own Best Friend

The Self-Love Experiment is a challenge I gave myself to become my own best friend. It was born out of a desperate need to feel more connected to my life and myself. I wanted to know what it was like to live at peace with myself in my body and finally end the war I had been carrying on inside myself for more than three decades. Was it possible that this battle might finally subside? I wanted to find out, so I set out on a giant adventure.

6 Joyful Ways to Be Happier Now

How happy would you consider yourself? Today, I consider myself an extremely happy person, but it hasn’t always been that way. The truth is that I’ve made HUGE strides to be where I am today. Is there an area in your life where you’ve lost the ability to dream? Why do some people enjoy more happiness and health than others? If you feel stuck here are six easy ways to be happier right now.

The Art of Happiness and What I Figured Out Along the Way

Becoming more grounded and happy starts with letting go of worry and stress. I learned this in my own journey, through overcoming drug addictions, healing myself from depression, and walking away from a career in corporate to follow my heart and be a successful writer and life coach. In the process, I had to let go of a lot of things to become the person I am today.

It’s Not Life That Matters; It’s the Courage That We Bring to It

How much courage do we really need to live our life? I realized that I had felt like a fraud my entire life. I was renting someone else’s story, trying to pretend that it was mine. My only consistency was in not being true and honoring myself. It is exhausting to be someone you’re not supposed to be.

Choose Love Over Fear

You always have the choice to listen to the loving, kind voice in your head, or repeat the same negative thought patterns. The human brain can hold one conscious thought at a time, so let’s choose a positive thought.

Give It Up

One constant in life is change: seasons change, our jobs change, our relationships change, and circumstances will always change. If we know change is inevitable, then why do we get so bruised up and bent out of shape when it happens? Over the years I’ve learned to look at situations with a little more ease and perspective.

Surround Yourself with Fearless People

Almost everyone has a “social vampire” in his or her life. Social vampires suck the energy out of you when you hang out with them, and make you feel icky when you leave. As part of my deep cleaning, I looked at all my relationships and thought about who made me feel good, supported and excited to be around.