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Shakaya Leone inspires women to take care of their exquisite body-temples and flower-faces. ‘I help women reveal their natural, snowflake beauty. Food is the FASTEST way to activate that. Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you where you are sabotaging or cultivating your power as a woman.’  Learn more at

Eating for Bliss: Courage in the Face of Criticism

We all love to receive praise and positive love letters from our clients and customers, in fact, if feels wonderful. Sometimes when we put ourselves out there and live full out we get a little pushback. It’s like the Universe is testing us, teasing us to see how much we want what we say we want and if we will say YES no matter what criticism comes our way.

The Fastest Way to Transform Yourself

The simplest yet most empowering choice you can make in life is how you eat. Food is a magical substance containing the energy of the Earth and Sun. Whole foods, a gift from the earth infuses our being with the shimmery and delightfully open energy of our inner goddess.

Eating for Bliss: Cultivating a Goddess State of Mind

Life is painted by our perception and thoughts- what colors are you using? You can dramatically activate your health, beauty, immunity and energy by the thoughts you cultivate. Beauty and health are the result of what you do. And what you do is the result of what you feel, which is the result of how you think. Discover how you can cultivating a Goddess state of mind using affirmations.

Gratitude: The Secret Beauty Elixr

Gratitude is a beauty elixir, and a secret to life that beautiful women know. Gratitude turns all the switches on. Focus on your gratitude, and you’ll create beauty and bliss chemicals all throughout your body. We are more powerful than we realize, and harnessing and harvesting that power starts by cultivating a deep sense of enchantment and gratitude for the abundance and beauty of our life as it is.

Fill Your Cup, Give From Your Saucer

Health, Wealth, Beauty, Iconic Style or anything else you desire isn’t something you have to Do or Get. Everything exists within you already.
All we ever need is to remove the blocks inside and open up to receiving. How do you feel about receiving? Most women have been raised to believe that giving is a feminine trait. Most women give until their Well runs dry. It is feminine to nurture, but giving is actually masculine.

3 Steps To Soulful Parenting for Remarkably Happy, Healthy and Successful Kids

And I know we all say we would do anything for our kids…but we all have such busy lives these days and our priorities can get overwhelmed. It is important to think about what kind of ATMOSPHERE you wish to have and therefore can consciously create, inspire and protect in your home. Remember, women set the tone in the home. We have so much power in the lives of our children and loved ones.

Get the Goddess Glow This Spring

Vibrant health and natural beauty is an elegantly simple matter of keeping your energy channels clean and clear. Now is the perfect time to take yourself on a special journey and begin a magical process called DETOXIFICATION. You do Spring cleaning for your house, why not your beautiful body-temple? We depend on our body to do so much for us, and she depends on us to take care of her. So, if you have been feeling weighed down or less shiny than you would like, its time for a little Spring tune-up that will give you that Goddess glow!

Winter is a Woman’s Time of Renewal

Here we are in the heart of winter…It is a beautiful time to let the past fade away and make room for new life. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Letting go of trying to be perfect. For woman, life is not about mastery; that is masculine. It’s about mystery; that is our way. Mother Nature displays this feminine alchemy in every season. Winter is a time of cold, darkness, and endings. Every ending gives way to new beginnings. Out of darkness, new light is born. The coldness preserves seeds of hope.

Good Mood Food

A woman’s glow is intoxicating. To stay in your glow, protect yourself from anything that threatens to disrupt your happy place. Protect yourself from the debilitating effects of fake food. Seek out food that has been grown by human hands and isn’t produced in a factory. Eating real food is a magical experience. Foods from Nature have something special. They have energy, life force. They also have every nutrient needed to sustain and enhance you.

Eating for Bliss: What is a Raw Food Diet?

When people find out I am a ‘raw foodist’, they are curious, suspicious, and puzzled! Then I add ‘nudist Buddhist’ and reeeeally freak them out- lol! What exactly is a raw diet? It’s not “rabbit food.” It’s raw food. I’m always getting asked about this latest and greatest health trend. As someone who has converted her entire family to a high-raw diet, I can tell you, […]