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About Rachel Kieffer

Rachel Kieffer is a holistic health coach who helps women heal their relationship with food and their bodies and fall in love with a healthy life. You can get her free 'Healthiest Food Shopping List' at www.healthnutgirl.com

8 Rituals for A Restful and Rejuvenating Sleep

We all love a good night’s sleep and how it makes us feel. There are times when falling asleep is a struggle. Rachel Kieffer shares 8 rituals to help you get a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

5 Ways Intentions Can Help You Become a Health Goddess

The difference between wishing and setting intentions is the difference between waiting for something you don’t really believe could happen and knowing that with every step you are creating the radiant body and life of your ideal healthy woman.

4 Tips For A Healthy Vacation

Summer vacation spells breaking free, indulging and having fun and that’s great but it does not have to come on the expanse of your health.
Whether your vacation is local or far, short or long and anything in between, the following tips can help you make it a healthy vacation with a few easy adjustments.

7 Ways To Grow Younger

Our bodies have an incredible and miraculous capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate beyond our wildest dreams. The picture of growing older that we see is the reflection of our choices, not something we are destined for.

7 Ways To get Back Into Healthy Eating

“Eating healthy is a journey, not a race, take the scenic route and enjoy the view.”

We all try to eat healthy, to the best of our knowledge and ability. But even the biggest health experts and the best intentioned health enthusiasts have meals, days and weeks that are less than perfect.

Thriving With The Seasons – Summer

In the summer our energy is relaxing, outgoing and expansive. Think of trees and plants growing and long hot sunny days.

Beyond The Physical – Why Food Choices Matter

When you feel connected to the world and to yourself you are pretty much unstoppable, you can heal from any condition and you achieve anything.

Seasonal Eating For Winter

In a world where you can go into a supermarket and buy any produce all year round from anywhere in the world and step into fast food chains and restaurants that have the same menu any time of the year we lose our connection to the cyclical and seasonal needs of our bodies. Eating foods that are in season offers a variety of health benefits shared here along with a recipe.

6 Reasons Why Loving Yourself First Is Essential to Radiant Health

Being motivated by what you don’t like and what you don’t want will only take you a short distance. If you want deep and lasting change, if you want your health to improve, if you want to shine and radiate health and vitality, self-love is the only thing that will take you there.