Monica Dubay

About Monica Dubay

Monica Dubay is a spiritual teacher, healer, author and catalyst for transformational leadership. She is on a mission to empower women who want to crush fear, shamelessly love themselves and change the world.

Monica has been a teacher of transformation since 1990, when she was healed of anxiety and depression miraculously. She has taught A Course in Miracles for over 25 years. Her Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program helps women become leaders by finding their true purpose, forgiving the past, and embracing their divine calling. Monica is a spiritual guide, a catalyst for enlightening the mind. She helps clients identify blocks, using powerful energy healing methods to affect a breakthrough in consciousness. She uses wisdom from all spiritual teachings, visioning, and inner guidance to transform and enlighten. Visit

Why Gratitude?

When you cultivate a gratitude practice, by recognizing all the wonderful things that are happening in your life, you change and so does the world.

Your First 4 Steps for Your New Coaching Business

Do you have a plan for your new coaching business?You must know what you want in order to be able to measure your results. If you want to succeed, that is. If you don’t have a plan, you will flounder, waste time, stay distracted and unfocused. Here are the crucial first steps that gave me the start I needed.

7 Steps to Release Your Past

When you are struggling and can’t see through the pain you are in, I suggest you do this simple 7 step exercise in forgiveness. You will be lighter, more at ease, and more willing to be open hearted toward yourself and others shares Monica Dubay.

10 Tips to Stop Doubting Yourself & Your New Business Idea

Doubt makes you feel it isn’t worth the risk to do something big, like start a new business and put yourself on the map. Monica Dubay shares ten tips to support you in quieting that doubting voice.